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2006-01-21 02:05:35
shf's should get poison for their fingers, the negative would be, while your hands are poisoned, if you eat any food, like wafers, you will poison youself

Something sorta like this is planned

2006-01-21 02:06:46
allow mass heal to be cast while fighting

Why? Is it unique among mass cure spells?

2006-01-21 07:30:01
force field should disable melee as well as ability to cast, lest it's a bit twinky for NPCs since they are bzks with mana ;)

They can hit with the shield up?

2006-01-21 07:34:24
Why is it easier for dsd to be good (500 tops tho) than evil? They should have something more similar to Sor corruption imo...

Racial evil does skew their alignment shifts from kills toward the negative. There's just more evil mobs around.

2006-01-21 08:06:02
Make charge shield work as it used to and thus make mages almost useful again (compared to wzd). *DEMO on sanced and *OBLIT on unsanced, not

Nobody changed charge shield damage

2006-01-21 08:53:28
help spellbook or something similar, outlinging in more certain terms what wisdon is needed for the spellbook spells, there seems do be alot of

It's only rune I wanted to restrict

2006-01-21 15:27:59
war prc/rebuild-A class that is for the most part weaker than war but has the ability to become proficient in specific weapon types by using them, and as it kills a mob of a certain race, it has a chance of gaining a greater combat ability (tohit, damage,

and/or defense)

2006-01-21 15:28:18
against that same race*

While I do have a war PRC planned, "favored enemies" as it were, don't really work in av. In dnd, the DM controls what you fight, so a ranger with favored enemy pukeko might go an entire lifetime only fighting one or two pukekos. In av you can just spend your entire hero career easily soloing Pukeko Canyon and never have to deal with your downside.

2006-01-21 20:20:53
give everyone who is on help highiest a bonus exp cap or something bonus


2006-01-21 21:18:50
Can we have a timer in affect list for hive mind? If i recall correctly, pal gets a timer for pennant.

Yes, but they shouldn't. Otherwise why bother using the float slot at all?

2006-01-21 21:23:07
Ents should regen faster in direct sunlight. They're a tree

No, they're just tree-like.

2006-01-22 04:44:39
I think it is stupid that humans can't become wzd... like wth? what is the point of humans even being on avatar if the suck so much?

My human rocks. You must be doing something wrong.

2006-01-22 11:50:30
fear type spell for monk, by "fear type" i mean that makes the mob attack you right after you cast it, and reduce the mob's HR or possibly AC, and by "for monk" i mean inclass, so that they dont lag so much.

why? Other than convenience of aggieing an entire room

2006-01-22 13:53:55
warrior skill chop, allows targeting of tails, successful chops prevent the mob from tail whipping

no. I'm open to something that can counter tail but this is a bit specific.

2006-01-22 16:21:20
make it so that scube gear, aka air pump, keeps one from drowning when they are underwater. after all, it is scuba gear!

lvl 2; remove the stupid scuba gear

2006-01-22 16:30:13
how about a help vote command? maybe throw it into the MOTD once in a while?


2006-01-23 00:29:31
raise tua tnl


2006-01-23 02:01:05
frenzy should be an inclass spell for psions and mindbenders not clerics because it effects the body

Probably, but is it worth moving it and annoying all the spellup drone clerics out there?

2006-01-23 06:04:52
Revive chin kang as a delayed effect spell a la poison


2006-01-23 07:44:06
give assassins disarm traps

Assassins are to smart to get that close to traps.

2006-01-23 13:51:25
Would it be possible to make mudschool scryable without about being teleportable/etc? I want to look and see if they have been helped when they

No. We could make a room that scries on it ala the UD viewing room, but it'd be somewhere specific.

2006-01-23 17:48:12
fail toss lag should definitely be shorter for monk! *ugh*

It is. Monks get it in class. I don't think anyone else does.

2006-01-24 01:06:24
Entanglement, a druid spell that calls roots from the earth to come and bind mobs legs so they cannot flee

Nah. If you want mobs not to flee, befriend a psion or a rogue.

2006-01-24 07:22:00
Have the mimic copy a player's behavior - tripping, casting, etc... set his spec_whatever to the player's class

I wanted to at one point, but there was a good reason not to. I just can't remember it. Maybe it wasnt possible.

2006-01-24 08:40:34
lord ritual spell for psi that lets psis fetch a corpse in an area


2006-01-24 12:04:07
Prismatic Wall type spell, or another wall spell for Mages that keeps mobs not from fleeing but from entering a room. Could be twinkish so put a high

wall o' thorns

2006-01-24 17:27:18
Please remove interruption, makes running rog useless since chance of stun on vs makes you unable to stab. Vs WAS quite useful pre this feature, plz

given the exhaustion on racket, any one mob should only be able racket once in its lifetime. Perhaps you should fight less mages at once, or learn the new AI and figure out ways to make it less appealing to cast. They don't just cast it at random you know.

2006-01-25 03:49:15
make wzds slightly stronger? a bhy mag can still outhit

What's funny is that not 2 pages up, someone else was complaining that humans suck because they CAN'T become wizards.

2006-01-25 12:51:59
Web for Charge Shield, level 51+, prereq Web, No damage to shield/foe, +web


2006-01-25 12:58:51
Additional spells/skills for Clerics, Mages, Monks, and Archers at Hero 250+ as the other "base" classes have more

Nah. They don't need em. What SHOULD have happened is that the skills they have now should be spread out, but then people would just whine.

2006-01-25 13:57:34
spec_mage/legend - mask aura - hides sanc etc from look, perhaps has a counter spell, or psis can see it

I'm not sure I see the point

2006-01-25 13:58:23
spec_mage / legend - a form of poly/metamorph spell that combines with mask aura to make a player look like an object/mob. movement allowed.

Problematic. Nowhere to store the original descriptions.

2006-01-25 15:10:44
Add a comparison of racial size to "consider."

no for now

2006-01-25 18:10:00
give some more classes barkskin at lord? I feel bad for the few old lords that have to bark entire groups these days

You could just go without it.

2006-01-25 19:48:59
make SoL easier, the process is stupid, the whole controversy sucks and basically because of the difficulty and reboot only, there are no new SoLs in circulation. overall a HUGE mistake on whoever thought of the structure of SoL distribution and the SoL run itself. HUGE MISTAKE

Just because you don't have one? SoL is awesome. Not my fault Lords can't agree on it. Heh, "make SoL easier." You must have me confused with someone else. The funny thing about Lord gear is that in order to challenge players and keep them interested some stuff needs to be hard to get. Despite the fact that you can play Lord just fine without a certain item, sometimes players become fixated on one thing they don't have and then everything becomes my fault somehow.

2006-01-26 08:26:02
remove sage as option from note to, potentially add prc classes?

lvl 2

2006-01-26 09:28:04
Add brief descriptions/keywords and an apropos system (like on linux) to search for stuff, there is soo much right now.

So much of what?

2006-01-26 12:48:27
Make hero gains 3/4 lowmort, lords 1/2 lowmort, legend 1/4 lowmort


2006-01-26 17:01:17
a leadership skill that allows a leader to change leadership skill once before returning to thorn (essentially once per run you could switch)


2006-01-26 17:07:42
A drider remort option for drow.

Drider are mostly mindless, irredeemably evil, and dev-annoyingly not humanoid.

2006-01-26 18:35:15
they should have a worship option besides gods or aethiest, being avatar, seriously :) you can worship avatar @ anytime. the more hrs on your pfile, determines whether or not you can devote avatar :D and the more hrs you get when devoted your spells/attacks/defence/stats, can be improved based upon thousands of hrs

Isn't worshipping Snikt close enough?

2006-01-26 21:09:49
put morph fail/success on lordinfo too so I don't have to see hero lvl spam

hrmmm. council, pick an info channel for this info. It has to be one or the other, not both.

2006-01-26 21:10:25
close morph/update loophole

this should be a bug note, not an idea, because I have no cluewhat you mean.

2006-01-27 00:03:49
track the gold value amount (or some quantifiable value) of characters individual donation totals, perhaps using the info for giving awards or something at

We can't reward specific players for donations. It's a specific violation of the licensy thinger

2006-01-27 02:24:26
adjust the train system for lords from mid stats to lord stat trains


2006-01-27 10:26:48
Have runed weapons show (Runed) like sharpened weapons show (Sharp)

Runes are all subtle and stuff

2006-01-27 11:12:52
if wizards get all the spells that are in holy sight then y dont they get holy sight???

Insufficiently holy

2006-01-27 13:19:01
help cr says "If there are no angels on, you will have to use the > channel, which the heroes can see." Well, lowmorts can't use the > channel....

lvl 1, update help

2006-01-27 14:48:58
remove wake all, because if wake all's going to have lag, what's the point? wake all was added without lag, and apparently too "twink", so the lag was added, negating the original use of it to the point that no one uses it anymore. now it's

I'm out of date on this one. Whose was this?

2006-01-27 18:52:51
let herothank be used on lords, or imp a separate lordthank

lvl 4; somebody come up with a player-to-player thank system that isnt abusable and gives rewards that arent insignificant.

2006-01-27 21:13:00
part of the problem with avatars money system is that money isnt taken out of the mud as fast as its put in. This will always cause inflation. Maybe

This will pretty much always be true of any MM game. All players need to be able to accumulate wealth as part of the game, but nothing else drives the economy.

players would have to pay to play more quests, maybe players could buy a house somewhere in the realm and pay like 50 mil a room. I'd just like to see the new money system work,

I'd rather not cater to the wealthy or be accused of creating "goldsinks" or of forcing people to farm gold, which is what they'd accuse me of, no matter how innocuous or useless the high priced perks were.

2006-01-27 21:59:53
Give dsd their damage mod back, please.

They never had one. Unless you mean the archery bonus, which hasnt changed.

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