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2006-02-04 13:56:34
for hero 500+ players allow them to see pray channel, or at the least have some way for players to make a public cry for help even when there are no

We are awfully low on angels, but can't lowmorts still send to hero channel?

2006-02-04 18:32:38
more mobs that use scramble and a way for spellcasters to reduce chances of scramble

It's like you read my mind!

2006-02-05 08:22:30
scout should word in any direction, for example, scout ne, scout nw, etc, would show you the room 1n 1w instead of the one 2n

That implies there's a direct line of sight that way, which won't always make sense.

2006-02-05 09:25:29
when those of us without any means to heal beyond the tiny heal spell have reached the fully healthy poitn a cut off should incur so that we wont keep getting the is fully healthy message and STILL lose mana from stacked heals

Magic has lots of room for user error. Reconnecting will ditch those nasty stacked heals. So will paying attention and only typing as many heals as you need.

2006-02-05 12:10:01
we need a cle damage spell but one that requires two or more cle to cast during combat. the more cle, the more damage

I don't think we do.

2006-02-05 16:18:43
give remorts herothanks... and wipe theirr old herothanked person....

Herothank is for newbies.

2006-02-05 19:43:24
reputation skill for psions / mnds for scramble / decept / etc, a lvl 500 lord psion should be able to decept a butcher for instance

no. Mnd already have a pretty huge bonus to debuffing non-psions.

2006-02-06 00:46:56
shouldn't damage done by mobs that riposte show up in battlespam as red?

It shows up just fine if you view full battlespam.

2006-02-06 04:50:04
would be cool if you could multiplay as long as the two characters stayed on different planes

Tempting, but no. I think it would lead to lots and lots of "accidents" and make policing a nightmare.

2006-02-06 07:11:50
maybe an invite command to make a group with someone when they aren't in the room?

What's the point tho? If it's just talking you have many other venues.

2006-02-06 09:04:18
repop gith mage and ulgrat, but at a slower rate (kind of like glyph/commander repop rate)

Some reboot only quests (the ones that use the other room trick) are resetable by imms if we've been up long and feel like doing it. Some aren't. lvl 2; make all lord solo quests which grant xp work like bask in that they are performable only once per character

2006-02-06 12:41:14
allow afk characters to be sent without resting.

lvl 2; but not FROM thorngate or mid. Only TO thorn.

2006-02-06 20:53:12
Xenomorph race! Evolutionary...facehugger, then

No again

2006-02-06 21:13:04
since the bci's primary attack is backstab/lord-equiv/etc.(which only works for initiating combat), shouldn't sense weakness work mid-fight?

I keep doing that don't I? lvl 2; make sense weakness and nightcloak castable in combat

2006-02-07 00:55:58
Improve help acolyte to expand upon the specific role that acolytes have relative to staff and the game and the differences between an acolyte and an immortal in the context of player help.

lvl 1

2006-02-07 02:43:36
player settable attack messages, similar to guards or rogue mobs (attackprase + phrase 1 etc ?) and it can randomly choose from a few lines of player entered attack phrases

alias say Perish, for I am Mentus, the Perish-Maker!=kill %1

2006-02-07 17:08:07
Update HELP TNL to include the remort/rebuild races.

lvl 1; add them, but don't list values, just ????

2006-02-07 18:11:29
brace for charge - skill that when used causes the user to lose X hr/dr or X ac for a round or two of combat. If during that time they are tossed, bashed, tripped or tailed they dodge and successfully knock the attacker down. If they aren't targetted, the hr/dr/ac penalty is extended and the skill fatigued.

Lvl 4; as a stance. Stance skills all exhaust when you DROP the stance. Only one stance can be used at a time. Stance skills end if the char's position changes to resting, dying or sleeping.

2006-02-07 23:08:44
allow active skills (bash, toss) to tingle, because you have to actively attempt them. (As opposed to passive ones that are automatic)

We had that and there was a problem I think.

2006-02-07 23:21:30
ents have racial ability "racial barkskin"?

They already get armorbark.

2006-02-07 23:23:07
ents get racial ability "racial hide"? they can try to look


2006-02-08 00:08:38
Make poisons only lootable by rogs, bci, asn and arc.

nah. Then the casters would want to be the only ones who could loot wands, and the warrior would want to be the only ones who could loot chain or double weapons, and so on.

2006-02-08 12:58:44
sor spell wich allowes em to block their hp regens to gain an additional boost to mana regen


2006-02-08 13:12:52
Make area repops shorter or longer depending on counts. I.e. repopulate the mud faster if more people are on.

nah. It wouldn't lead to more usage by different people. It'd just benefit groups that stay in the same area and try to shut other groups out.

2006-02-08 14:34:52
let us target bash midround, if tanks is fighting several mobs :)

maybe as part of positioning system

2006-02-08 15:48:11
Would/could it be possible to allow mobs to have multiple K entries (similar to how they can have multiple E entries). It would greatly expand some

Probably but I don't feel like coding it. See if you can talk a coder into it.

2006-02-09 05:33:41
Add a forced gtell message when a groupie goes linkdead, so the tank/others see and can lead person out of area. When people sneak, it's not always

Unfortunately the game doesnt know for sure until the "Bob has lost his link" msg comes up

2006-02-09 10:18:04
how about mobs that run in, hit you with damage (melee/spell), then immediately flee unless bashed/paniced (after around or so).

Someone wants a chance to use Panic I see. Hrmmm

2006-02-09 10:18:52
I don't know if the new priest mobs have this, but give them martyr so they can come in and suicide bomb groups and kill all the sprites

That would be just CRAZY! What kind of sick bastard do you take me for?

2006-02-09 10:38:06
shouldn't paladins get martyr? they seem much more likely to martyr themselves than priests, all things considered.


2006-02-09 17:56:55
allow prompt to have more than one person on monitor


2006-02-09 23:16:59
on locate object make serial numbers locateable

Nah. Locate object is thematic. Serial numbers aren't.

2006-02-09 23:29:36
give dragons earth-embrace

Dragons physically can't have any more racials.

2006-02-10 01:06:35
imm command to change/set the board a note has been posted on (i.e. playerx writes a quest note on the bug board. imm-y can change it from board 4

I seem to remember wanting to do this and finding gigantic problems.

2006-02-10 04:16:29
should be more clues on where to find class guilds from lowmort trainers... if there isn't already

lvl 2; Create a series of helps that would show up if a player typed HELP =CLE. Since players can't input the =, they can never see this on their own. When a player tries to use a lowmort trainer for a skill outside their limit, instead of the current message, have the game call do_help(ch, "=CLE"); to play the appropriate hint.

2006-02-10 04:59:55
a SCOST command identical to SLEARN except that it gives you the current cost of a spell for you.

lvl 2; redo the imm command SCOST so that instead of calling do_spells it calls mana_cost. Make sure it still shows non-zero results for imm, and give it to players.

2006-02-10 07:53:33
high level lord/legend psi/mnd spell that is a next step to anger management...can target where you send the mob when you cast the spell

lvl 2; legend level. Just make it a level-based boost to the same spell rather than a new one.

2006-02-10 16:20:40
hitroll should be based on dex and not str

I sort of agree, but watcha gonna do? After lvl 30 or so added hitroll from spells/items totally overwhelms the dex/str influence anyway.

Oh, ARCHER hitroll IS based on dex, btw.

2006-02-10 16:40:12
why don't bci get water breathing?

I think you'll find they're missing a lot of arcane spells.

2006-02-10 18:03:47
When a char wants to go druid he has to first worship rxa, then perhaps find out that he can't. Make it so he's told he can't before he worships


2006-02-10 21:07:55
add on the lordlist the (person who is

holding the group)

2006-02-10 21:08:04
Lordrun rather

lvl 2; flag leader on lordrun command

2006-02-10 21:11:02
can we have an option to put damroll and ac in prompt?

nah, it's a little cumbersome to have to check that often

2006-02-10 21:12:08
there should be a psionic equivalent of water breathing.

nah. If both classes were done today, I might've given it to psis, but it's another one of those too-late scenarios.

2006-02-10 22:29:55
make det work on people again. it's a viable risk to take when stepping into the arena or stepping into a detmob room (eschard/commander run/etc). kinda silly having a spell we cant use. pointless detting mobs, we usually need the eq or no point detting in the first place (wont work/mob dosent live long enough). bring back the fun!

Last I checked det from a mob to a player works fine, it's just that players all fight naked or have spiritlink on everything.

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