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2006-02-25 14:09:31
boost tail damage to a level which doesn't just do a love tap?

No. The point of tail is the stun from the sting of it, not the damage.

2006-02-25 15:31:31
have resting not interrupt lord regen

already approved

2006-02-26 03:20:28
prereq shouls show you the prereqs of the prereqs if there are any. So you don't have to go down the list manually

lvl 2

2006-02-26 05:20:19
Put a sign at Aelmon similar to the ones at Nom and Aelmon so that new lower level players can find their way back to Stonehall and or the Meadow easily.

Dude, you have host access. Just go do it.

2006-02-26 06:53:30
flag that imms can see for people that wish to run ud

Don't think it would help

2006-02-26 11:38:05
relog command

can't be done

2006-02-26 17:54:15
Could the extremely high costs of spells at low-mort be lowered a bit? iron monk was 143 the level after obtaining it, and still 115 2 levels after getting

Yeh, it's probably time we got rid of the spells-expensive when you first get them stuff. Lvl 2.

2006-02-26 23:23:19
undead race

My money's on the skeletons!

2006-02-27 07:30:37
to make up for the lack of healing spells we get would it be possible to add some skill that helped us a bit with hp regen now and then? For example, maybe a successful insightful strike could heal a bit of hp or something similar :)

Group a cleric.

2006-02-27 15:45:07
dispel magic should work better for mages the same way deception works better for psis

Here's the problem with dispel magic; I don't WANT it working on mobs. They NEED their sanc.

2006-02-27 16:28:36
should dw/lord equiv work under water, it says the weapons fly through the air

Lots of things shouldn't work underwater.

2006-02-27 17:25:07
can we have hero-level equivalents for the archer pieces that are lowmort? it seems silly to have heroes running around in level 22 gear

so don't.

2006-02-27 19:03:03
if jake is doing more quests, why not do something for the unbelievably hard dragons in summoning ;) or ice dragon etc

the summoning dragons arent really meant to be killed by heroes. I wouldnt want to encourage it. Otherwise; lvl 1, add some minor rewards via tickets with Jake for prominent hero dragons

2006-02-27 20:37:29
shizaga's prayer should make you enchant better if you get a good prayer and worse if you get a bad one


2006-02-27 22:24:44
If deposit all is going to break down each gem and its value, can it also tell you how many coins you have deposited before totalling?


2006-02-27 22:33:35
be able to use insight while sleeping if using minds eye


2006-02-27 22:42:16
allow ego whip to always work when cast on self

can't imagine why you'd want to, but no

2006-02-28 05:58:11
Wizard - Spell (Deconstruct) - It is said that in ancient times wizards of great learning could deconstruct magic spells as it touched their bodies,


2006-02-28 07:26:59
charge weapon: cast a spell (possibly normal caster

can't. out of values

2006-02-28 09:02:48
ritual spell for psi/mnd to create regeneration potions...losing ticks to regen tanks is annoying with the new regen :)

gaining a gigantic benefit should be inconvenient in some way

2006-02-28 10:04:26
lord spell: sphere of sleep. sustained spell that moves all groupies in the same room (except caster) into a safe sphere and causes them to sleep. If the

I can't do a sustained spell this complicated.

2006-02-28 18:52:46
there needs to be a room to view arena north. or, make this room view arena north when no one is doing UD quest.

I don't think there does

2006-02-28 22:32:06
bramble maze Lord 250 wizard spell blocks entrances/exits from a room for 5-8 ticks including movement by PCs and mobs. 2 round lag

isn't that what wall does?

2006-02-28 22:41:34
New mob skill Spell that has a 2 or 3 tick countdown timer..... make it a sustained spell... any action cancells it.... but if they don't do anything for 3

still figuring how i want this to work

2006-03-01 08:34:41
Make frenzy / berserk affects LOWER a character's sneak mod. The guy's enraged, he's looking for blood - hiding's the last thing on his mind

probably should, but not sure it's worth the crap I'll get

2006-03-01 18:18:47
Mobs should not be able to time skip themselves, time skip cannot be cast on self.

mobs cheat

2006-03-01 18:38:01
a 9/9 held item that loads lvl 53/54 and has -10ac, for people who dont want to fodder forever trying to make a 10/10 or better

go get the 10 dr thinger

2006-03-01 19:29:40
do all bci have a circle tattoo?

Can you tattoo a lizard? I'm not sure that'd work.

2006-03-01 19:56:37
make ethereal weapons recieve 2xtimes the acbonus from rune, could be a nifty twist to make acwield/offhand at lord thats not too twinky


2006-03-01 22:55:56
please let sprites have the ability to eat corpses. also, let rangers eat corpses. i love you.

Sprites maybe can eat CREPSES. I think that's more their speed.

2006-03-02 00:19:20
give wizards the ability to create a piece of gear that only last a certain period of time like air shield and stuff that will give sneak/ move hidden. Or even dodge/parry.

Again, if I'd wanted wizards to have those skills, I know where the button is. It's not an oversight. I didn't withhold those skills only to give them the same abilities in a slightly different manner.

2006-03-02 05:16:43
for charge shield, instead of making enchant armor a pre requisite, why not make it armor lore? Knowing more about the shield your charging could aid in


2006-03-02 11:17:19
would you consider adding a second buddy channel for


2006-03-02 16:22:11
honestly :P I would like highest finished before new lord areas :P not enough lords play to try to please :)

You think I'm out to please lords with new areas? Oh no. The word you're looking for is MASSACRE.

2006-03-02 20:05:28
Is there anyway psi's can have a spell to retrieve weapons

no. Fandango and DW should probably have MORE risk of loss considering how much damage they do.

2006-03-03 10:45:18
Make everyone visible only on the who list. Any other in-


2006-03-03 14:42:51
Make the default color white instead of green.


2006-03-03 16:27:56
assassins should get some nifty specialized arrow types

Nah. Maybe if I'd planned asn while doing arc I could've left some arrow types off arc for asn like barbed or poisoned, but oh well.

2006-03-03 17:53:46
pick lock needs to be given to asn. if a mage can pick a lock, an assassin should definitely be able to. This is very absurd please fix this. The least you can do is remove pick lock from other classes if youre not gonna give it to asn.

Okay. Other classes, you heard the man!

2006-03-03 19:49:56
giants should get racial smash? It seems very likely that most giants would know how to smash something, considering their size

yeh, except smash is stupid

2006-03-03 20:11:30
factor the wieght of your gear worn into bash success chance

nah, too much work

2006-03-03 22:13:53
option to rename characters upon remort. Some names just suit a certain race better... so renaming might add to keeping in-theme names.

hrmm. I might be amenable to this. We'll discuss.

2006-03-03 22:26:13
so people are gonna hate me for this...when you're invis, can you or can you not see yourself? I mean, all the cartoons and stuff, invisible paint, and

It's a carefully crafted magic spell, not a Mutant Power. It makes you undetectable to the vision of others, not transparent. Besides, try putting socks on in the dark some time. It's easy. You might wind up with odds socks, but you'll put them on just fine. Being able to see yourself is overrated.

2006-03-03 22:44:32
list all leadership skills in affect in group, at the moment it only looks like one gets listed

That's because there's only 1 in affect, remember? Lieutenant and Right Hand might be active, but nobody needs to know that besides the leder.

2006-03-03 23:58:46
blinded flag for mobs that are blind

Coulda sworn we had one.

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