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2006-03-04 07:50:33
Give kick to rogues. Seems roguelike to do that stuff, and would be neat to have something to do midround with a lowmort rogue. Not like the damage it deals matters much in the big picture anyways.

then whats the point?

2006-03-04 08:15:35
Make items in room count before inventory, like if I carry around a chest in my inventory and there's a chest in the room 1.chest is the one in room


2006-03-04 09:59:54
Shouldn't archer have in class sneak? I mean...they are hunters?

I don't see hunters having quite the same level of stealth as a thief.

2006-03-04 13:16:14
have the range command default to the level of the character entering the command

ok. lvl 2, default range input to range level level

2006-03-04 15:38:53
Add incarnation as a who parameter


2006-03-04 16:09:32
a set of shield type spells that when hit, provide damage to the mob, similar to a charged shield


2006-03-04 17:24:23
reading the responses :P I doubt your human rocks

I don't know. I haven't played him in a while

2006-03-05 00:42:11
shf should get circle... midround openhanded backstab


2006-03-05 01:04:19
my sub 101 hero gets 1 mana less standing than my super-lord, maybe uncapping that will help aide lords regen


2006-03-05 01:27:53
help alt, that explains what an alt is

lvl 1

2006-03-05 05:19:17
since we're striving for realism, might as well implement food and water again, i want create spring to be useful again


2006-03-05 10:52:11
Make help and some informational commands available while sharpening...just to have something to do?


2006-03-05 11:26:48
Make open hand toggleable, there are times when you don't want to deal damage to a mob :)

don't fight them

2006-03-05 15:56:38
Update "help class", add bodyguard, druid, BCI and fusilier, remove sage.

lvl 1

2006-03-05 17:38:20
add a nospeak flag to area building, not the same as silenced, just cannot talk, but can emote


2006-03-05 18:56:00
I like the concept of eq lag during combat. if that doesn't work maybe have it so only certain slots can be changed out during combat. ie wield, hold, shield/offhand, light

we prefer to allow the option, but have it carry certain downsides

2006-03-05 19:17:34
with the lag on get, maybe the chance of dropping wield with dw and lord equivalent could le reduced? or we could be given a spell to reduce it?


2006-03-05 19:23:49
reduce the lag on fandango to compensate for extra lag when picking up weapons


2006-03-05 23:57:30
a psi skill that uses moves ala alertness to half the lag of get and wield, if the item is a weapon, for the duration


2006-03-06 00:02:09
supplement whips into weapon types and add a skill to some class to take advantage that whips can both be enchanted and runed anything can be enchanted and runed, and we have a whip weapon type


2006-03-06 00:17:13
Add previous IP address for last self. nah, that'd require another field. You'll have to catch it when you log on

before your new IP overwrites it

2006-03-06 00:27:33
allow mudside variables with simple comparison, and math so that we can make mudside xp counters, and gear alias checks (so you don't wind up


2006-03-06 01:48:49
make a way to take the charges off a shield

fine. lvl 2, add a discharge option to charge spell

2006-03-06 13:04:49
weapons that shiver violently and explode when enchanted should do damage to the caster

nah again for like the billionth time

2006-03-06 13:53:10
'skinning gloves' add 'facilitate skinning corpses' to it

but they don't, they just keep the ichor off your manicure.

2006-03-06 15:50:15
make archery mods on items work on assassins please... :(

they do.

2006-03-06 21:59:48
update help pr arc: don't kzn claws interfere with archery? sorta. Kzin make fine archers, just not quite as excellent as their dexterity and intelligence would imply. They don't have an archery PENALTY, they just don't have as big a bonus as you might expect given their speed

and perception.

2006-03-06 22:16:47
reduce shrine lag as shrine is almost useless now with new sleep code.

ok, lvl 1

2006-03-07 06:56:31
spell 'mind crush' for mnd at hero lvl 101. A damage spell that does great damage against one oponent. Perhaps make it only work on targets that are


2006-03-07 12:02:38
here's a thought about wzd vs mag with regards to chaos channel, have it so wizard can toggle themselves to not fight and strictly focus on their spells, I've already coded some wizard mana management abilities. The books will be

available before too long.

2006-03-07 12:20:09
Please make medicine castable in combat :)

lvl 2

2006-03-07 22:31:38
it seems to me that mobs are getting all these new stuffs to hurt us more/easier and we are falling behind, a year ago 1k xp run was reasonable, now 1k with all the changes is almost unheard of Nevermind that several years worth of additions for players have increased

runs from 300 to 1k, huh?

2006-03-07 22:31:38
i think with mobs being able to do more nasty stuff, and out limeted regeneration and gear change abilities, its time to make the mobs follow rules like not casting while bashed and the such more, to increase fareness The only part of bashing that prevents casting is the lag the victim

incurs, and mobs don't cast while lagged.

2006-03-08 13:27:57
Caster Skill: 'ENPOWER' 'EP' Syntax: ep 'this spell'. This ability makes the specified spell duration last twice as long for a hightened cost of mana. This

I like spells lasting as long as they do now.

2006-03-08 16:17:51
a 'downgrade' spell, lowers an item's level by 2 or 3, and randomly removes one affect from it.. i.e. - drops it's AC mod, or hr/dr mod..

can't remove affects from items like that

2006-03-09 03:11:26
brilling of bows should glow brilliant green not blue

It's still the same basic magic as enchant weapon.

2006-03-09 19:41:14
remove shift lag when shifting from thorngate to midgaard not a bad idea, but the lag is already applied before the spell itself is

even called

2006-03-09 20:57:42
races with racial tail should have lower change of getting stunned by tail since they know all about tails :) no dice. I did approve a racial that grants resistance to stun attacks.

That would cover this.

2006-03-10 04:42:41
remove "the void" and instead have players trans'd to the arena, thus giving a small amount of fun to bored people and still giving them the penalty for

cute, but people would det them just to be mean

2006-03-10 20:41:14
instead of prc classes, make the base classes more diverse with a system of pre-reqs and anti-reqs

instead of something I've already spent dozens of hours on?

2006-03-10 21:04:26
maybe we should change -1000 alignment from being satanic. since we are a mud that doesn't involve race/religion/etc, and doesn't discriminate, -1k aling shoudl be just pure evil or something

true. lvl 2

2006-03-10 22:08:43
A way to tell by a portal's short description whether it is perfect, normal or critical. Perhaps slightly different descriptors, ie color, "crackling furiously", "stable" or something to that effect.

ok, lvl 2

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