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2006-03-11 03:17:11
a <back> slot to carry quivers/containers thus freeing the held slot for arc to hold hr gear instead of arrows ;p


2006-03-11 03:42:02
give the option to undevote, but keep worshipping


2006-03-11 11:01:00
matter manipulation - lord psion spell - Using their kinetic powers a psion is able to stretch the material of a container, making it larger. (Container holds 10% more, object quality reduced by half, chance of destroying the container)

nah, there's already enough maxed out containers

2006-03-11 12:41:49
Psion Spell: Psychic Bond: Makes a force-field around 1 item, making it indestructible for a limited time, high lag/medium-high cost, only works on one

nah, already enough item protection spells

2006-03-11 12:44:35
warcry to give dr to bzk too?


2006-03-11 14:33:16
Maintiaining berserk while sleeping doesn't really make sense. I understand that it'd be exploitable if it just turned off when you slept, but could it drop twice as fast or something? Or am I just having rage-inducing dreams?

I had considered making it end with sleep. Never really reached a conclusion.

2006-03-11 14:40:39
Shadowfist and/or sorc skill that gives them -1 ac for items worn with the "Evil" flag

hrmm. That's different. I like it, but I'm not sure exactly how I'd want it to work. I know it seems like we could just use the code for armor opt, but that code is pug fugly, so I'm loathe to duplicate it.

2006-03-11 17:22:53
with new regen changes we should no longer fail the fast healings or meditations

I'm not sure I see the value in failure, regen change or no regen change. Lvl 2; rework regen skills with no chance of failure, but have prac percent affect how much you get. Treat skill as +5% so that 95 gives 100% (ie what they get now) and above that perks extra.

2006-03-11 23:20:47
allow heros+ to help with help updates, they can go throug an editor. Would save IMM time.

Any imm willing is welcome to solicit player help for any project.

2006-03-12 00:25:21
add the ability to make a skill in class via questpoints!

can't be done

2006-03-12 01:05:55
since we can't fix lag on shifting to mid, how about a portal or something from thorn to mid

I think we'll just do this instead; lvl 2; in planeshift, for mid<-->thorn shifts, zero wait and reassign a smaller wait.

2006-03-12 05:44:26
remove the fix from monk counters because it is frankly another ridiculous pathetic change that makes no sense whatsoever. how come warriors dont lag on parry or on shield block? EH? wow you guys are really gonna deserve a medal for silly soon. please get rid of this lag on counters asap. thanks

How bout you explain what the hell you're talking about instead of spouting bitchy drivel? Does the counter command lag now? It's not supposed to. It's a config option.

PS I already have a medal for silly.

2006-03-12 05:46:53
please stop developing useless nerfs on already mediocre classes and focus on the task list thats been pending for months? i just wish i could pay you ppl so you'd stop having an excuse. oh and congratulations on getting rid of a record amount of players in the past 2 weeks.

Coding for Avatar is liking washing a fish. The fish doesn't appreciate how clean he looks and all we get for our trouble is fish crap.

2006-03-12 05:46:59
either nerf giant regen or stop calling trolls the "kings of regen"

How bout "kings of whining"?

2006-03-12 05:49:35
paladin "aura" affects whole group while in effect.....only 1 or two in effect at a time...... maybe 3 kinds of "auras" defensive, offensive... magical ?

Can I just yank paladin and give everybody that has one a free yacht or something?

2006-03-12 06:46:51
remove lag from trying to snipe to a direction where there is no exit?

pay more attention

2006-03-12 14:44:08
Quests to improve racial abilities of specific races (Example: Quest to reduce racial fatigue by X ticks).

I like the idea, but all that stuff is set by race, not by character.

2006-03-12 14:59:36
cell adjustment should cure disease too? :P

cell adjustment sucks and I hate it. I should've yanked it during the psi revamp.

2006-03-12 17:42:24
Emote to all members of a group when someone enters/leaves, not just the leader.


2006-03-12 20:48:22
allow monitor change while resting. How much concentration does it take to look at someone new? If you can keep your monitor up when sleeping/rescuing,

nah, I don't want people sleeping/resting to stay out of a fight just so they can swap monitor midfight for free

2006-03-12 20:51:02
a thrown weapon should have a higher chance of being destroyed when hitting a charged shield

there is no chance of destruction. They either break or they don't.

2006-03-13 00:14:18
cleave hits two mobs at the same time with same damage as done on one

nah, cleave, while providing a cool game mechanic in dnd, is conceptually dumb. Weapons don't pass through people with no loss of force like they do in video games, even on killing blows.

2006-03-13 00:16:23
stun: stuns a mob with a melee weapon, disabling a target from using secondary skills like bash and smash


2006-03-13 06:27:04
imprive cell adjustment for mnd that they also remove diseases as well as poiosn

see above

2006-03-13 10:53:21
Currently if two group members try and trip a mob, and the first succeeds, the second gets the "too soon to trip" message but does not intiate combat. I think that should change. :)

yeh, i'll buy that. lvl 2; set fighting earlier in trip

2006-03-13 16:17:27
i like the idea of bonus pracs at hero(1) for some small assistance for lower prac race/classes to have enough to train one or 2 stats would be nice

Then having lower pracs wouldn't be the downside it was intended to be for those races. Class has no impact on pracs barring PR wis.

2006-03-13 16:21:47
a new caster type class that requires componentes to cast, like arc's require arrows to fire, they can either make the components themselves of collect

In and of itself, requiring components does not a unigue class create

2006-03-13 16:38:14
allow buddies to see if a buddy is drowning via buddy channel

that's creative. lvl 2; when we send the drowning message to room, send a buddychat along the lines of "glub glub" or something. Oh but you'd better check with Grav and BoL first. Remember we're not allowed to develop anything that doesn't constantly benefit them personally.

2006-03-13 17:39:01
implement an in-game gear lending system that allows you to recover your gear from someone who borrowd it if for some reason or another they stop playing or dont log on for months, this idea comes from the fact that this problem is very

I'm really loathe to commit imms to this kind of babysitting. I like the idea of "loan imps" who automate the process, I'm just not sure how to make it work.

2006-03-13 18:43:56
change music channel to something cooler, ie. muzak

okay, lvl 5; but you can only say boring things on it

2006-03-14 00:04:38
add 'in sanctum north' to the UD room is open! message :)

okay. lvl 1. It's part of the udview script.

2006-03-14 00:44:19
Area effect psi debuffs for Mnd at Legend


2006-03-14 01:25:10
bonus 3-5% for chars who morph with death count < 25

ooo! neat. I like it but it'd really favor some races/classes over others :/ Lemme ponder. Maybe we can set minimum death count by race/class.

2006-03-14 01:49:35
Mayhem - A hero level spell, using Anger management as it's pre-req, only with this spell, the mob will attack another mob ONLY if more than one mob is engaged in combat against your group.

I don't want psions to have an "inverse rescue" skill, so anger management is as good as it's going to get I'm afraid. If more than one mob aggies you, you're just going to have to get rescued like a caveman.

2006-03-14 07:08:03
add lag to riposte. or get rid of this absurd counter lag. also, add lag to scan, score, inventory, consider and compare now that youre at it

Okay, so someone DID add lag to counters. Nobody tells me anything. lvl 2; fix that.

2006-03-14 07:09:39
oh shield block and parry need lag too, since we lag on counters.

yeh yeh, I've got it now. Thank you.

2006-03-14 08:24:00
a prac_all command.. that practices ALL the stuff you don't know. Same with train_all ...

I think I already tasked this.

2006-03-14 09:19:30
Give the cultists in Veil special arrows.. their bows say 'turn arrows into psionic energy', yet they shoot standard. Have em use splinters or something

How do you think they keep the lights on?

2006-03-14 10:05:45
mark remove command so we can remove obsolete marks made by ourselves.

ok, lvl 2

2006-03-14 10:08:19
a leadership skill which helps manage mana for allcaster groups. makes swarms a little less dangerous for when brutes just refuse to run

In what way? I'm not giving a flat bonus to cost or regen. You'll never turn it off.

2006-03-14 17:59:04
add an ent remort option

to what? two ents?

2006-03-14 18:50:58
if you really want people to insure all their gear there has to be an easier way to do altofs... like a place to email a list of all chars you need to make altofs

we've been discussing ways to automate this

2006-03-14 19:13:53
Please consider allowing fandango to be quickened normally - would help counter implied penalty due to weapon recovery lag when wields are

It can't be quickened? News to me.

2006-03-15 02:52:14
Lord level archers and assassins need an item for the waist, similar to the hero jeweled scabbard - to hold arrows

Keep your pants on. I've had all future lord gear planned for years now. My fire-plane-write just poofed on me is all.

2006-03-15 06:03:12
maybe 50 qps should equal 5m instead of 500k because gold is worth less and qps are worth more :P so maybe 50m? :D inno


2006-03-15 13:22:07
asn skill like scout but with different name (yes, a cloned

no. If I wanted asn to have scout I knew where it was. It's not missing in error.

2006-03-15 14:31:37
we need the worship social back in some form .. nod self shesha falls to the flor bowing down we're not worthy


2006-03-15 14:50:43
a config option that disables experience gains, for ppl who dont want to level but wanna run :P instead of raising tnl, you could just turn exp off

but I can't think of any application which isn't powerlevelling

2006-03-15 17:22:24
Trim down the downsides of death field. Having it backfire (i.e. take a bunch of my hp (not max hp)) 6/8 casts is a little extreme.

death field's a novelty. It's not really meant to be a big part of the arsenal.

2006-03-15 19:01:16
priest mobs should preach cure blind when appropriate

We didnt give them clarify to avoid devaluing player buffs.

2006-03-15 19:47:31
fleeing from panick should not cause loss of reputation point since its not a self flee, its not due to your cowardice but youre forced to flee so shouldnt take

A flee is a flee. You can try explaining the circumstances to the other assassins but they're still going to put their thumbs in their armpits and go "chicka! chicka! chicka!" whenever they see you.

2006-03-15 22:12:51
The scroll in lordschool mentions help

genesis; it ought to be removed.

2006-03-15 22:17:16
The western mural in lordschool mentiones

genesis exclusively; it should be updated as well.

2006-03-15 22:22:41
The 'catching ticks' plaque in lordschool

isn't as applicable as it once was; perhaps a help on the new mana-spells?

2006-03-15 22:28:30
The battle keyword in the Arch-Mage chamber

mentions catching tics; it ought to be changed to the new mage-mana-spell.

2006-03-15 22:29:31
Also, the miscellaneous keyword in this room.

2006-03-15 22:30:53
The scoll in this room, point 3 mentions catching tics.

lvl 1, thanks vinc

2006-03-16 04:47:04
Why is frenzy based on the character's alignment (I assume religion/God), when it's not mentioned in the help file, but sanctuary doesn't seem to

beats me. To make it slightly less easy to twink out lowmorts?

2006-03-16 06:18:07
uncap wzd mana regen

why? To annoy the sors and prs's?

2006-03-16 09:50:16
how about some prestige classes for the remort classes?

Maybe some day, if it really makes sense for a particular idea.

2006-03-16 16:20:37
can we make a social that starts with f and fires if you accidentally type f instead of d, i lost a reputation that way :( f currently makes you flee

alias f emote screams FANDANGOOOOOOOOOH! like a paper bag puppet.

2006-03-16 16:23:06
inclass skill/ritual for Pal at lord, allowing them to eulogy on behalf of another player. Make it costly.

wouldn't you rather have a yacht?

2006-03-16 17:47:40
Give Mnd death field because ultrablast is a pre-req ... if it were a kinetic spell ... then wouldn't it have kinetic pre-reqs?

Prestige and remort classes don't get everything their base class does.

2006-03-16 18:25:47
shouldn't gravitas work the same on throwing weapons as it does on dancing/fandango?


2006-03-16 23:42:28
shadowform - a mode which an assassin can enter, similiar to the priest's innocence, allows the assassin to deftly assassinate a mobile even once the fight has started

Sure, and why not an AREA-assassinate skill while we're at it?

2006-03-17 03:25:01
assassins should learn steadfast at lord, makes sense to me

yes, I know. Assassins should get every skill in the game. I get it.

2006-03-17 12:22:09
make the ice seed ticket quest hero length sanc rather than lowmort


2006-03-17 15:57:14
make "c regen" trigger the new regeneration spell instead of the grandfathered regenerate spell. (lazy aura)

can't, unless we remove the old one from everyone who has it

2006-03-17 17:02:57
Let sanctuary protect from charge shield damage when charging (if it doesn't already)

it should

2006-03-17 18:33:22
psionic spells should be castable in no-magic rooms


2006-03-17 18:46:36
fix snipe at lord? it doesnt work.

sure it does. Stop aiming for the eyes. They're hard to hit.

2006-03-17 19:39:39
A generic suggestion - allow a pagelength off 0, in which case you have no page pause. As many users have mud clients that allow them to scroll back to see what may have scrolled off, or large monitors that allow more than 50 lines.


2006-03-17 20:15:11
allow combining of questpoints from several alts for things up to questpointcatalog3?


2006-03-17 22:17:22
centaur remort that goes through stages... ie- remort Horse of some sort-rebuild pegasus<Pgs> @ lvl 50-then rebuild Unicorn hero 500


2006-03-17 23:51:57
ability to send note to a particular track team (i.e. design/web/quest/...).

lvl 3

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