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2006-03-25 02:08:18
When you miss with Moonshard arrows, you can *never* pick them up. Give a hint along those lines in the help?

Nah. All arrow types have their own odds for survival based on miss or hit. For some, it's zero.

2006-03-25 04:58:00
perhaps make mobs that load in nokill areas not load with lockboxes, seems a possible waste of system resources

i wouldn't worry about that, but it does seem sort of odd. Lvl 2; skip mobs ins afe rooms when rolling lockboxes

2006-03-25 14:03:31
you should be able to see what level you're quickening at and surging at while sleeping. Either that, or add it to your affects list.

use the prompt option

2006-03-25 16:40:39
is there a way to make the practice dummy worth 1xp? or find a way for it to reset zerker rites? 1xp really woudln't be abusable i'd think, if someone has the

I don't want it to reset rites. Messing up a bzk's rhythym should be bad.

2006-03-25 17:37:04
filter out scan spam with filter +walkother

why the hell do we have scan msg to room anyway? Can anyone tell me?

2006-03-26 03:05:01
Remort class for monk/shf: Hand of <Diety, pref Gorn>. Focuses less on number of attacks and more on concentrating divine power into each strike, abilities are tied to mana, however, and they gain bonuses like bzk for wearing less armor,

hrmmm. Not a bad idea. Not sure how different it would play to normal monks tho

2006-03-26 06:17:06
Heh.. funny how you knock Snikt on 'giving skills to anybody' i.e. surge, yet you gave your archers surge and they're not exactly battle casters either

If Snikt's vision for creatable classes is mushpot, then that's what I'm going to follow.

2006-03-26 07:07:19
Here's lag that I could find acceptable: Add small wait_state as possible when a Monk switches counter disciplines (i.e. from ctr disarm to ctr

Why? Because you don't have a monk? No. Switching counters doesn't involve actually DOING anything.

2006-03-26 07:14:12
lord skill for sor that gives you a small boost of mana when a member of the group dies. Death Oath? somesuch, make it be like a deal between the sor and

Not a bad idea. I might hold it for the evil/necro/cleric PRC idea if that works out. I don't think sors need it.

2006-03-26 07:34:28
paladin needs a spell that removes demonfire

c 'befriend a priest' self

2006-03-26 09:53:24
can we have a few more immolation/astral prison type mobs on lord planes? as it is those skills are kind of useless specially astral prison since you cant

We're adding them from time to time, but it's not high priority. There are quite a few in noc.

2006-03-26 10:20:31
Paladin Lord CD - Holy Faith..... active spell that increases the paladins opportunity to block with their shield I'll leave the numbers up to you

I'm not sure I like the idea of paladins as "shielf monkeys" Shields are pretty simple equipment. There's no deeper secrets to unlock.

2006-03-26 10:24:27
paladin lord CD allows 2 tics to pass where your regen rate stays the same even if you've woken... example your regenning and you accidentally stand up as long as you sleep again within 2 tics your tic "counter" isnt reset

nah. I like the idea of paladins getting extra recuperative powers, but not just ignoring the current regen code.

2006-03-26 10:27:24
paladin lord CD Righteous anger, when a group member dies the paladin's fury also increases with each hit they land upon the foe..... every successful "hit"

anger doesn't seem very paladinly, but maybe i'm thinking of jedi

2006-03-26 10:29:43
paladin lord CD Fire of the heavens - the paladin calls down the power of the gods to help him vanquish the evil enemies...... area spell which requires there

i'm really not big on the "paladins of smiters of evil" thing. At least not in as much as giving them spells/skills that only work on evil. As warrior types, that's how they do their smiting, it just happens that the CHOOSE to use it against evil. IE your god doesnt empower you to fight evil, your god empowers you to fight BECAUSE you fight evil

2006-03-26 10:31:48
paladin lord CD Wings of heaven - the paladin is granted "wings" which allow him to further evade mobs, (increases dodging for a certain ammount of


2006-03-26 11:11:29
"oath of the shield" forgoe all melee attacks in favor of holding your shield with both hands, if a weapon is wielded before the spell is over large penalties to


2006-03-26 13:43:57
Make some bod mobs with intercede and stuff for hero tier :)


2006-03-26 14:22:02
drc rebuild dragon lord 300

nah. Quixoltan would have a FIT.

2006-03-26 16:29:31
would be nice to have the ability to have to recall points

I assume you mean 2. No.

2006-03-26 16:54:22
how bout a archer disarm, use a round or two's worth of damage to shoot the weapon out of the mobs hands..also mobs could do this to lords:)


2006-03-26 17:32:36
ritual version of wall of thorns that also blocks longshotting

Stormlord's get it, but it's not a ritual.

2006-03-26 18:40:05
make the new sprite 2e randomly werrebocler people in the room

what sprite?

2006-03-26 19:35:36
hit/save gear, for the bzk who doenst like 5k shard storm dmg ;)

shard storm allows no save

2006-03-26 21:30:56
a small qp reward for ud maybe


2006-03-26 22:22:18
when you fade an item it should remove the no-remove nodrop flags


2006-03-27 06:38:39
allow bzk to do some form of eulogy which costs them 1k exp PERMANENTLY


2006-03-27 06:51:00
vanquisher of evil" paladin takes an "oath" to vanquish evil for as long as he lives...and when he kills a good mob he loses exp but when he kills an evil one he gets a small bonus of exp ?

nah. I don't like paladins getting bonuses vs. evil. it's too easy to only ever fight evil.

2006-03-27 06:59:01
allow paladin to have inclass charge shield with different "paladinish" charges available

too cloney

2006-03-27 09:27:48
the kobold at the start of wayside says in the short desc it is asleep, but it actually isn't. That should be removed, or it should repop asleep.

Maybe he's faking you out.

2006-03-27 09:43:47
refund sprite wzd! let us change to mage of any nmon-remort race plz. ty. have a nice day.


2006-03-27 10:04:12
change the auction channel to ebay channel plz

and get sued?

2006-03-27 10:47:44
grant every class with longshot a very slim chance <1% of hitting an "organ" (vs slot) when longshotting a mob, but don't grant any control as to the


2006-03-27 13:03:52
Consider should show more info for lowmort levels 1-10.

like what?

2006-03-27 15:01:43
I dunno, the whole complete lack of stat-loss thing seems like incentive enough not to die a bunch on the way to lord


2006-03-27 16:32:11
Instead of 'You have not learned HOW to cast barkskin yet!' could there be a message if your class never learns a skill? IE: 'You will never be able to cast

lvl 2; smarter or more generic msgs if you dont know the spell

2006-03-27 16:46:32
Make commonly camped healie rooms (wafer, nectar, etc...) noregen


2006-03-27 17:41:14
Put some mobs in groups similar to character groups - e.g. a single mob that is the tank with good AC and takes all the hits (until dead) and hitter mobs

being planned I think

2006-03-27 18:23:59
ive been noticing a lot more gear damage lately, is that in the new mobspecs design? ifso could you offset smith some, it costs me about 20-75k a run

could be. wizard and sor mobs would certainly do their share

2006-03-27 18:54:20
The spell command only takes the last argument passed. IE: "grspell shield" and "spell illusory shield" return "shield 10 mana"

yeh, that command sucks

2006-03-27 18:58:30
make exemplary stike force the mob in current combat with the bzk to hit after all groupis in direct combat with that mob. it would make it a much more


2006-03-27 19:20:11
mindbender spell called synapsis castable on others, next spell the target casts does more damage and costs less to cast, and the mindbender loses a

sounds more wizardy. Maybe i can consider something like this when we get linked spells working

2006-03-27 22:25:48
queue list instead of "group me" list for lords. add yourself to a queue for a group. if someone decides to lead a run, "group queue" will automatically group as many as can be grouped in the queue.

I could maybe be talked into that. Will discuss w/ imms.

2006-03-27 23:07:12
a spell called betablock that shields against migrane


2006-03-27 23:58:42
distract-bodyguard skill to distract a mob while an assassin/rogue sneaks up to backstab.


2006-03-28 03:32:12
playerinfo insert <line#> <text> and playerinfo delete <line#> --- Would allow us to update our playerinfo

without deleting the whole thing. Come on, you know it'd be nice.

2006-03-28 05:08:34
assassins as a hunter/killer is smart enough to have both the map and beast lore

nah. They're smart enough to have bought an ACTUAL map at the store and have already drugged the guard dogs with tainted meat.

2006-03-28 08:17:28
add a help vote on how to vote for avatar on top mudsites, let it include both the normal url and a direct link for voting.

lvl 1

2006-03-28 18:29:07
limit the number of mobs in noctopia shift to 4 pls! its practically suicide with only 4, let alone 7 or 8

Sorry, mobs can't count

2006-03-28 20:03:03
can we PLEASE have more slots for insure? lots

I'm not in charge of insure. DW?

2006-03-29 00:16:00
how about a griffon remort option?

Into what? Griffons with 3 wings? nah

2006-03-29 02:59:35
keys should be included with portals and nexii to be imp'd in sanc. else keys just sit there making quests that much easier (ie House of Quests keys)

good point, in fact, immediately imp keys dropped in noimp rooms. lvl 2

2006-03-29 11:44:01
why not give fence to shadowfist? they seem well capable of fencing things, at least as well as a monk does and they get it at hero 7

monks get it from mushpotism, not merit. Shadowfists are loners, not thief guildy types.

2006-03-29 12:07:38
make teleport and portal check their targets the same way. Currently it sometimes leads to different targets. Confusing.

magic is unpredictable. If it bothers you, learn to walk

2006-03-29 15:04:16
Add an automorph chance, from 500 to 999 slowly increasing.. like 50% at 999 and next-to-nothing at 500.


2006-03-29 17:38:33
Have the Exp/TNL thing show exp earned at HERO as well. Not just to lv51

lvl 2

2006-03-29 18:07:12
shouldn't bodyguards get toss? clerics get it, and bodyguards seem like they'd be better at tossing than clerics.

they don;t? yeh, lvl 2, whenever wars get it

2006-03-29 19:53:42
make shadowform in class for sors, and give it to them at lowmort


2006-03-29 20:45:46
Make wake other only work for leader, especially due to the nuisance people waking someone at lord.

didnt we already do that?

2006-03-29 22:13:54
25-50% damage increase for lords

you mean for lord MOBS? Players sure as hell don't need it.

2006-03-29 22:42:34
have older characters (determined by hours online) gain wis/int and lose str/dex/con


2006-03-29 22:46:01
50% increae in chance of bash if you are initiating w/ bash instead of kill (people use kill, bash after the tank attacks, I figure if they would just bash,

I dunno about 50%, but otherwise ok. lvl 2, boost bash odds if both characters are out of combat and the vicitm cannot see the attacker

2006-03-30 14:17:49
Could use a message to self when scarring/damage resets the berserk counter

bzk is really tricky msg wise

2006-03-30 16:55:59
maybe on the who list there should be a 4th category... mortals, heroes, high mortals, transcension (for legends- transcension cus tri-being 3- and ascend to lord hence transcend and thus, the legend tier on who list being - |BK|Transcension


2006-03-30 17:07:25
major ward is buggy

not last i checked

2006-03-30 17:50:39
the ability to set WIMPY to a percentage of hit points - any - and have it adjust automatically to match whatever your current HP total is

I can't offer both, and I think I prefer absolute totals

2006-03-31 02:01:58
make a better and attractive desc. on topmudsites.com

Yeh! Somebody get on that.

2006-03-31 05:25:44
Rogue skill - shows a (LOCKED) (UNLOCKED (CLOSED) (OPEN) etc flag on exits and chests

lvl 2; show open/closed on chests long desc (it's already shown on doors) No skill required. No amt of skill can show locked/unlocked tho.

2006-03-31 14:45:47
:cackle: add as a prerequisite to intercede - 'The bodyguard must NOT be hidden or invisible in order to rescue his charge'. Ppl will hate me for

why? being invis would make it easier

2006-03-31 14:48:59
And while you're at it, bzk bzk should go visible at the highest stage of berserking.. have it cancel sneak

meh. nobody's ACTIVELY sneaking in combat

2006-03-31 16:22:46
could help news be updated to reflect the extensive stat/tier/regen/etc. changes? the imm notes eventually purge, and people who log in after not

let's put somebody in charge of help news

2006-03-31 17:19:28
when player misses vs midcombat with config -battleself, it should say that it misses instead of just nothing. config +battleself states when it misses, but config -battleself doesn't


2006-03-31 19:07:50
rogues need shrike style because when the hell is a shf gonna use vital shot w/ vital counteR? :D mostly I understand killer instinct being bci only, but a form of shrike style @ lord for tanking rogues could be highly useful


2006-03-31 19:23:23
make autogroup work when you're afk


2006-03-31 23:57:50
remove and affect from an item, should

be fairly cheap i think

2006-03-31 23:57:59
for the qpcatalog

I think removing a flag is already available. Removing an AFFECT isnt an option

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