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2006-04-15 03:32:22
Druids should be able to start Salvation

Salvation is TS's baby, and Druids aren't.

2006-04-15 14:01:29
When I successfully bashdoor, I seem to gain 3 hps, instead of losing some. Unsure if the same problem happens with a fail

Unlikely. I think it's more likely a tick is happening to pass while you're doing it.

2006-04-15 14:52:32
Twice now, in this area while I've been fighting farmers, I've seen the "A halfling farmer flees south in terror!" message, but the mob has not actually fled.

Wily halflings.

2006-04-15 16:41:19
Jailing a character should also clear

them to remove spell affects such as Hog.

2006-04-15 16:43:18
Just to confirm I mean the punishment not the getting arrested jailing :)

lvl 2

2006-04-15 17:35:48
how about a psi spell that lets us them see where the planar anchor is currently?

you could shift to it. I kinda like the idea that players need to communicate this on their own.

2006-04-15 23:45:08
could assassins get something useful to do with their mana at lord? maybe some kind of unique debuff that costs mana?

Asns get mana because they're smart, not because they're magical. Find useful things to do with the existing spells.

2006-04-16 00:06:33
remove charge shield from wzd and give them a skill like brew potion. Would be more appropriate.

They'd whine if I took CS away. Potion brewing will never work on avatar.

2006-04-16 00:11:04
Remove who 'worship', worshipping is generally a private thing (for theme), for practical purposes, this just lets people pester others for spells, based on

yeh, thats why I never approved it. Need to go through the task list and purge old crap. lvl 2.

2006-04-16 00:36:54
make gar a remort race

2006-04-16 00:38:47
make gargoyles larger in size

2006-04-16 00:38:53
make draconians larger in size


2006-04-16 02:03:18
allow hero level spells attained at lord to be cast in shadow form

nah. Too messy.

2006-04-16 02:28:25
when rog/bci/asn are outlawwed they get an increased boost in damage

no. They just get a discount at Maria's Grimy Little Bar for Outlaws. She has a thing for bad boys.

2006-04-16 04:28:39
Maybe rewrite the help for mass aid to be a bit more, uh, professional (boring? ;) )?


2006-04-16 12:31:08
to stop the spammy notes with the top 10 of a prc (namely shf) add prc to help highest or a similar help, yes that will give an idea of what races

No. Prestige classes will not be added to help highest to help keep vague the list of what races can apply. What players choose to spread and what I make available directly are not the same.

2006-04-16 15:05:07
Allow BCI to see doors specced for Psions. An assassin imbued with some psionic abilities would probably be able to see those types of doors.

Like what? The door to the little psions' room? There's no such thing as doors specced for psions. If you mean psionic markings, they do see those.

2006-04-16 15:41:57
heroes should also gain leading points for groupie lvl, and negative lead point for groupie death


2006-04-16 18:46:25
re-think/format the whole time/tic/round lag scheme to allow more varying increments, so move lag can get be normalized based on class/race

too big

2006-04-17 12:58:57
Would it be possible to modify affect? For example: aff sanct, would show just sanctuary and the time remaining on it. This could also apply for any other spell on the list. It would

definiantly help with spam. Thank you :)

2006-04-17 18:40:57
remort race for duergar/dwarf

such as...?

2006-04-17 20:13:06
typo in help racial-hide "Like most racials, they requireS rest between uses.

That helps was writtens by that ones guys from futuramas.

2006-04-17 21:52:52
drc should be nerfed some or remort races should get more power...drc have quite a bit better stats than tua and their dw is better!!! what's up with that

Yeah, but abomination suuuuucks.

2006-04-17 23:45:28
a leadership skill for 200lps that allows you to switch skills mid combat or mid run etc, not just on relog

no. Why do people think I'm going to like ideas that negate my own design?

2006-04-17 23:47:06
give shf protection good

lvl 2

2006-04-18 13:20:42
Angels have the option of worshipping Darii?

We're not for worship.

2006-04-18 18:38:34
some kind of bird race. Say...avian.

Humans with racial fly.

2006-04-18 20:19:50
redo gold system, make gold worth something, make it so you can make money and spend money, esp. at higher levels.. gold is wacked after about level 10, even then it's pretty wacky since the only thing that gives gold value then is healing potions

Step one would have to be clearing out a lot of big bank accounts, and its just not worth the whining that would ensue from those affected.

2006-04-18 20:58:01
make the morph level variance at least to the point where if someone morphs at 750 by lord 500 they are the size of if the morphed at 999, atm this is not true and seems really a HUGE disadvatage and mayby an oversight

It's not an oversight, and nobody has ever been forced to morph early

2006-04-18 20:59:36
possible solutions are to increase lord gains per level, or lower the penalty on pre 999 morph by some degree, because if someone morphs at 650 (mayby a lucky NEW lord) even if they run to 999 lord, they wont be as big as a level one lord that morphed at hero 999

This is a good argument, but I'm not interested in redoing morph. Someone want to work up some math for a proposal where lord twink gains are increased for early morphs (since we do track morph level now) so someone who morphed early but still diligently plays lord can make up some of the difference?

2006-04-19 03:07:18
include new info on tics in help newlord etc

Like what?

2006-04-19 07:06:16
Increase heighten senses duration for monks/shfs to be the same as for psis (which is around 48 ticks instead of 24). Both have it in class.

Psionic types have an easier time maintaining it.

2006-04-19 08:46:58
remember the old murder command, not the

skill, how it would make the mob should something like xx is trying to kill me!

2006-04-19 08:47:18
should bring something along those lines back for assassin, at higher levels it could even call aggies to it

I'm not following

2006-04-19 13:15:19
make the evolotion races evolve at lvl 50 lowmort instead of lvl 1 hero so they wont have a problem training stats for the higher cost after rebuild

can't I just remove them and give everybody affected a pony or something?

2006-04-19 13:24:01
When you rebuild a firedrake after training mana/hp/moves, cost is still increased, make it so they reset to 10.

no, but lvl 2 (if we MUST keep those races) make trained stats reapply after evolution like they do after morph

2006-04-19 18:30:26
hypnosis, mindbender spell that makes a willing companion cast a spell of your choice or preform an action, if its a spell then the mana used would be from the mindbender, and if a skill the mindbender would absorb the lag from the skill :)

To botty

2006-04-19 21:20:22
spell hero - travelers beckon - makes a durational portal point at the site of the cast.of course all regular transport rules would apply ie.. cursed area. the portal point being the casters name plus beckon ie... cast 'teleport' greyone beckon

I'm not getting it. How would this be different than just c 'teleport' greyone ?

2006-04-19 22:00:55
spell glyph of power...wizard spell that explodesfol lor

fol lor lor lor lor, lor lor lor lor? Isn't it a bit early for christmas carols?

2006-04-20 01:27:04
mnd should get the mana on top of mana they have currently, should not have to regen the mana gained by hive mind

I'll meet you halfway. lvl 2; give mnd HALF the mana added by hivemind as current.

2006-04-20 17:01:29
allow monks to change target midfight only if the mob they're changing to is hitting them

Eventually, when we get ranking in, everybody will be able to do that, there will just be a penalty in many cases unless you have range.

2006-04-21 02:35:27
a way to increase +mana of an item with quest points, say +25 mana for a specific amount of qp

adding specific affects to an item can be done, but its quite painful and requires a host. Not something we want to get into the habit of offering on demand.

2006-04-21 10:53:28
Automatically redisplay prompt if there is a change in the prompt and have settings to change how long the MUD checks to see if there is a change.

I can;t think of a way to do this that isn;t a GIGANTIC waste of system resources.

2006-04-21 15:48:17
When logging out, turn off surge and/or augment to prevent the frustration that arises from accidental surging on logging in.

lvl 2

2006-04-21 19:28:43
let bound items be saved by other players

wouldnt that defeat the point?

2006-04-21 21:29:03
corpse shield -- Warriors mobs should be able to pick up corpses and use them as shields, just because the players would whine for the same ability,

nah, a bit silly

2006-04-22 01:59:04
A skill to reduce 'kill' lag.

2006-04-22 01:59:22
(see previous from me) Preferably for bzk

That's there for functional, not thematic reasons, sorry

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