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2006-04-22 12:58:55
Not that berserkers need any more damage, but it seems like they would get fourth attack before bodyguards do.

I see bzk being more about putting all their fury behind each blow, rather than finnessing extra hits.

2006-04-22 13:04:06
A high level war CD in which a warrior focuses all their attention on the mob they're fighting, giving them a better chance to hit, parry, dodge, and block

I have a stance planned along these lines.

2006-04-23 01:22:54
When you cast anger management without an argument it should force it to cast on the mob attacking you, not the mob you're attacking

sorry, that's the default casting logic. Plus that particular spell needs to remain difficult to default.

2006-04-23 06:18:08
roar- bod pc, area affect that draws the attention of all the mobs to the bod, having them attack first so the master is kept safe

nah. The area-hit throwing weapons are as close as I'm gonna get to an aggro-everything skill.

2006-04-23 12:10:44
+ There should be a monk-psi type prc, as they are the only core classes whos focus is on self and whos power comes from within

I thought about it. Didn't come up with much of interest.

2006-04-23 13:24:38
give paladins a spell that removes demonfire

Ok, but self only; a spell where the paladin loses sanc (or iron monk) and demonfire and receives some healing. If he doesn't have a removable (ie non permanent) sanc spell, this spell does nothing.

2006-04-23 13:56:00
make it so spec_prs mobs can't aggie. chim angels do

nah, i like them aggying.

2006-04-23 17:28:52
remort race for dragons, wyrm, same stats as dragon but with a tnl not modified for population control, between drg remort race and levels needed for the new remort population control should be moot

Interesting, but I'm not sure I buy the idea of fast-levelling dragons. They just seem like progress would come slow to them. I'd probably go for it if we had no existing PC dragons.

2006-04-23 17:31:24
remort race for ents, treant, more of a hard wood version than the current soft wood sapling in existance

Treants are actually LESS than ents. They're more like animated trees and sentient tree-like creatures. At any rate no, the SOLE purpose of Ent is for people who claim they like dragons for the high tnl.

2006-04-23 18:04:52
Since some of classes get hp from corpses, I had this idea that steaks and such should give some as well

I'm not a big fan of the HP from corpse thing. Let's just assume the corpse-eating races get more from corpse consumption than simple nutrition.

2006-04-23 19:53:27
If possible make one wing of sanctum imp and the other wing noimp.

then people would whine and ask for reimbs because they dropped stuff in the wrong wing by accident.

2006-04-23 21:44:09
Make a way for mobs to teleport into rooms to attack players. Basically it would be just like it were an invis aggie mob hiding in a room, but more thematic for the mage types.

Maybe as an expansion of the Seeker AI. It's problematic for mobs to look for fights in rooms other than their own.

2006-04-24 02:41:47
make rebuilds roll 3 times and have player choose one, they just seem wonky towards low rolls imho, when looking at lots of rebuild's over tiers when asking people about em

what rebuilds?

2006-04-24 03:14:00
intricate leather quiver, +4hr, waist slot, hold 40kg, put in on a really hard mob, skin corpse item, and a skincorpse pc has to kill to skin it, like ultimoose for arc types

Isnt there already an archery belt?

2006-04-24 04:25:11
Speaking a bit more seriously, maybe killing a tarrasque would be a good lord version of the hero UD quest...

Do you prep your spells every day when you get up? No? Then this ain't dnd, is it?

2006-04-24 06:00:39
remove max from bows/crossbows, after all, the max should be on the arrow not the bow, bows with same hit roll and draw strength should do same damage regardless of min/max/avg

I can see the argument, but it's a bit late. At any rate, bows have a significant impact on the potency of arrows fired from them.

2006-04-24 06:03:48
chance of brilliant fletch that makes arrows have extra sharp tips, extra strong shafts, and/or better feathering to increase damage, survival rate and

Arrows have no individuality and need to stay that way for code reasons.

accuracy respectively, the resulting arrows could have a (Glowing) flag or something like that to tell them from normal ones would be a nice feature to add to archers see if ppl play them a bit

It's a cute idea, but it really just boils down to "more damage for archers" which ain't gonna happen.

2006-04-24 14:49:01
when i fail an area spell to initiate combat, i don't initiate combat. However, failing a targeted spell does initiate combat. Why is this? does the mob know i was about to fry it? i could have been casting heal for all it knows.

because the code sets the fighting pointers BEFORE resolving the cast on a targeted spell, but on an area spell there is no target, so there's no pointers to set. We just have to wait til the actual damage is done. If direct spells worked that way, you'd be able to debuff a mob to your heart's delight before it attacked you.

2006-04-24 15:35:34
Why can't lord bod's go bzk or pal...so far can only go dragon, griffon, demonseed and minotaur. I thought that I would be able to go Pal or Bzk.

bods can go both according to the help. It's possible the informational version of do-remort hasnt been updated.

2006-04-24 17:49:01
sanc'd mobs are basically two mobs in one, therefore, I propose that the xp should be doubled for killing a sanc'd mob.


2006-04-24 18:53:57
make sun staffs two-handed


2006-04-24 20:34:33
new mnd spell: Nightmare. The mnd sends a victim into a deep slumber haunted by nightmares during which no regeneration of hps and mana is possible. An attack wakes the affected victim but the no regeneration affect remains a few ticks after

lvl 2; as sleep but with 0 regen. Ends if damaged. legend only. psi/mnd

2006-04-25 06:42:37
make red velvet cape give 80 mana instead of 70 so that it actually is better than the lowmort unholy robe? whats the point of doing a ticket quest for an item thats completely replaceable by a much easier to get one with same mana mod?

so don't do it then

2006-04-25 06:46:21
make archery mods on items work on all archery related classes (arc, fus, asn, dru) please?

There's no class check in that code. You could be an archer, a druid, a warrior or a pretzel-cart-vendor and the items would work just as well.

2006-04-25 10:06:34
when you die, all exhaust spells should go away

no. People would die intentionally, and that's dumb.

2006-04-25 15:24:35
unholy bargain should increase max mana by 1k, not just add 1k mana....


2006-04-25 18:00:03
lets roll

Ok. lvl 5; commence rolling.

2006-04-25 20:29:59
make greed helm have 5 or 6 hr so it appeals to archers too? :P

Bug nadreck. I gave him a good archer headgear item to add to an area.

2006-04-25 20:31:53
Please allow shrines in all rooms - not a huge bonus given new sleep code but may make the spell useful


2006-04-25 22:21:48
make the items on tryystania be useful? she's pretty hard and all, i know she gives the 50k ticket but maybe if the claw had some damage or gauntlet had -10 ac or something :) would rock! :)

nah. She's just there to make millament more of a pain to kill.

2006-04-26 02:08:12
have tell/socials target players instead of mobs first? ie - tell ice blah tells player icestorm instead of mob wall of ice blah

they do

2006-04-26 02:43:02
restart pfile purging, but make it insanely long like a year. (reason: Some people have lowmort names and haven't been on in 3 years)


2006-04-26 07:59:09
the lord practice dummy should be aggie


2006-04-26 09:35:55
make it so we can change monitor targets while resting

nah, abusable

2006-04-26 11:54:32
mobs that breathe gas should take extra damage from fire spells

It's a dragon, not Dick Cheney. The gas is a mist of toxic particles or something. It's not flamable.

2006-04-26 15:12:43
have wall of thorns show approximate duration (like corpses) when examining?

It's sustained now. It has infinite duration.

2006-04-26 17:40:18
how about a paladin skill that causes demonfire to rebound on the mob that casts it?'

nah, but see above.

2006-04-26 18:32:30
make bows be rune-able :)

I'd like to. Out of values.

2006-04-26 19:21:09
dont remove group me status onl log out. i dont like having to keep putting it back up because i change alts, feels like im spamming...


2006-04-26 21:24:05
Gnomes, being mechanically inclined, should get a bonus to heavy crossbow operation... if they don't already.

it's not a mechanical issue, it's a brute force issue.

2006-04-26 23:38:03
allow lords to teach at least up to lvl 50

didnt i already approve that?

2006-04-26 23:43:02
reduce the xp penalty for grouping too many lvls apart. There are not enough lowmorts to group with let alone trying to find one thats less than 2 lvls difference

We did for a while and it was abused. Not sure where we are on this now.

2006-04-27 00:02:24
note writing shouldn't be available to level 2 characters, just leads to spam and trouble

I agree

2006-04-27 01:19:01
really high level psi skill that allows you to halt or slow the progress of spells while sleeping or resting.

Will ponder...

2006-04-27 04:26:33
What's the sense in making CLOUD cursed? Can't recall, can't sanc? I think it should be a simple room.

So you can't teleport to it.

2006-04-27 10:09:35
how about a paladin spell that lets them recall in cursed areas?


2006-04-27 13:24:19
Herothank needs some kind of revamp. It is very rarely

It pretty much already does.

used now, and in the past it was very controversial, so now instead of an exp gain the thanked hero receives random gains 2 move points, 1 mana point if they're lucky. I like the idea, but it should do something else for the pfile than move points.

Hrmmm. How would people feel if getting x # of herothanks modded your longdesc in some unique way? IE instead of "Lord Steve is here." it oculd say "Benevolent Lord Steve is here." or some such.

2006-04-27 15:36:08
make it so that spells/skills check for racials and allow racials to overwrite prerequisites (ie, infravision for detect hidden)

no. Being able to see invisibility naturally is not the same as learning a spell which happens to have the same affect. You need to know the actual SPELL, not just have the ability to see invisible things.

2006-04-27 18:37:17
lord mindbender or psion spell, prereg aura focus, Aural Schism, chance to change one target's affected flags to something else, ie aff_sanctuary to aff_demonfire. results would be random and limited to only certan affect flags, could be a good

interesting, but I think it'd be too obscured to make any sense to :roomplayers the way affects are displayed.

2006-04-27 19:56:26
a mob fleeing should reset it's trip counter. Something that's running away should be easier to catch off guard


2006-04-27 21:06:17
stickly arrow - this arrow magically wraps around its victim on impact (casts web on the target)

thought about it for druids, but it's too powerful

2006-04-27 23:32:01
the ability for driuds to change form for a few tics. Different forms would have different bonus's

this isnt dnd. If we have a shapeshifter class they will have a different flavor.

2006-04-27 23:33:24
arrow shield, spell that when cast by a druid increases the chance or being able to dodge an arrow, or grants the ability if target doesnt have arrow dodge

reserved for stm

2006-04-27 23:37:21
lord druid spell: when cast on a wall <of thorns, this spell causes the thorns to attack targets in both adjoining rooms. may result in the wall disipatting

weird and different, but probably more of a mess to code than its worth (objects attacking is a pain)

2006-04-28 01:38:31
when you bash a door make it so you cant close it again, at least until the area resets next...

you're not bashing the door to pieces, just breaking the molding where it closes.

2006-04-28 17:29:42
tor stab should be higher than shz, right now I noticed no

why? Shiz is actually the sneakier of the two.

2006-04-28 19:02:27
A psi skill that allows emotional enhancements to be cast during combat if the psi is hit (a psi would cast frenzy that would be delayed until they are hit at which point they see "You fly into a rage.")

what would be the point of that vs. just casting frenzy?

2006-04-28 20:52:37
a spell for mages that increases MP regeneration rate, but has a penalty of -HP rate, and a much longer penalty of -damage, -spell damage, -ac, or -


2006-04-28 21:17:32
techo to echo to given tier and/or above


2006-04-28 21:18:23
transfer room <location>

i thought we had both of these

2006-04-29 00:10:34
have autoloot NOT pull arrows... what's the point of having autopull? seperate from autoloot?

so you can pull JUST arrows

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