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2006-04-29 03:55:54
Mana replenishing Items or potions

2006-04-29 05:00:14
Spell or Item Mods that will allow mana rengeration to happen quicker. Like how Casting Regeneration will 1/3 mana regen but increas health regeneration by 3x but have one for mana does the opposite


2006-04-29 07:36:57
eulogy equivalent for bzks

no. I didn't strip bzk of all spells just to give them "equivalents"

2006-04-29 15:15:42
spell - enhanced meditation - level 40ish for mage/wzd, induces a deeper slumber, granting an additional 25% regen for a few tics - person is unable to wake for the duration of the slumber

i think I already approved something like this

2006-04-29 16:57:21
put a bovul mob in the bank so I can teleport to him


2006-04-29 18:46:01
A type of quest for assassin type players where a head hunter or bounty master will hang around the rogue guild will randomly select a mob it wants killed, and offer the bounty to players who approach. The target is selected on a per-player basis depending on their level, and players can participate once every week or so.

I do want more quests like the audis one for rogueyness, but they are tricky to make and few players seem to appreciate them unless they yield twinky items.

2006-04-29 21:21:14
next time make quest winnings dependent on who wins it, the weapon for lord quest i won, but is completelty useless to a bzk

should've been noted to questies. This is the wrong place.

2006-04-29 22:33:21
a command like autoloot or something but autoget to automatically get corpses of monsters after you kill them, cause they sometimes go before you even have a chance to get them(mother slagslug, most skinning monsters actually) wouldnt realy whack much out of balance i dont think cause its only helps corpse eaters and skinners


2006-04-29 22:59:43
could failing surge use half the mana - similar to how failing the spell does? or at least...a reduced amount of mana?

It could, but it doesn't.

2006-04-30 00:40:39
if you want to venerate malayse in a sustainable way that doesnt dammage the mud in general make malayse statue unkillable and make her a ticket quest were the ticket is something small and useful like a blue-tongue sanc pill replacement my suggestion would be a teardrop which is gained from killing snikt statue to malayse

It's Malyse.

2006-04-30 20:17:34
boost cen a bit- there is something wrong w/ centaur offhand damage... I have tested extensively and I have noticed while w/ the same gear, Demond my centaur hits ***MAIM with his offhand, and on ignite my liz (both are warriors) the liz hits *EVIS for an offhand... same weapon on both, I spose my point is centaur offhand damage is buggy

not possible. There's not a race check anywhere NEAR offhand damage.

2006-04-30 21:33:08
Can we please get Thorngate Center to be either indoors or have an ent or something sit here? Would even take an umbrella

considering how little impact nosun has since dark embrace, no

2006-04-30 22:15:00
make it so that clerics and priests can practice a certain skill to hear prayers (pray command)


2006-04-30 22:31:49
please make battlenone filter smash spam too

lvl 2

2006-04-30 22:42:56

dream on

2006-04-30 23:35:51
help file for 'panic'

you mean like this one? 51 PANIC Syntax: cast panic <victim> Prerequisites: dread

While this spell lasts, the panic-striken victim will fall and injure themself if they attempt to flee. Panic then ends.

Panic is exhausted for a short time when cast.

2006-05-01 00:17:39
make it so you can't sacrifice while fighting.

why not?

2006-05-01 02:28:15
eat corpse ability for berserkers


2006-05-01 09:46:55
allow the casting of simple spells while resting, like identify and other low lowmort level spells? would make sense you could perform small magic while resting as long as its not to complex such as teleport or portals which would be way to intricate to use while resting :)

nah. Players take things like ident a little too for granted as is

2006-05-01 12:30:53
we need a config filter option to block emotes for people who refuse to stop emoting three or more lines of spam when they smash/use racial/breath/do


2006-05-01 18:01:33
make infirmary rooms work with demonbank

No. people would complain that they lost all their bank cuz they went afk at an infirm for a week.

2006-05-01 18:47:50
lord psion spell, psychic link, forms link with weapons, weapons must be insured to caster, damage occurs any time weapons are dropped, but get

similar to kinetic chain

2006-05-01 19:10:57
psis need an inertial barrier spell to protect them from area spells, particularly shardstorm which does several thousand hp damage through sanc to anyone in hitgear/frenzied

Sorry, you're not getting any new tools for avoiding shard storm.

2006-05-01 20:34:00
Allow anyone to wield bows, even if they'll never hit as well as archers with them. It just opens up more possibilities for characters, and some of those thematic bows (for example, the ones in veil) can be used by their "intended" classes, if they so desire.

Bows allow certain perks, like changing targets midround, which I don't want people exploiting by rapidly switching to bows and back. Maybe in the future this will be changed to a skill-based feature, but no for now.

2006-05-01 20:43:03
Lord healer spell - Abolish migraine: Allow healers (cle/prs/dru) to cast abolish migraine on anyone with migraine. Causes migraine to go away, but

Migraine, like shard storm, is combatable with the tools at your disposal.

2006-05-01 21:35:34
Help 'vigil'

125 'VIGIL' Syntax: cast 'vigil' [CAST ON SELF ONLY] Prerequisites: None

Upon praying successfully, you will begin a vigil which will last as long as the duration of your HEAVIEST corpse. This is only accurate as of the time you start your vigil, since you can start a vigil anywhere. If you wish to stop and start a new vigil, you may start over and gain an updated duration.

(This essentially allows you to have a non-affecting duration in your affect list which equals the timer on your corpse as of the time of casting. It will check the timer of the heaviest corpse out there, so no targeting is required.)


2006-05-01 22:15:56
i thought that some sort of fedex system would be kind of good in Avatar. Maybe not for alts, but for sending stuff to other players. Only those that list all

hrmmm. We tried a storage system but it was problematic.

2006-05-01 23:37:35
wzd's should get surge 6


2006-05-01 23:38:58
Make surge at lower, "cheaper" levels carry a slightly higher chance of failure. (Muahaha!)


2006-05-01 23:54:27
boost golem regen


2006-05-01 23:54:36
give bzks an ablut rite

see above

2006-05-01 23:55:42
let timewarp be cast on others, throw us bzk's a bone for a semi-ablut type setting, its annoying to make lords wait on me for my spells to fall when im

so don't wait. Let them fall halfway through the run like a MAN.

2006-05-02 00:46:47
bandu house is too hard for 1m gold, the gear damage alone doing the quest costs 1/3 that for all groupies to smith

so don't do it

2006-05-02 10:09:50
make map lore sensitive to changes in terrain within areas, or add a skill that does such


2006-05-02 11:57:27
lower spell cost a minor percentage every time you tingle past adept


2006-05-02 13:34:51
allow psions to tie a rope to their weapons so they can get the back like a yoyo


2006-05-02 15:32:57
sry bout that - mind cleaning out old alts that havent been logged for, oh, 2 years?

shrug. Not my department. Idea list is for skills and crap, not policy.

2006-05-02 16:15:40
how about a skill for psis called autofetch that will allow them to retrieve their weapons automatically when they drop after dancing/fandango at a cost of mana instead of lag?


2006-05-02 16:36:22
Put the number of ticks since the group shifted, in the information received by the player why typing "lordrun".

the game has no way of knowing

2006-05-04 02:02:31
a new alt lord start up feature. Lords created this way would have 1/3rd stats, would be phased on mid, could not legend, and could not drop or transfer gear. Available only to those who already have a lord.

discussed and shot down

2006-05-04 14:55:02
a shadow room on thorn as there is one Lord room on mid?


2006-05-04 19:00:07
Add insure limit (number of items) to help insure. Preferably make the limit higher to encourage insuring and sharing gear between alts.

lvl 1

2006-05-04 19:01:17
If insure limit cant be upped perhaps revise insure system so that altof are multi-registered and all alts can wear insured gear, or some better idea that requires less work coding.


2006-05-04 21:44:53
acceptable losses lead skill should also minimize exp loss for groupies


2006-05-05 00:33:23
druids should get barkskin earlier than arcs because they are better spellcasters


2006-05-05 08:16:21
the ability to set the message people receive when they send you a tell in lag. just like you can do with afkreply


2006-05-05 08:18:38
a spell which temporarily increases the

damage done by a druid based on the current hp of the group

2006-05-05 08:22:09
mushroom arrow (druid) this arrow when it hits the targe makes them more cumbersome, increasing there size and

reducing there str and dex.

2006-05-05 08:23:57
water arrow, this arrow does minimal damage but when it hits its target it knocks them back with a burst of

water, possibly making them fall.

2006-05-05 08:25:37
holy arrow - when this arrow hits its target it releases a brigt flash of light, potentially blinding its

victim, maybe a lesser chance to blind others looking at the target?

2006-05-05 08:26:37
maybe holy arrow could also be used to

illuminate rooms with longshot, maybe even reveal hidden/invis mobs?

2006-05-05 08:29:06
since we cant make a dru spell to make a wall of thorns do damage, maybe we could have a spell which creates a thorn monster/treant of some form. duration of spell based on how many

adjacend walls of thorns tehre are, they disipate when the spell is cast

2006-05-05 08:30:23
above spell is a summoning type spell

like summon necrit

2006-05-05 08:30:42
oops, no not that one, cant remember the

name :(

2006-05-05 08:35:34
dru spell - guide - this spell creates a floating object which increases the hr of nearby targets on low health

(maybe including mobs?)

2006-05-05 08:46:37
vine arrow - when this arrow hits a target, it turns into a vine and wraps around its target. if they are flying it causes them to plumet to the ground.

There's some good idea here, but I don't want druids to be able to do too much with their special arrows (ie bash) and the summoning stuff would work better for another class I think. I like the faerie fog arrow tho.

lvl 3; new druid arrow; luminary arrow. Casts faerie fog upon impact, and summons a magic light orb for 3 ticks on the floor.

2006-05-05 10:00:22
monitor when resting

no. Would be abused to loophole monitor/combat

2006-05-05 11:34:54
can we have one or two more non-reptilian races that get a psionic bonus?

shrug. If you think of good ones, sure.

2006-05-05 13:29:37
Help Sanctum doesn't say how to get to Sanctum. Add the syntax necessary to go to Sanctum.

lvl 1

2006-05-05 15:03:24
major ward should prevent more damage, the risk to gear and adding 2 levels to items, really makes it "nearly" worthless to use. i have major warded 2/3 of my current gear and it still recieves copius amounts of dmg from area spells and gear dmg spells. there is a small difference in the amount of dmg recieved, maby 25% less, that

seems not worth the risk of major warding as most mages fail it at least 2

2006-05-05 15:03:46
at least 20% of the thus destroying good gear


2006-05-05 15:47:24
allow us to log multiple lord alts and sit at thorn forcing the duo groups xp to be less, since us "public people" cant even run at all atm

this sort of thing is best debated on lord mailer. Idea list is not the place. I agree excessive duoing as a result of the count code is bad.

2006-05-05 17:03:57
no send lag for unrested bzks


2006-05-05 19:09:48
make it so you don't have to specify what god you worship when using unworship


2006-05-05 19:26:09
I know I'll get flak for this but - increase learnable level of shield block to lord+ for wzd. It'll stop some of the whining about the backfires. Plus, they don't get other combat

defensive skills, such as parry or dodge (at hero anyways).

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