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2006-05-06 03:02:59
a way to tell people about death before their first death. newbies don't usually read help files like "help death" when they've seen that they've died. they usually delete or quit

I'm not sure how to do it that it wouldn't be skipped. If people don't want the info we can't force it on em.

2006-05-06 13:55:02
update the cost of spells at aelmond to make them more lowmort friendly 3570 for a cure light wound spell is pretty expensive 4080 for cure disease

agreed. lvl 2

2006-05-06 14:34:57
worship & unworship free at lord, just one major payoff any change lags like sharpen. Why? So we can *cough* experiment with gods as they affect lords!

actually, now that worhsip & stats are less loopholey we could maybe scale way back on w/uw cost. Discuss on imm. Pliny? Still loopholey? Clean? It still needs to cost so we dont have people worshipping kra to spell up, werredan to run, quixoltan to level, gorn to regen, shizaga to enchant etc. etc.

2006-05-07 01:59:06
allow druids to forage for usefull ingredients which then may be eaten for health or combined into other forms for increased benefits

nah. Berries are tasty in pie, and medicinal herbs can get rid of a headache, but they ain't gonna help with a minotaur carves a jagged rent in your forehead or a mage burns your arm off.

2006-05-07 02:01:38
holy stride (prereq farstride) this skill allows a druid to increase there movement if they are search for a corpse. allows them to move two rooms at a time if there is a pc corpse in the area

I like the condition, but not the bonus. Resub with a new affect.

2006-05-07 02:04:17
holy mark - two poss applications. either it repels evil mobs from the room, or attracts mobs to the mark

nah. For now I want longshot to remain king of mob moving.

2006-05-07 02:06:23
druid spell - conceal aura - this spell hides all aura's from normal view and distorts aura focus results - may be more useful for mobs?

This would be psi or arcane, not druid. I'm not sure it'd be very useful.

2006-05-07 18:34:49
please remove lag on any attempt to get from a PCCORPSE, waiting to save due to a manufactured lag is *cough* risky business

I think I already tasked that, didn't I? if not, lvl 2

2006-05-07 22:15:18
more of a question really, why get more lead skills at legend, theres never gunna be more than 10 people on a team, so you dont need to be able to lead more people, you should get skills that help you lead better based on your class

because crom put them there before we knew how legend would play

2006-05-07 23:47:43
if same max/hr crossbows should have a slight damage advantage to a regular long bow

they can have higher maxes

2006-05-08 03:58:45
Mnd spell: Psionic convergence- the mnd enters a state of concentration during which psionic spell damage is increased (similar to surge 2), but on fail, the mnd takes physical damage as the spell backfires through his body. Would get hero mnd damage to near mage level without making them too twinky (and give them a usable damage spell)


2006-05-08 07:02:38
spr tnl lowered substantially :p I am never gonna make a sprite but I figure we should make a sprite tnl faster cuz they are tiny, and they would progress in their standards alot quicker...


2006-05-08 09:38:35
bzk should lose berserk if they sleep, but it should exhaust for the tics berserk had remaining ie if berserk for 4 hours, sleep, exhaust for 4 hours.

berz probably SHOULD fall when sleeping, but the exhaust is unnessecary. I'm torn on whether this would be a boon or inconvenience tho. IE Would people sleep just to lose the affect? IE non bzk minotaurs.

2006-05-08 14:01:54
furious cyclone, lord bzk rite, double speed of spells to fall, gives a bonus to hr because bzk is moving so fast, prereq is agility. costs 25% of total bzk's hps, lasts 8 tics, exausted for 8 after it falls

all that just for a bonus to hr? Also, rites need to be PASSIVE, not ACTIVE skills, and I'm really loathe to add more of them

2006-05-08 14:11:15

I probably should yes.

2006-05-08 14:11:58
spec mob in outland that will send planar anchor back to limbo


2006-05-08 15:04:39
Allow bzk to use pracs for rites.


2006-05-08 16:29:31
decrease the weight of the purple regeneration potion - would be very helpful item with new regen if more people could carry it.

meh. I don't really care if people don't use it

2006-05-08 17:46:47
A spell utility that allows the caster to lengthen or shorten the duration of a spell by a certain percentage. This, of course, would be governed by an increase or decrease of mana per spell.

nah, duration is one of the last things the code gets to control

2006-05-08 19:12:32
Update helpfiles to reflect correct

prerequisites. (2 I know of are purity and chaos channel)

2006-05-08 21:34:15
Lower the cost of penance reason being since now the regen thing is in place 100tnl to cast it not really fair maybe 50exp to cast penance would work

no, but lvl 2; have penance give a minimum mana regen of 1000 or something, even on the first tick of sleep.

2006-05-09 13:08:03
the number of arrows that can be scattered should be under abilities

lvl 2

2006-05-09 22:44:40
avatar stream of music/soundtrack we could tune into

Feel free to start one.

2006-05-10 09:41:16
Prestige class for warrior: Warlord - Like warrior, no 4th attack, no double attacks. Meant to lead large groups, gets melee mod for # of people in group, has skill @ 101 that gives groupmates a damage mod for # of people in group. Int requirement for prc.

neat idea, if it had come up before the leadership skill system I'd have probably gone for it

2006-05-10 10:13:38
interplanar summon, allows a sorcerer to summon a mob from midgaardia to use for immolation given the lack of mobs for this purpose found in the most commonly ran lord planes.

no. Conditional spells are supposed to be just that. Conditional.

2006-05-10 13:01:29
Allow choice of creatable classes when remorting to a different race.


2006-05-10 16:53:25
take cover should give a chance that a sleeping groupie is not wakend by area spell, incase walkin comes and some groupies can handle it but you want

no. If you're asleep you're not going to roll out of the way of an incoming fireball just because your leader wants you to.

2006-05-10 18:08:00
if you unlock something with its key (sarphyre's display, silver reliquary) you shouldn't be setting off the traps when you open them.

some traps are set up that way deliberately

2006-05-10 22:41:20
tone down shard storm a tad, if 2 mobs are casting it almost every round, even 2 clerics couldnt keep up with healing

You have the power to make shard storm do as much or as little damage as you want.

2006-05-10 22:43:13
mobs illusiory shield every round 4 rounds in a row?


2006-05-11 02:19:17
I can't see this psi-only door as I'm supposed to according to mailer

there's no such thing as a psi only door

2006-05-11 05:36:35
change the help fuile for crane style to

make it more clear what crane style does

2006-05-11 16:34:53
should corpse eaters not be able to eat corpses if they're blind?

If I put a nice, hot, fragrant muffin in front of you while blindfold, I bet you could eat it.

2006-05-12 10:49:37
Combat Meditation : psi/mag/related classes - By entering into a meditative trance spellcasters can increase their spell damage but take a


2006-05-12 14:41:55
make "where" output sortable by room name

hrmmm. lvl 2; rework "where" so that if typed w/ no argument, it goes room by room and lists players, rather than char by char and lists rooms.

2006-05-12 16:07:43
is there a way to put your Avatar b-day in score, maybe if it's tracked we can use it to track age

it's on last. score is pretty full already

2006-05-12 18:10:19
awe is changing tanks WAY too much when mobs cast it every round

that's what the spells for. If I was a psi mob I'd cast it on you.

2006-05-12 21:21:05
leader of group's text should be in different color so people will pay attention to them in groups of 10+

lvl 2; signify leader somehow in GTELL but don't use color (maybe **Devastant tells the group, "Who wants bacon?")

2006-05-13 01:03:17
add an increased damage modifier to telepathic spells like psionic blast and ultrablast for mnd's


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