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When buying many of the same objects from shoppies, you can tell it how many you would like. For example, "buy 5 vials" to buy 5 vials. See"HELP BUY" for more details. - Daeron
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2006-05-13 07:58:30
wall of shadows for shadowfist... requires shf stay awake, and allows mobs to pass through w/ a 1/3 damage to hp

The shadow in shadowfists refers to their penchant for subterfuge, not a mystical control of actual shadow

2006-05-13 12:45:32
wight race - new creatable winged

race. only race remort option is sprite.

2006-05-13 12:47:03
wight race - similar hp to sprite, a little less int, racial nosun.

Wights are undead aren't they? And not necessarily winged? Why would that be a race?

2006-05-13 15:22:58
make send create a planar portal that lasta 1 tic, and is closed after one person enters. all 3 senders need to sent to same plane otherwise the sendport

why? And the latter part isn't presently feasible or it'd already be a feature of that spell

2006-05-13 15:28:11
Berzerker Crash - lord rite, a bash much like bashdoor against a mob, causing dmg to the bzk, but having a high chance to succeed against higher

enhanced bash is planned for a sld skill,

No new rites unless they are totally, TOTALLY awesome and won't work as anythind else.

2006-05-14 03:16:07
Volunteer rogue skill, when fleeing you can choose(by player or at random) a 'volunteer' to tank so "So and so volunteers you to fight a Deadly Monster!

snikt said no to inverse rescue a long time ago. I was barely able to sneak in anger management.

2006-05-14 17:17:39
skirmisher/seeker mobs should be slightly weaker than now or normal mobs in that area, they have a huge habit of killing casters on walkins immediately, and it fits the theme, they are skirmishers not hero mobs they are ment to harass and slow down groups, not assassin 2 or 3 casters before people can catch up on rescues

the outland seekers are not powerful mobs, but will preferentially target certain classes based on their spec, as all mobs do. The ones in noctopia can be circumvented 2 ways.

2006-05-15 02:30:59
Make it so you can somehow autopull your arrows before imp takes all the equipment from a shopkeeper.

nah. Game has no way of knowing the diff between arrows shot into a shoppie and ones he loaded with for sale

2006-05-15 10:46:49
can you expand the number of characters available in the prompt by like 10 more? even 5 extra characters would make a huge difference.

We could, but what new development has necessitated mass prompt expansion?

2006-05-15 11:04:50
Some imm level restores should also clear fatigue or exhaust. Imm discretion, obviously.


2006-05-15 11:24:56
make out of class remove curse more effective with very low save vs - ie, 0


2006-05-15 16:16:52
ethereal shield - prs in-class enchantment spell. enchants a shield to blind any unlucky undead foe that were to happen to try and attack one of tul-sith's followers. Gives the priest either a head start on running away, or a meat shield to possibly

technically you shouldn't be able to blind the undead at all. Few of them have actual eyeballs, and those that do usually have them dangling out of the socket.

2006-05-15 16:20:40
floating - instead of walking everywhere, allow wzd to use up their magical potential(mana) and float everywhere

you mean like by flying? say, with the fly spell?

2006-05-15 16:24:43
blink - allow wzd to create an amulet that, while floating, they can blink to. only 1 amulet per wzd. the wzd can then blink(teleport within the area) to the amulet (held by a person, mob, corpse, or on the ground). If the amulet is destroyed, the wizard dies immediately.

create-a-recall? no

2006-05-15 16:27:47
another note on floating. if you are drained of mana while floating, you immediately hit the ground and take physical damage. any melee or spell damage is increased, and it costs hp to land safely(range of hp based on tier). you can not die from floating, however, you can be knocked unconscious.

so it's like fly, but a tremendous pain to use?

2006-05-15 20:12:33
increase the size of gar so that they can be bods

nah. Gargoyles are human-sized.

2006-05-15 21:37:31
I want bacon

me too, but that's not an idea. Now if you were going to suggest some sort of bacon elemental plane, wherein killing the bacon elementals caused actual bacon to emerge from your printer (via HBTP) then I'd have approved.

2006-05-16 00:20:03
prevent legends from moving the planar

anchor, they have no use screwing around with the lords tool

2006-05-16 00:21:06
or give legends a seperate legend anchor

has this been a problem?

2006-05-16 09:09:05
reinstate quickenable psyphon.

ok, now that's it exhausts, sure. lvl 2

2006-05-16 11:18:37
Change HDL to reflect the highest total damage dealt in one round of combat


2006-05-16 16:10:40
can we stop failing fast healing and fast healing ii ?


2006-05-16 22:21:21
please replace the ghost stone from pirate lord isles

shrug. If someone wants to put it in an area, i won't stop them, but it wasn't a commonly used item, so we didn't slate it for a specific replacement.

2006-05-16 23:48:29
have quests on days other than fri/sat/sun

quest ideas really shouldn't come to this list. All I do is leave 'em there and hope kariya reads em.

2006-05-17 10:11:05
sort help stafflist by track, then name.

already tasked i think

2006-05-17 13:05:45
instead of giving wzd the option to remort sorc, why not give them more variety. ie. spells that they can only cast when evil.

so make them more like sors for variety?

2006-05-17 14:00:53
some animal companions with special

abilities that only druids can buy from Tari would be nice

2006-05-17 22:54:21
how about 'high gnome' a remort for gnomes!!!

No gnome is high. Unless, of course, you give them gnome-nip.

2006-05-18 02:50:47
RE:info about death before first death (people deleting/quitting after first death). there could be a bright coloured line in capitals that states "DO NOT PANIC! There are several ways to get your corpse back containing ALL your gear. Please read 'help CR'." this should prevent those new mudders from deleting/quitting right after dying. some don't know that you get more than 1 life

lvl 2; huge obnoxious msg on first death unless incarnations < 1

2006-05-18 13:34:51
a weapons weight should affect how well the har can parry/riposte. I mean would it be right for a char wielding a 50kg weapon to be able to parry as well as a char wielding a 15kg weapon?

makes sense to me, but it's not worth the nerf-whines it'd get

2006-05-18 17:48:29
increased ent regeneration when it is raining


2006-05-18 17:49:06
increase size and decrease dexterity with time for ents :P

as usual with ent oriented suggestions; meh

2006-05-18 19:28:50
buy all command using buy all.whatever you could buy the max amount of something

i'm not sure how this would work considering most shoppies have infinite amts of their wares

2006-05-18 22:15:41
legend clerics should be able to start salvation on thorngate

they can't? legend people, was this deliberate?

2006-05-19 17:48:27
I understand the need for the Poise and Balance skill...but would it be possible to allow a non war/rogue type to dual wield weapons that are the same weight, but below say weight 3 or 4?


2006-05-19 19:29:56
make an logo official logo for avatar? and post it on TMS.com? we don't have one.. and still making that better description(on TMS.com's homepage) for avatar? "Avatar. Fun. Excitement.

Death. People. Community. Quests. Custom world. Home."

2006-05-19 19:40:04
make avatar's page more game-like? avatar's homepage doesn't look like a game's homepage, looks more

business-like. use other muds' homepages for comparison

2006-05-19 20:21:47
something must be done for those struggling new players in the levels 10-20. some state that there are not

enough players at given times to level.

2006-05-19 20:27:45
during creation of a character, when picking a class/race, the * states that first mudders should not pick that option. instead change it so it states that people new to avatar should not pick the *. at the moment, players from other muds will pick a * class(e.g. cleric) and will complain saying it's too hard.

someone get this man a track alt and put him to work!

2006-05-19 21:10:56
why do sor's get weapon lore..seems like an odd skill for them

beats me

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