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2006-05-20 08:27:51
I think it would be cool to have an alt log, a command like last could be used against a character name, this command generates a list of alts for that character name, the list would be created and maintained by the player, that way if they do not wish to have their characters associated with each other they do not have to be.

there is such a command but it's an imm tool. I think it's already tasked to allow players to view their own multireg info

2006-05-20 13:26:51
Would it be possible for wzds to get the same immunity that mages do when holding a charged shield in battle, but get a chance of the shield going off and missing the target mob? The skill has no real benefit for wzds considering we do not get enough

It's a magier spell. It works better for them. You do have the option of using non-damaging charges to lessen the backfire.

2006-05-20 18:47:34
if there isn't a help i've lost the keywords for, maybe we should have a helpfile for voting/how to vote for avatar on topmudsites

lvl 1, might be tasked

2006-05-21 05:02:05
put a light at the temple of anthar..seems like it would be lighted at night..


2006-05-21 06:23:53
Add to HELP TRAIN and/or MORPH that

extraneous attainment hp/mana/mv does not affect Lord statistics when morphing.

2006-05-21 09:58:50
if you hold your shot, the "you couldn't reload fast enough" shouldnt appear

already tasked

2006-05-21 16:31:21
New config "concealed" - when on and invis/hidden, you appear as "Someone" in tells and on channels; when off, you appear visible in communication,

nah, we dont want everything in the game to have to bow to client-side convenience

2006-05-21 16:31:51
Remove "gensis" from "llist cle", still in there.

lvl 2

2006-05-21 20:59:03
druid should get in-class bark skin, I mean someone should have it in class, and they're the best candidate


2006-05-21 23:49:31
why does taint not go away after you die? I have -2k exp because of it since I haven't leveled and I have died several times..not so cool

cuz it's a TAINT.

2006-05-21 23:59:52
ability to use 500 lp's for 50 of your choice, hp mana or moves


2006-05-22 06:58:40
psi spell, hypnotize. allows a psi to hopnotize a groupmember into believing he or she is invincible. gives the target hr and dr bonus and ac


2006-05-22 07:02:52
psi spell, synapse. castable on self only. when cast, the psi completely relaxes his brain in order to super-recharge his powers. all inclass spells and

similar to trance spell already tasked

2006-05-22 09:12:21
remove the sentinel mobs @ out shift, or make it so the wastesweepers can't get there

ok, removed 1 shift mob. Let's see how that works.

2006-05-22 17:34:11
Throw us a bone and give heighten senses same duration as lord spells after lording, or at least 50ish.

there are magical versions with longer durations you are free to use

2006-05-22 18:45:04
allow monitor to be changed when resting

no for the millionth time

2006-05-22 19:08:36
direct deposit, when you get gold from a corpse it magically is picked up by an electronic signal which is received

by an antennae at the bank!

2006-05-22 21:58:02
racial anti-panic for centaurs


2006-05-22 22:07:10
cle/prs/pal spell high hero. religious frenzy - +10/+10hr/dr no ac penalty. if target worships diff god from caster -10/-10hr/dr

lvl 3; paladin; fervor. Same as frenzy but no ac penalty. Self only. Cannot be cast on a frenzied or berserk paladin. Frenzy, racial berserk or racial frenzy removes fervor. Fervor counts as an emotion.

2006-05-23 11:01:52
bzk rite "Furious Slaughter" - this rite would give the bzk bonus damage and mebbe some extra damage redux for each mob he kills, This would reset with a 0xp kill or if the bzk moves, would be useful but not twinky at hero and lord :D

why so many bzk suggestions?

2006-05-23 15:53:30
update help leveling gear - river tunnels gone

lvl 1

2006-05-24 05:33:24
allow casters to "feel" the presence of other casters, even if they're invis. ie. You feel the presence of a mighty force in here.

lvl 3; psi-type spell, pretty low/basic. In show-char-to-char, if you can't see someone but have this spell up, detect a presence instead. Should only show once no matter how many undetectables are around

2006-05-24 05:36:34
remort class- Shaman: brute caster class involving various voodoo inspired debuffs and dark magical benefits for the caster. Con prime, stupid races encouraged (giant/ogr/troll types). Could do lots of interesting things, like collection of body parts

I've toyed with a shaman class from time to time, not unlike what you describe.

2006-05-24 13:06:16
shrike style is USELESS on shf... remove it from shf

well they should use VS more then. lvl 3; allow a shf a chance to vs. up to 3 times per round with 1 use of the command, as part of shrike style or as new skill if desired. Should be some int bias to odds of success.

2006-05-24 16:26:12
add "part" too all short descriptions of parts that fall off mobs so we can "drop all.part"

lvl 1

2006-05-25 02:55:55
spell that can locate the planar anchor for lord, perhaps inclass psi or mnd

lvl 2; just make it part of PA spell with an argument, or better yet, make it the default, and make actually summoning the thing require an argument

2006-05-25 03:06:10
legend skill revision - smash small % to cause a 1 tic scramble effect OWW THAT HURT YOU BRUTE!


2006-05-25 11:47:51
'help tnl tiering' can probably be removed.

lvl 1

2006-05-25 17:55:42
get rid of the high level unpredictable det mob in storm canyon pls, really spoils the area

he's totally predictable.

2006-05-25 19:04:28
exp bonus when you/your group almost dies. negate bonus if final fury is being utilized

i like the idea, but i don't want bzk whining about wishing they could give back the rite

2006-05-25 21:33:08
have some gods drastically increase the chance of debuff spells working on mobs

you know, i put in ways of increasing the debuff odds, and everybody hates them and tells me they suck

2006-05-25 22:53:11
deep sleep. Become unaware of socials done to you, chat/herochat/etc. and become extremely defenseless if aggied, but a small increase in regen?


2006-05-26 01:55:49
Berserker Rampage, acts as though time skipped every round for 4 rounds, exausted for 16, for every round of extra attacks bzk recieves scars worth of damage. initiation costs a scars worth of dmg, and is initiated by command rampage

did I miss something? Don't bzk already hit like freight trains on steroids?

2006-05-26 04:06:47
spell portal shot a skill for archtype, ability to shoot an arrow through portal damaging a mob!

no. Maybe for a mage/archer hybrid

2006-05-26 06:19:23
We have a restore race, but no restore class. Bring on 'restore mnd'!


2006-05-26 18:18:24
instead of making chaos channel work at lord, i liek the idea of choas channel working when we fail surge, ala getting back the surge cost and costing a normal amount, with the 5% chance of failure. we surge a lot more now than we run with surge

chaos channel works the way it does to promote grouping. Your way, it would perk solo/duoers too, and that's not the intent.

2006-05-26 19:43:46
bzk rite Irrational Outcome, passive bzk rite, when fighting 3 or more mobiles, bzk recieves a bonus to damage and to hitroll, but losses the ability to rescue untill those mobiles are dead as he is too focused on killing those monsters

so as soon as 3 mobs congregate you can't rescue til they're all dead? that seems awfully restricting

lvl 3; for LEGEND bzk; (better names?) Also, make sure bzk get rites at approp. legend levels.Thrill of Victory- Whenever a bzk kills an appropriately challenging enemy, ignore or resist pain, if in effect, is reset by 4 rounds.

Onslaught- If a bzk who is berserking hits his target before his target gets his normal round of attacks, give a % chance of cancelling that target's round of attacks entirely. % is based on enemy type and how deeply berserk the bzk is.

Withering Blows- After a berserking bzk hits his target, all allies gain a +10% damage bonus against that enemy til the end of the round. Ac limit.

Staggering Blows- If a berserking bzk is shield blocked or parried, the target is stunned (about 1/2 round.)

Wild Fury- If his target dodges, the bzk can go berserk (call check_bzk as if hit for 10% damage) ac limit.

If we want to keep it so that only a max level bzk has all rites, we will need 6 more.

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