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2006-06-10 12:34:53
help guests seems to pull the old guest level not current as guests show under acolytes instead of as guests

not an idea :p

2006-06-10 15:15:14
Add titles to remort classes. For priest, "The revered *playername*"...Pals: "The benevolent *playername*", sors: "The insidious..." etc

Pre-short titles are under consideration but will have merit-based access, not class based

2006-06-10 16:12:24
the ability to use questpoints to place bounties on other players

i think not, but technically it's k's call

2006-06-10 17:39:56
for send, if the target/pc and location/plane are the same for all 3, the sendee gets slightly reduced plane lag, if 2 of 3 are the same, then sendee gets

nah. I think the verdict was all 3 have to match location wasnt it? I told you I can't make it check target.

2006-06-10 19:07:47
remove lag on send towards thorn, dont make the casters sit in lag out on the planes longer than necesarry

There are other options for getting a bzk home

2006-06-10 20:31:52
"Exploding corpse" spell...cast on a corpse, instead of dissolving, it explodes for area damage...could be poison, or disease, plague, etc, randomly

considering similar as part of an evil cle PRC but there are 3 PRC's queued ahead of it

2006-06-11 03:36:53
disallow emoting players under level 15 from afar unless incarnation > 1, since it can't be done until 15.

good thought. lvl 2, no afaring on >15 unless incarnation > 1 to avoid confusion

2006-06-11 11:56:34
Allow highly aggressive or big mobs to get a free attack at anyone daring to scry on them

Nah. Besides, most really scary mobs can't be scried

2006-06-11 18:33:51
Have spells disappear on logout. Would force self-spelling for hero groups and make low mort group spellups more interesting

That's AWFULLY tempting

2006-06-11 23:37:50
make df work like werrebocler on demonseeds and demons


2006-06-11 23:38:43
shorten length of demonfire to half length of sanc, its too harsh of a debuff

didn't i just decrease duration on all debuffs?

2006-06-12 11:39:19
Since bci have deception bonus, make it (and other spells with such an upwards mod) in class. Incredible lag makes it a bit of a pain to use these psionic abilities in combat.

lvl 2; most psi spells should be IC for bci

2006-06-12 13:14:42
have a roleplaying channel, so I don't have to see Pros say RRnnGGrrruuHHuuRRGGGgggggr!

How bout a body noise channel?

2006-06-12 13:20:08
kinetic storm - Psi ability, take ALL non-containers from the psions inventory darts them in all directions, this would of course do alot of damage but automatically destroy all of the tiems

Hey, did you hear what Shaykh is saying about you? There's a couple new things we could do with kinesis but it's not a priority.

2006-06-12 14:10:42
dru is a arc/cle hybrid, arc has armor lore in class, and cle get it at hero 9, do dru really have to wait til lord?


2006-06-12 16:44:31
Spectral potion, you take a normal pot and thru a minor ritual you transfer it to the spectral realm, then after you die it reappears in your inv so that you can quaff it thus healing up a bit before getting gurneyed

ooo, i like that. Doesn't have to work exactly as described. Some mechanism should exist to limit the # of such items a player can have, and to make them non-transferable. lvl 3

2006-06-12 19:59:05
Could the lag on confidence please be reduced? Only a handfull of us have it any more.

and you want to take up coder's time on it when you could just use giant strength? tsk tsk tsk

2006-06-14 00:46:13
allow bzk to rally a group they are not leading IF they have lieutenant leadership skill active

I almost said yes, but that becomes more class specific than we wanted leader perks to be

2006-06-14 02:18:27
new shield charge - Power Sink, rather than discharging at attack when you block a physical attack this charge would negate a spell AIMED at you and give you a lil bit of mana

nah, charge shield is for anti-melee. There are other spells for anti-caster, although some of them remain untapped by players because the lords can't figure out noctopia

2006-06-14 12:40:13
add suffix numbers to multi-generation characters...If a lord remorts for the first time, put "II" after the player name.

can't. roman numeral endings arre flagged as imm alts.

2006-06-14 15:50:31
allow arrows/bolts/stones etc to be enchanted, and downside would be enchanted would not stack w/ unenchanted (but if theyre same enchant, ie 2hr and 2hr and same type of arrow, they would stack), and they would vape easy but would allow regular or brill

enchants, plus the more arrows, the harder to enchant.

2006-06-14 15:54:36
or rune, or a special druid spell, (got more ideas from groupies)


2006-06-14 16:51:49
give plague to sorcerors

shrug, lvl 2

2006-06-14 17:10:14
more lowmort items that remove curse(pill/quaff)- not everyone's willing to remove curse someone, and that jar from orphanage takes AGES to repop since it repops on the ground. at least one more remove curse item please?

I think a better thought is, why do we even HAVE so many cursed lowbie items? Lvl 1, reduce # of cursed items < 15 by half or more.

2006-06-14 17:16:08
how bout a lord message board where lords can post lord things?

there's a lord section on the forum already

2006-06-14 18:55:37
(OUTLAW) flag should be in |R|red|N| to make it not blend w/ (SHADOW) flag


2006-06-14 20:36:39
advanced spell recovery - recovers a small portion of mana when failing morph.

how often do you plan on failing?

2006-06-14 23:17:56
poison arrow should be made an option on all arrows IE fletch explosive bolt fang or fletch piercing arrow vial the yeilds should be lowered of course


2006-06-14 23:44:38
BCI should get water breathing


2006-06-15 01:43:47
lowmort arcs upon death should recieve a crossbow and bolts instead of a long sword and shield

true, lvl 2. Is IS_RANGED or whatever it is as the delimiter

2006-06-15 13:26:58
an echo for calm might be nice..always scares me cause I can't tell if I cast it or not

lvl 2

2006-06-15 14:13:17
How about heroes get leadership points?


2006-06-15 17:15:19
Create a monitor 2 Prompt


2006-06-15 17:50:32
implement crippling effects that only heal with time...if a player takes a critical shot to the leg, movement is seriously reduced...to an arm, reduce the weight that can be wielded, etc..

you mean like vital strike results?

2006-06-15 18:47:39
Add this to the 'time' command: a way of telling if the last reboot was planned or not.

the mud has no way of knowing

2006-06-15 18:56:33
bash with hafted weapon should do its normal damage hit no?

no. You're pushing the guy over with a stick, not whacking him with the blade.

2006-06-15 23:25:41
let sors get demonfire at lord lvl 500


2006-06-15 23:50:43
Instead of ac from fort/foci/awen being based off god, make it more class oriented. A psi should know how to cast the spells in fort better than a cleric who learns it in 40-60 lvls later

yeh probably

2006-06-16 00:27:24
inhouse Class Channel

For a sec I thought you said Chaos Channel. I couldn't think of a way to outsource it.


2006-06-16 09:25:00
and "Anti-Magic" spec for mobs... this woul give the mobs really high -sv, and make them cast regen on ppl, and have a method of attacking mana instead of hps, would be really fun at lord

i doubt that. I'm not allowed to make lord mobs that actually DO anything, didn't you know? That ruins the game.

2006-06-16 10:22:09
maybe you can consider a psi race of illithids - would give psis some variety, and be fun (since they're supposedly stronger then humans, and better magic

too gygaxy

2006-06-16 11:10:49
Get rid of alignment!

working on it

2006-06-16 13:07:33
have illusory shield protect against tails

it does, if tail is the first thing to hit you after you cast it

2006-06-16 18:25:17
on guard: while resting, bodyguards will regen half the hp they would asleep, however, suffer an ac penalty for 2 rounds if they intercede.


2006-06-16 19:43:07
Wild Stomp. Warrior or maybe monk skill. When a mob is down due to trip, bash, whatever, you can do something similar to "hold shot" in terms of having to wait, except that you wait after you do the skill. Anyway, it lets you stomp as hard as you can on the downed mob's head or body or something. Maybe have a chance to "dizzy" the mob, if you can think of an applicable status effect that dizzy would


2006-06-17 01:40:42
self-destruct. Obvious, but caster dies, does major damage to mob

aka martyr

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