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2006-06-24 02:11:01
instead of losing alignment in the group command, why not change the "hero" and "lord" readout to say "HWar" if it's a hero war, or "LMag" if it's a lord

I think we already resolved this didnt we?

2006-06-24 13:34:49
quest items and tokens load cursed. This doesnt add to quests. It does make things unnecessarily slow and complicated. Quest imms should have option of loading quest tokens uncursed. (think cerdwyn would endorse this idea but you should confirm that with cerdwyn)


2006-06-24 14:48:40
"Magic Assault" or some other name. Caster uses all their mana to deliver one attack to an enemy. Damage depends on amount of mana used.

nah, surge is potent a plenty

2006-06-24 16:18:46
'Divine Harmonics' pal lord spell, causes equipment worn and held to be vibrited upon a harmonic resonance that prevents ALL gear manipulation(remove and wear)/damage(including detonate) reduces hr/dr by 14 each because of difficulty to focus on hitting with the vibrations, probly sanc in length and exhausted after.


2006-06-24 16:22:06
once again, please make it so if you die on tainted genius, it all goes away..repeated deaths after casting tainted genius and not leveling make things VERY frustrating

then don't use it. The lingering effect is very deliberate and necessary downside to a very powerful spell.

2006-06-24 16:42:31
a spellbook for a skill that let's a wizard cast disint(or another damage spell) in place of normal melee. As a tank i don't like casters because they tend to land hits less frequently than arc/war cause their attacks aren't synched to rounds... if you make this unchaosable or something it should be fair.

nah. just group casters who pay attention

2006-06-24 19:22:40
Create some identify mob on Thorn for those of us with no mana. :)

i thoguth i did already?

2006-06-24 22:04:20
when you recieve the message |R|That really hurt! (in battle) this should take races that berzerk, out of zerk cuz then they'd be worried about their health... ignore pain on a bzk could nullify it (just some additions to bzk nothing twinky, but just a nerf to beserking players who ARENT bzk)

I don't see the need for a nerf there

2006-06-24 23:39:53
give shf openhanded circle :) midround openhanded BS would do less damage then a bs so It wouldn't put them @ some crazy advantage, and w/ bci and asn and SHF arround, to make the remort class better, give asn skin corpse/track as it is a remort, and give rogue shrike style... considering the change in game recently, bci/shf too much like asn, and rog is being left behind w/ bci skillz(ie

nightcloak), so

2006-06-24 23:40:09
those are my thoughts

luckily, they aren't mine

2006-06-24 23:53:58
increase damage on lord assassinate when mastermind leadership skill is activated


2006-06-25 06:10:10
how about at superhero we get an additional set of regen skills like med2/fasthealing2?


2006-06-25 10:06:25
integrate altof and multi-register

dw? cuen? good idea? even possible?

2006-06-25 13:21:27
a mag spell that can knock mobs down


2006-06-25 16:05:58
Change the "You have not learned HOW to cast %1 yet!" line to show the full name of the spell the GAME thinks you are trying to cast. For example, if you

concur. lvl 2

2006-06-25 17:28:40
Class Channel , Clerics/Prs/Pal/Druid then u have Mage/Wzd/Sor on another etc..


2006-06-25 19:41:20
Add undead type races/classes could spice up things a bit...could also make newbies start out in different towns or something...have different home

nah, other than the under-consideration evil necroish cle prc.

2006-06-25 20:21:42
New sor spell, "Lingering Damnation". Self only. Demonfires the sorceror, but in return sor gets a high save vs spell and reduced damage from all magical attacks.

ok, lvl 3

2006-06-25 20:28:50
A help highest for prestige classes, that can only be viewed by a member of that prestige class. Ie., a shadowfist could read a help highest shf, but not a help highest bod.


2006-06-25 21:54:25
make silverbeard a general store so lowbies don't have to walk all the way to midgaard to pawn off their loot

lvl 1; more general stores, that one included

2006-06-25 23:13:22
A toggable sor skill or short duration spell, blood burn...when in the on position a sor can use his hp to fuel his spells. Either use just hp at a


2006-06-25 23:27:08
revamp hive and make it full hero lvl

full hero lvl?

2006-06-25 23:58:59
ent should speak entish

2006-06-26 00:02:22
druid should get "speak entish @ hero 1 (pre requisit) - and some hero 101 skill that calls upon a tree (like smash or something) that stuns opponent with little damage, and ents can do it racially w/ high damage and a short exhaustion


2006-06-26 02:40:58
relog alt name password-command to relog with an alt on altlist in order to prevent mixup in logging in chars.

Oh, I'm sure people would find a way to mix that up.

2006-06-26 03:24:54
Randomize the order of each attack within a round of combat such that individual hits from any participant can happen in any order.

combat doesnt quite work like that

2006-06-26 07:46:00
Psi skill "amnestic sink", casted on self but effect applied to group for duration. EFFECT: there is a chance (13%) that group will receive NO experience from a mob. However, mana of group members will regen by small amount (~1/2 of expected exp otherwise gained). Spell engenders forgetfulness, but induces a short moment of meditation. Hopefully encourages grouping with spellcasters.

i like, but it's similar to something i'm saving

2006-06-26 10:39:56
we need an OMG social

the hell we do

2006-06-26 13:10:40
for 100 qp, you can change the name of any alt!

maybe 100 million

2006-06-26 14:47:38
Headbutt/Headsmash. Warrior skill, warrior smashes his head into the opponents, stunning them kind of like tail. Does damage to the helmet kind of like det only less.


2006-06-26 16:44:40
a skill that let's rogue like classes be on top of the attack list

maybe when we redo initiative in about a billion years

2006-06-26 17:07:51
a scry for shifts

already approved i think

2006-06-26 18:05:08
bound items should be able to be useable by alts if they're on your multiregister list

they are, aren't they? or is that insured?

2006-06-26 19:10:10
demonbank depositing, takes 10% of your deposit but you dont have to go to the bank to do it

already approved i think

2006-06-26 22:28:53
Skill for warriors (Lead attack), to be able to attack a mob and command all participating melee classes in the group to hit it.

nah, i like making people actually pay attention

2006-06-27 12:00:58
angelic alts have crazy kobold to realign (continued from last idea)

they're not really there specifically for that purpose. I'm not going to specifically make an evil version.

2006-06-27 12:07:16
imp some type of special gear, this wouldhavebetter than normal stats but there could only ever be one copy in existance, and it should have a timer, but really nice stats, would add a lil more to the game for highlvl chars who already have perfect

the problem is that the people who have perfect gear are already twinky enough

2006-06-27 13:46:26
extraction-the ability for rogues to extract poisons from certain object/plants with the proper tools.


2006-06-27 14:12:40
hey what about a class that lowmorts can make that doesnt get any xp nor does its level but is a learning class to explore all the lowmort ares and get a feel for the game without having to worry about getting killed, simply for those who like to learn

there's more to be learned from fighting than wandering

2006-06-27 14:55:52
immolation needs its damage upped..I don't even notice a difference

look harder

2006-06-27 15:24:11
add help pr shf, help pr sor etc

2006-06-27 15:24:32
err help pr sor is in, help pr <prestige classes> need to be added

lvl 1 eliminate all the help pr class helps and just put that info in the class help

2006-06-27 20:42:04
alias <aliasname> show: for when you want to see what a particular alias does without wading through the whole list

would require a different command as alias doesnt parse commands

2006-06-27 22:47:26
racial berserk should give equal hr.

nah. in fact frenzy giving hr is one of my little pet peeves

2006-06-28 02:09:13
qpspend on getting a skill or spell +1%


2006-06-28 04:30:38
you really got the exp workin on times when there is a low player count, thanks!


2006-06-28 06:24:25
Spell level 500 level PRAXIS (WZD only) while this spell is in affect it negates the affects of backfire from charge shield ... (option 1) the wizard either takes reduced dammage when this spell is in affect (option 2 the one i would choose) while this spell is in affect the wzd is protected from the affects of backfire when backfire happens a proportion of the wizards mana is used to absorb the affects

nah. Charge shield is one of the few perks pure mages retain

2006-06-28 10:16:54
lords shouldn't be able to shadow anymore :P only legends should be able to shadow on lordplane, and lord+ cant ever go back to mid... this would prevent all the damn lords from not running and sitting on lord alts on mid

having them idle on thorn is better?

2006-06-28 14:27:08
A skill, prereqs would be haggle and fence (maybe barter), that gives you a better chance of purchasing higher base items from shopkeeps that have an unlimited supply of something. Not a certainty, just a chance. Could be something like.. negotiate?

cute idea, but i dunno if there's much point considering how low level purchasable weapons and armor are

2006-06-28 14:32:09
Moving the rebuilds for fdk and vbt from hero(1) to lv50 would allow for more prestige class options. Just giving it as something to consider. Mostly because vbt can't go shf because of its low int, while vbg and up have plenty.

I could maybe see that. Any thoughts/comments?

2006-06-28 19:23:53
create a little reward system for good tanks who lead diverse groups and take all ranges of levels within the hero tier in a group and pull a nice run so that more ppl will be inclined to group not only ppl who hit hard or have good spell alts but also try to construct fun adventures where smaller groupies could be included and still make a nice run. rewards could be either gold or

temporal affect that l

2006-06-28 19:24:18
continued :rewards could be either gold or temporal affect that last for 2 or 3 spellups after the run in which the tank earned the reward ends.

I would love to have a system like that. Design one for me that isnt abusable.

2006-06-28 20:43:25
contain an example on 'help note'. the help is confusing- everyone always needs someone else to explain how it works.

write us a new help then

2006-06-29 00:29:52
how about the possibility of trading in hp or mana for pracs at some ridiculous ratio


2006-06-29 13:11:07
make respective guilds teleportable with unique identifiers..."c teleport 'mage guild'" for example


2006-06-29 13:22:31
If a player's str drops below the required str needed for a weapon, player automatically drops or unequips the item

probably should, yeh

2006-06-29 19:33:34
change wzd's flash to say something other than "A flash of unholy light", considering wzds aren't pure evil?

the light is still unholy

2006-06-29 20:05:21
Add Names to ROster?


2006-06-29 23:02:48
How about a spell that can be fired through a portal either at


2006-06-30 11:14:22
switch tul and kra duration :P since kra is 15% ac mod, and tul is 10%... nobody wants tul cuz the duration is shorter then kra... switch em, and both will be considered elite

nah, not worth the whining

2006-06-30 11:30:46
war skill "tailgrab"-grabs the tail of a tailing mob, throws them to the ground. similar to bash, but disables tailing *nod self*

and then picolo shoots the mob with his big fireball?

2006-06-30 19:38:34
a command to list currently exhausted spells

lvl 2; add it to abilities

2006-07-01 00:18:58
allow groupies to monitor when resting

no for the millionth time, abusable

2006-07-01 00:57:07
bci should get minds eye at lord, out of class is fine, but by that point their targets shouldn't be able to hide, even with flashy tricks or blinding lights

funny you should mention mindseye

2006-07-01 01:45:54
UD girth should ALWAYS be b12 and so should ultimoose.... considering they can only be run once... atleast make the minimum base b11

personally, i usually set it to 12

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