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Don't forget to wear gear that increases your intelligence when practicing skills - your skills will increase faster requiring fewer practice points to adept them. - Locqui
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2006-07-08 03:56:21
make it so that when you sleep on racial fly, it halts the length of the "spell", and allows you to fly again once you wake.

nah, if anything it'd work just like land

2006-07-08 05:30:00
float-i previously submitted this idea without full details. A toggleable sneakiness spell that wizards cast to allow them to move into rooms with less chance of being aggied. IE: 10 mana drained every time they move rooms while in use.

But I don't WANT you to have less chance of being aggied.

2006-07-08 16:43:12
add some randomness (+/- 1) to practice gains. that way there would be a reason to have 23 wis over 21, for example

shrug. People would whine.

2006-07-08 16:53:34
nickname feature, can use 'tell <nickname>' (user settable nickname) in addition to regular character name, possibly also while not being able to see them invis, such as 'tell boar' instead of 'tell ragingboar' (if ragingboar sets nickname to boar)


2006-07-08 21:37:55
How about the value of enchanted weapons/armors/bows going up so many percent per enchantment double for brill?


2006-07-09 11:08:36
Since elves can remort to their higher form of high elves... wouldn't it make sense for half-elves to be able to remort to their higher form, full fledged elves?

no. The elf->high elf thing is all mystical and crap. Half-elf is just pure genetics. There's no burning away the taint of the Children of Acilese. Unless you physically cut off the human parts of your body and became some sort of half-elf cyborg guy, but then you'd have lost your mystical connection to your fae roots, so you'd be unable to ascend anyway. Then you'd be all tragic and could go on a killing spree until you were stopped by the hero, a plucky teenage sprite fusileer and his best friend, a talking field mouse named Zoey.

2006-07-09 12:52:25
indominable spirit, prereq vitality, (lord bzk rite), sacrificing both a str and con point, a bzk can spiritual force the bzk's heaviest corpse to its feet. leaves a taint of slower hp regen for lots of tics after used

no. I don't care what window dressing it has. I don't care if the downside is that it somehow kicks the player in the groin in real life or electrocutes their mom, I'm not green-lighting bzk-eulogy.

2006-07-09 16:05:20
lord+ bzk rite, reckless assault - a bzk with this rite gets bonus DR when zerked based on 2 things how much worse his AC is than the limit (ie -1250), and how few pieces of gear he wears. Thusly a raging bzk would be just like in the movies/books weapon+loincloth -> lotsa death!

i think bzk hit hard enough as is

2006-07-09 16:12:43
make it so if hog is non-saveable, you CAN save with it, just can't logout with it. (this will stop penalization of people who save often in case of crash.)

lvl 3; if easy, clear hog on QUIT not SAVE

2006-07-09 22:30:26
death shroud should make stat loss go away


2006-07-09 23:59:47
Psions should be able to bias games of random chance in their favour -- after all, who will notice a slight kinetic push on some dice?


2006-07-10 01:06:32
If you can remove something invis by equiping something else, you should either be able to remove it while invis, (remove arm or whatever) or you shouldn't be able to remove the invis hat by putting a can on your head.

meh. You make a could point, I'm just not sure its worth changing.

2006-07-10 01:27:10
I would dig it if the count command showed failed morph's in that time... dunno where you'd put it. 3rd line under deaths, perhaps?

lvl 3; record # of remorts, ascensions, troikas, new heroes and morphs since reboot.

2006-07-10 01:29:36
Allow herothank command while sleeping. Where would also be nice but I can see your side (can't see where you are while sleeping, gotta type wake(equal)where(equal)slee

no where. why herothank?

2006-07-10 20:26:27
have ebony arrows have a chance to det gear on mobs with much greater likelyhood than shatterstrike/det

no, they don't do that, they just ignore shields and armor. And doors.

2006-07-10 22:00:06
Piccolo wouldn't use a big fireball, he'd use his "Ma ka kun sapou." Or...Devil Special Screw Cannon. :D

Look, if it's a glowing projectile, it's a fireball. The only fireball which is not a fireball is the Sonic Boom. All other fireballs are just fireballs, even if they contain no fire and are not ball-shaped.

2006-07-10 23:18:32
eh, I apologize for my last idea, about Piccolo. It was really, really stupid. Please disregard it.

too late. People should start IDing the disregard message first.

2006-07-10 23:26:45
disabling shot - lordarc skill, disabling shot hits knock the mob prone ala bash. the larger the mob, the more resistant to falling down.


2006-07-11 06:10:34
leadership point system for lowmort/hero. every level you get for a groupie, you get 1 point. allow lowmorts and/or heroes to use these leadership points to acquire something temporary. possibly an effect that gives a bonus to xp gains for a kill or 2 for levelling a groupie.


2006-07-11 08:14:48
with all the new players coming through, add back a newbie sword/dagger to maybe pantheon courtyard, not as fancy as those in enchanter's tower but better than base

why? there's millions of places to get lowbie weapons

2006-07-11 09:35:49
show gurneys on info so we don't go after a cr that's been done plz. ty.

turn info on

2006-07-11 20:00:05
helpfiles:demon and golem perhaps need to be modified?

lvl 1

2006-07-11 20:47:03
I think it would be great if we could have a High Drow race as an exact equivalent to the High Elf race, seeing as there are high drow mobs in game

The High Drow are all dead. Except one. I think you'll find all other mobs are merely normal drow or some manner of undead.

2006-07-11 22:49:00
let the cleric shrine break norgen rooms so we can regen like normal in them. would be a nice perk if it doesnt do that already.

no. Why do players think I put flags on rooms just at random? If I made an area with no-burping rooms suddenly I'd get 50 suggestions of "super burp racial for ogres!" Here's a tip, if your idea fits this pattern; "A _______ which lets us _______ in a no-_________ room!", the answer will be no.

2006-07-12 01:16:52
Perhaps troika'd lords should be forced to follow self during ascension (to keep some secrecy of legend stats).

I guess just so they have the option, force follow self on ascension and morph. lvl 2

2006-07-12 01:28:22
roll call...Shows listings of current teammates, whether or not they are online.

noted for legend devs

2006-07-12 01:47:57
Remove the genesis bit in Lord School.

lvl 1; general lord shcool update

2006-07-12 15:04:38
planar rift ritual requires 5 lords to activate need a wzd mage to start it what it does is open a random nexus type opening to a plane of your choice ie c planr rift kzinti the planar rift opens up in a random location anywhere in that plane

nah. Lords have actually voted down planar portals before. I don't remember why but it was a damn good reason.

2006-07-12 16:48:22
Life draining shield charges?


2006-07-12 17:59:40
Lords able to immolate hero lvl mobs on midgaard since there aren't too many on lord planes


2006-07-12 20:44:47
force field flag in front of casters name (Shielded)

lvl 2

2006-07-12 21:35:09
If you deny someone, you should just delete their character to avoid them taking up memory space

we might undeny them later via appeals

2006-07-12 23:59:49
high elves language


2006-07-13 00:01:54
psionic spell from mobs: "Gibberish"...so long as the effect lasts, any grouptells, tells, chats, etc are garbled gibberish.


2006-07-13 00:05:28
mage spell that bashes open lockboxes, but requires ridiculous amounts of mana


2006-07-13 08:01:16
increase lord sor regen


2006-07-13 13:25:56
config nogroup, allows you to keep autogroup on, but limit certain people. recent events have made me want to exlude a certain player from my lord runs

group by hand then, like a caveman

2006-07-13 14:51:56
lower psi -> sor remort level to 125/250


2006-07-13 16:58:10
Pack hunters: mobs who are pack hunters will assist others of the same name or vnum. If one of the pack is

hunting a player, ALL members will.

2006-07-13 16:59:46
Zombies hunt in packs -- make them pack hunters. They should also become more powerful as more of them are in a room

zombies don't hunt in packs. They're just mindless joiners, like lemmings, or Dave Mathews fans. We already have some AI that works this way. I'm sure it'll be expanded in future.

2006-07-13 20:00:12
Give a boost to those who morph at 999, instead of making it possible for people to morph pre-800, and have the same stats if not better than those who morph at 999.

not my bag. The one opinion I do have about morph is that we should stop changing it. For the record tho, I agree.

2006-07-13 20:22:18
Golems can rebuild into different types of golems at a particular point to follow a new thread...flesh golems, metal golems, etc..


2006-07-13 23:52:28
who ritual, shows what lords are currently in lag from a ritual and the ritual spell they are casting

I could maybe do who busy. How'd that be?

2006-07-14 11:40:55
A sor prc class!

such as...?

2006-07-14 13:25:34
construct should allow a much higher save vs psionic effects than normal, if thier healing sucks thier other effects should suck too

nah, your mind is normal, it's the flesh that's wonky.

2006-07-14 17:20:24
When one requiems you recite it to Tul-Sith, but your god answers it. Can it be made so the same god is referenced?

lvl 1

2006-07-14 21:22:49
we should have race-specific spells/skills as well as class-specific spells/skills

you mean like racials?

2006-07-14 23:10:52
Make the stars around the leader's name in group tells a toggle, so that they can be turned off when a group is only being used for socializing purposes.


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