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2006-07-15 13:11:56
legend war skill, sidestep, passive skill for every dodge they take it one step further by moving into better position, for rest of fight against current mob, has small bonus to hit the mob and for more dmg, stacks up to 3 times mayby?

A tad too close to something I have planned already, but good idea

2006-07-15 13:32:53
Allow lords to cast spells that other classes can cast before they lord in shadow-form (for instance i as a mage can ablut and timewarp in shadow-form


2006-07-15 20:40:40
allow for player to pick which mob to sell or buy form helpful for lord shopies who move around *smile*

I should probably just make 'em not do that

2006-07-15 20:55:25
Being able to toggle parry/dodge on and off


2006-07-15 23:24:19
make the *leader* in gtell a toggle for the leader?


2006-07-15 23:35:42
Samurai class!

I designed one a long time ago, but I think ultimately if you want to be a samurai, you play a warrior and put samurai in your title.

2006-07-15 23:56:40
Be able to toggle all automatic skills on/off, such as second attack/3rd attack/dodge/parry/shield block/haggle/fast healing. There are times when this may be useful :)

besides tanking for lowbies?

2006-07-16 06:51:37
either reset train cost on rebuild or mention it not reseting in the helps as i trained hps as a vbt and now as a vbg i still have the train cost and mebbe the trained hps where id rather have the pracs back

lvl 1; add info re train costs not resetting to both help train and helps for the evo classes

2006-07-16 16:34:09
Make 'Heighten Senses' In Class for BCI.

lvl 2

2006-07-16 17:01:39
Even if leader is invisible you should still be able to see him

uh, no, he's invisible. That's what it means.

2006-07-16 19:45:50
since homeshift is a skill, or so everyone thinks it is then please remove the cast part please

It's just easier to do it that way.

2006-07-16 20:33:46
now that morph bases everyone off of 999, even if we morph at 501, lets raise the min level to morph to 600 or something

well, let's not forget failure is still an option. The guy who thinks he's all cool trying to morph at 500 might find himself suddenly at 380.

2006-07-16 23:52:15
Cleric mobs should cast touch of grace (to affect other mobs, of course) if there are no players in the same area

would be a big waste of cycles to have mobs casting this constantly. Mob regen between fights is probably good enough to make it unnessecary

2006-07-16 23:59:10
Hungry Dragons: In some parts of the world (hero+ areas), large dragons occasionally hunt for prey/shiny things. They may appear out of sky and eat an entire party (randomly spawn a large dragon in hero areas if a group is fighting there)

as much fun as randomly drying suddenly to a dragon might be, I think I'll pass on this as an overall mud feature. It can still be wrangled as a feature of 1 area.

2006-07-17 00:06:51
add a warning if insuring is going to permanently bind an item before doing so

i think it does this based on the quest flag

2006-07-17 01:07:48
WZD Spell: Not sure of name, but it would make it so that 1 single hit would have a 95% chance of being repelled. Spell exhausts, and self spell only (this is debateable.) Maybe at a higher level wizard it could be cast on others.

clone of intervention or illusory self

2006-07-17 02:05:26
leadership skill - General, ONLY available once ALL other leadership skills earned and all groupsize skills learned, allows leader to take advantage of 2 followers lead skills as if they were leading and perhaps +max group size. A True general commands the army now!

tempting... pliny?

2006-07-17 07:35:53
bless weapon: cle/prs/pal spell. Adds bless flag to an item. Have blessed items increase the chance of success on skills (e.g., parry/disarm/riposte/etc). Also have blessed items be more effective against the undead

i think they already have a spell that adds bless. bless' function now is resistance to damage.

2006-07-17 07:37:01
Beef up the undead so that they're scary unless you've got a divine presence (give a +up to regular divine spells in addition to the undead specfic ones to offset the undead power boost)

nah, the undead are pushovers. Literally. Zombie-tipping is way easier than cow-tipping.

2006-07-17 12:23:50
hero lvl remort - keeps your same class and race but sets you back to a mortal lvl you would retain 10% of your exp ie if you had 50 hero lvls and 1k tnlyou would remort to lvl 5 mortal


2006-07-17 13:30:32
Take out guard break!

by "take out" you mean "make way better" right?

2006-07-17 19:35:47
show levels/race/class when using command 'buddylist'

lvl 2, also current plane

2006-07-17 19:58:59
lord sor spell: face of death (self-only): c 'face of death' x - sor loses x exp and gains 2*x hp, can only be used when he or she is at 10% or less hp.

lvl 3; finegle a bit, maybe rename to reflect a desperate deal with the reaper

2006-07-17 21:30:04
Warrior skill/toggle. Warrior Spirit. When it's on, the Warrior places more passion into his attacks but loses 10% of his/her available mana each turn, and maybe 5% of their mvs? Or, it could do something like when it's on instead of hitting multiple times with their weapons, the only hit once to do a bit more damage than normal? I'm

It's a solid skill design, but the bottom line is I don't want warriors hitting harder than they already do. The only thing I might go for is something that boosts hitting but then nerfs it equally afterward.

2006-07-18 02:44:10
driders as drow remort option? Pleeease? :P Just because some driders are mindless beasts doesn't mean that they ALL have to be. Perhaps some have somehow moved beyond this nature? Like the drider witch, for example?

ok, fine. lvl 4. BUT I want some new and unpleasant racials to disctinquish their play exp. Maybe a nastier form of nosun, and/or racial drone, something which starts them at next to no int, but it increases as they level

2006-07-18 05:32:53
sor prc class - necromancer - uses the necronomicon to summon an imp army to take over the world! muhahahahahahaha

Just don't get your head sucked into it.

2006-07-18 05:36:40
i noticed an idea that was tasked from the

previous New Ideas. "Follow self on ascnsion and morph"

2006-07-18 05:36:56
doh.. how bout disband as well (stupid enter key)

yes, add to prior idea

2006-07-18 13:19:59
Multi-pierce skilll for rogs. They pierce the mob quickly, but do a much smaller amount of damage than say suprise or backstab or murder, etc. However, with all the wounds it could potentially cripple the strength of a mob, as long as it isn't undeador a construct of some sort. Like, on a human or an animal, due to blood loss. Said mob could lose 2-5 str or something

sounds like a cross between VS and surprise attack, which reminds me: lvl 3, consolidation with this task any other tasks pertaining to new VS locations; * throat- interrupts busy spellcasting and temporarily halves breath attack damage * feet- cancels stance and non-spell busy activity * spine- lowers dex * shoulder- lowers attack speed 20% Lower duration of all VS affects to like 3 ticks so they have to be reapplied

lvl 4, add APPLY_ATTACK_SPEED and ch->attack_speed. This figure acts as a % modifier to the odds of successfully using all multi-attack skills. Must affect mobs equally.

2006-07-18 13:31:21
change saving grace for paladin to hero level 101 instead of 101 so they can use touch of grace which has it as a


2006-07-18 13:32:17
sorry, meant change from lord 1 to hero 101

lvl 2

2006-07-18 15:27:33
Scholar class. Maybe wzd prc? Wis is main attribute, Due to their knowledge of creatures and the world in general, they'd maybe have abilities that would help a group as opposed to themselves. Like "Animal Weaknesses" skill that they could use and the group could get a bonus to their attacks on animals or something.

actually pretty tempting. I've wanted to do an augmenter type class and this might work. Hrmmm

2006-07-18 17:45:17
level 125+ corpses should give more than 100 hps for those who can eat them

no they shouldn't. If anything they should make you feel bloated and lethargic.

2006-07-19 01:27:02
Morphathon - A scheduled time of 5 minutes, where morph is nofail.

cute idea. not going to task it.

2006-07-19 07:13:32
Fusiliers with underfoot should get some added protection from the dragon ka-thunk thing. After all, fighting dragons is my specialty. I think I'd notice such an obvious maneuver.

no, fighting giants is your specialty

2006-07-19 07:56:29
A rogue skill, swap. Instead of stealing something, you trade it with whatever you're using in that slot. Should have better odds than steal, and maybe if the items look sufficiently alike, it wouldn't remove hide/invis or start a fight.


2006-07-19 14:01:31
Why would charging a shield with flash explode back in my face causing 300 damage. Shouldn't it just blind me because that's the spell i'm trying to infuse it with?

the magical energy for the spell is whats exploding, the spell isnt simply picking the wrong target

2006-07-19 17:48:36
Paladin skill - imbue their weapons with holy power, doing double damage to undead. (Makes sense, pallies should rock against the living dead)


2006-07-19 18:02:27
give paladins an areaspell?


2006-07-19 20:07:37
1 of 3 (linked/ignore the typo): new

cleric spell: mass earthbind. It does the obvious.

2006-07-19 20:08:26
2 of 3 (linked): Give mass earthbind to cleric mobs. Have them use it with glee & great efficacy

i don't get to control when players use glee.

2006-07-19 20:09:11
3 of 3 (linked): Have earthquake stun with chance of "bashing" victims who are not currently flying. Have surge increase the probability of stun & bash.

something like exists, but it's with a different earth-oriented spell

2006-07-19 22:42:44
enhanced bash? Warrior/pal uses mana and mvs in order to execute a more 'powerful' bash. Causes more lag than normal bash, and is a toggle?

something like this is planned for sld

2006-07-20 01:37:49
A prestige class, opposite of fusilier, for the big archers. Like a rock throwing giant, or wielding enormous tree trunk bows with humans as arrows.

i'm sorely tempted, but I very specifically designed archery to be the domain of races not normally selected as damage-dealers. Including giants in the club pooches that.

2006-07-20 14:59:42
Remove forced wake up with unholy bargain - sleep code makes it quite useless.

lvl 2; if attacker = self, don't autowake on damage

2006-07-20 17:29:18
Lower pal remort for wars to 125

someday i'll get around to revamping that damn command, honest

2006-07-20 18:15:25
memorize - mage cd, suggest superhero+, Skill, used to memorize a castable spell at surge 1, creating a float object as spell - cannot be surged, double or triple normal mana cost of spell to create, vanishes on use, release to release the spell with a target or without one, target is self if target unspecified.

i'm not really following sorry

2006-07-20 19:09:22
Lord sor able to immolate hero lvl mobs

they can

2006-07-21 15:53:07
have autopull pull throwing weapons too?


2006-07-21 16:15:19
Warrior skill, Battle Aid. allows the warrior to help an ally (groupmate) stand up after a failed bash, or if they're tripped/bashed by a mob

i'd have to make 'em give up a round of attacks or something for this to make sense

2006-07-21 19:21:44
just like all the other no-sun races

2006-07-21 19:53:23
integrate quest points into the mud in such a way as to eliminate abuse...each player can only complete a

QP-offering in-game quest once per reboot

2006-07-21 19:53:59
furtehr to the in-game QP quests - Only on alt of a player may complete a QP-offering in-game quest per reboot, as determined by the altlist for the player

maybe we should start mailing this stuff to quest where it belongs

2006-07-21 20:36:42
allow us to be able to monitor folks when resting

no for the billionth time, opens up a loophole

2006-07-21 21:21:39
I know the rules of TMS, but it would be great to at least get a message of 'Thanks for voting Raykel'..or at the least 'You voted'. Sometimes I have to work around a wall and can't tell here if my vote got through


2006-07-21 21:28:38
spells/skills only available through qp... boost non combat related areas of a character

skills nobody will ever have? Yeh I'll get right on that

2006-07-21 21:52:07
shen should sell stones

he thinks you're resourceful enough to get your own

2006-07-22 00:02:21
Alter Quix penalty on death field. Bhyss seems to come visit 9/10 casts (over the course of about 20 levels).

gods dont affect that spell

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