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2006-08-26 07:05:09
for archers and druids the ability to get pigments from plants to paint equipment different colours or add descriptive text

Way more special development would be needed for this than its worth

2006-08-26 13:05:30
finishing blow-- a skill for lord rogues that does assassinate damage, but if it doesn't kill the mob outright it does very low damage and switches tank to the attacking rogue and has 3 rounds of lag (vs 1 for a kill)

hrmmm. I don't know about assassinate damage, but i like the idea of a skill or stance for finishing off people that has a downside if used too early.

2006-08-26 16:25:44
change timewarp from being a Sustained spell, and make it last a short duration 2-5 tics in which the person under the affects of this spell gets lag reduced by 1/2, and make it exhaust for 50+ tics to make it unabusable. This would make the spell more usable and not make it overpowerful.

so make it a totally different spell? no thanks

2006-08-26 16:45:39
priests should really get remove curse, i think

what priests get is way better

2006-08-26 17:51:38
Upon remort, let people keep leadership skills to acknowledge their earlier leading, but let them lose points to prevent people stacking up for using for praactices later.

Pliny's call.

2006-08-26 20:01:20
remove the keyword QUEST from lockbox potions. It doesn't make sense.


2006-08-26 22:45:13
spell - null field - creates magical aura around target that locks magic into items making target unable to brandish, quaff, zap or recite

the only real use for players for this would bs vs. other plays, and I'm not sure cast items will be a big part of legend. WG?

2006-08-26 23:14:06
spell - burnout - the target of this spell has any exhaustion they may have from spells, skills or otherwise doubled

that's a bit harsh.

2006-08-27 00:06:00
Can there be any chance of keeping a weapon against gravitas when you have kinetic chain up?

no. gravitas very specifically beats chain

2006-08-27 06:42:48
Please change the help file for planar anchor to reflect the adopted ritual style now required to cast

holding off as it's liable to change again

2006-08-27 09:11:11
the tasked centaur remort option could be called a sagittarius or however you spell it :-) just a thought....

were they horses? sagittarius just makes me think of some of my exes.

2006-08-27 12:26:16
qpcatalog idea: reroll by immortal. 2000qp


2006-08-27 13:44:13
a mana potion, its unfair that warriors can renew their hp in moments and everyone can renew their movepoints with cotton candy, but there is no potion for

you say that like casters dont have hp or movement.

2006-08-27 15:49:17
have twink gain also apply to practices when *00'ing at lord


2006-08-27 18:28:00
please give paladin regeneration :)

no. At least assuming you mean the spell. Is there something wrong with their regen?

2006-08-28 02:09:14
Not sure if you actually tasked it, but per last ideas, make prompt flag showing if using ANY stance. Seeing they expire when you do loads of stuff it would

lvl 2, add a $&*@% type flag to prompt if stanced

2006-08-28 05:05:42
Give dragons, kzinti, firedrakes and something else if I forgot it a minor bonus if using clawing weapons, since they should be clawing stuff :p

racial claw gives a damage boost to unarmed damage

2006-08-28 05:07:30
Bod skill "intercept pursuit". If bodyguards monitor flees and this skill is practiced, make any pursuers of the monitor hunt down the bodyguard instead.

oh, hrmm. Good idea, but might be kinda clunky to code. lvl 3; stance such that if monitor flees, bodyguard fakes a rescue at the same time (all those hitting monitor switch to bodyguard and are thus prevented from pursuing.) Needs better name

2006-08-28 05:11:17
Bod skill, needs to be activted. When on, bodyguard keeps a close watch, trying to shield his monitor from area damage. Any area damaging spell give 2x damage to bodyguard, but by physical shielding monitors damage is reduced by 1/4. Perhaps make this scale according to size difference between bod and monitor, since it would be easier to cover up a sprite than a high-elf or whatever, and easier for giant

I would want this to limit the masters's attack ability which isn't feasible right now w/o positioning

2006-08-28 05:43:44
make Bask pop iguana every time (not just reboot) since it's a one per characther quest-thing.

he should load w/ it

2006-08-28 10:43:06
make a new config to condense mob hits but still be able to keep battleself on


2006-08-28 11:01:08
I got a good idea! If you remember correctly, the lizardman has a "racial-swim." Though Lizardmen aren't really an "aquatic" race, why don't we put on in?


2006-08-28 11:56:46
I realized that my idea of having a wzd remort to a sor idea was rejected... Even though I don't have a wzd though, I still think it is unfair for those who do, to prestige to a wzd, and in the end, learn that they cannot in any shape/way/form remort into a different class, where ever single other class can...

not true.

2006-08-29 13:20:35
spell - Near Miss - the caster manipulates probability around himself causing missile attacks that just barely hit him to miss instead

how would this be different to just adding ac?

2006-08-29 13:22:05
spell - deja vu - causes the target of the spell to repeat whatever spell and/or skill he uses after deja vu is cast, target will attempt this regardless of whether he is still capable of doing so or not

too open-ended.

2006-08-29 13:43:15
spell - Time Rush - the target of this spell attacks first every round for the duration of the spell, multiple

targets with this spell go in the order of most recent first

2006-08-29 13:51:17
spell - Rest In Peace - self only spell that protects your corpse from being animated

lvl 3; create a lord item (somebody's ashes maybe) which is normally attainable. Corpses containing this item cannot be animated but the item is destroyed upon being retrieved from a PC corpse. (ie it only works once)

2006-08-29 13:58:55
if there were something the shops sold worth spending money on (nice heals/mana pots) the player-bases pockets would get lighter, thus increasing the usefulness of gold and promoting the sale of gears etc...

yeh, I know. But what to sell?

2006-08-29 14:01:38
- spell - Quick Rot - if target dies while under the affect of this spell his corpse will rot quicker than normal

i think the game has enough nasty corpses surprises as is :)

2006-08-29 14:05:01
spell - contagion - this spell can be used in conjunction with a small list of other spells such as faerie fire, weaken, blindness, curse, etc to make them communicable diseases like plague

i like, i'm just trying to think of how to make it work.

2006-08-29 14:08:14
spell - lobotomy - makes target temporarily forget how to use a specific spell/skill, for example making Mirlion forget how to cast maelstrom


2006-08-29 18:10:28
fletchkits give them different bonuses to fletching different arrowtypes depending on the areas say a wooded forest green arrows splinter or say waterplane for ice arrows fire for erm fire arrows

shrug. Good idea but I can't be bothered.

2006-08-29 18:42:50
Make millament sanc her animated corpses. Scares off animated corpse camping, and Tryystania is sanced anyhow

meh. People still camp animated corpses with the increased hp but decreasing xp?

2006-08-30 01:17:57
could the train command show the base hps, mana, moves instead of their adjusted values due to gear, affects, etc?


2006-08-30 02:35:48
a spell, like reforge (unsure of a name) that can add 1 max to a weapon, suggest higher amounts of perfect gems than reforge for this spell

I'd be ok with that, but it'd have the same limit; you couldn't make anything better than existing.

2006-08-30 08:04:45
an option to sort aliases would be nice.. like, by alphabet

probably, but we're so far behind on projects and that'd be a big, painful one...

2006-08-30 18:13:16
Have a Sentinel aggie mob in the meadow.


2006-08-30 22:13:36
assassins should get scout/track as basic set of skillz... everyone I talk to agrees :P I just know you guys don't

a clever assassin already knows where his quarry is. The don't follow them through the city checking footprints and sniffing dropped candy wrappers.

2006-08-31 10:23:41
Something like surge, only then the other way around: not more mana for more effect, but less mana for less damage.


2006-08-31 11:13:16
make throwing weapons caught by mobs able to be looted by autopull


2006-08-31 12:00:46
Get rid of the joke channel >_> I mean, new people mistake it for a social until they try it out, resulting in many people mentioning other people's names over the public channel. Maybe you could consider replacing it with a global emote channel (in a distinguishable format/color of course).


2006-08-31 13:00:18
spell - corpse light - temporarily turns a body part into a light with a +1 bonus to the stat that body part is associated with

maybe for ECC

2006-08-31 13:36:56
Insignia for help highest, more prestige than bonus


2006-08-31 13:46:18
have stance with no argument show what stance is active, if any.

lvl 2

2006-08-31 14:05:10
modify slearn command to take a class abbrev. as an arguement, ie "slearn mnd hive mind" would show when a mnd learns hive mind, but "slearn hive mind" would show slearn as it is now

a lotta work for no real gain. I could make it highlist YOUR class on the list. How'd that be?

2006-08-31 18:02:04
A spell to transport a player to a random room


2006-08-31 18:29:10
some traps need to be too complex for lower level players to dismantle, a lvl 50 rog can dismantle lord level lockboxes, hero level traps on items..FLAWLESSLY, intended?

lvl 2; introduce lvl bias into disarm traps

2006-08-31 21:11:42
Lower dsd tnl since we can't go demon til Legend now! One of the biggest perks for dsd to Lord is now gone.

I coulda sworn dsd existed for years before dem was anything more than rumor.

2006-08-31 23:20:56
a help command that listed all stances, and which classes they are for

why stances?

2006-09-01 01:47:32
storm giant remort race for giants! woot!


2006-09-01 17:22:29
filter for socials, can get really spammy when all lords socialise :p

ok, lvl 4

2006-09-01 20:59:38
make all of UD area noquit

i'm not stopping you.

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