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2006-10-14 07:06:28
If possible, make a sanity check to the anti-spam thing that kick you out after 30 times same command, disable for things like typing "south" or "note scan" 30 times.


2006-10-14 08:54:15
make racial sneak last longer for dsd

why? I mean, I know because they're sneaky, but what's the point?

2006-10-14 09:02:51
have some sort of relog command where you are promoted for username and password and then relogs to that char.

would have to be client-side to be effective. In order for some of the features of relogging to be effective, the link does actually have to be severed.

2006-10-14 17:16:07
join fast healing/meditation skills and tree to the hp/mana regen system currently at lord, at lowmort you get max regen on first tic, hero 2nd tic, lord 3rd tic, legend 4th tic so on so forth based on how many of each skill you have


2006-10-14 18:31:46
freeze idea board and speng 3 months dedicated to clearing out and cleaning up the accepted idea lists. then spend next 3 months strictly focussing on currently developed ideas that imms have wanted to really focus on. only after that is done reopen idea lists to public and imm attention.

code/idea freezes make me sad

2006-10-14 23:08:41
all 2-handed weapons should give bonus defence againse disarm, 2-hands are always stronger than 1

they do

2006-10-15 13:12:15
a trunk or a locker which people can use to transfer gears between alts rather than having to drop em on the floor

planned feature of accounts

2006-10-15 13:25:35
re: obfus, there is no obfus. conceal object only adds an invis flag. can we have a spell to make objects no-locate since illuminate makes them locatable?

gonna say no. there are circumstances where players might hide items from each other for nefarious purposes.

2006-10-15 13:28:49
bind - ability to tie up victims of blackjack/sleep if proper materials are available (i.e. rope), attacking a bound victim would have a good chance of undoing the bindings


2006-10-15 13:51:53
add int penalty to every other primary damage spell, disint/torment/etc

no. fracture was specifically created to be different

2006-10-15 16:01:47
New lead skill - Saviour. Allows group leader or group memeber with this lead skill to drag dead groupies corpses with a penalty in move lag per corpse he's dragging. Why? For pesky no spell rooms it would be possible to retrieve a group member.

something similar approved already

2006-10-15 16:26:13
a spell that changes a piece of gear on a mob to become magnetic. This would affect any form of metalic object that is not being held. Example, a mob with an object that has been magnetized will be more likely to catch a fandangod weapon. As well as turn the mobs shard strom against itself. Magnetism could be a name for it.

no counters for shard storm

2006-10-15 16:33:35
sanc'd mobs.. essentially killing two, so

would make sense to double xp for them

2006-10-16 04:10:29
since ultimeese are once per alt now, make them always load b12

why? we don't do that for ud items.

2006-10-16 10:09:40
make it possible to summon someone from thorngate center to arch of water (2e) for shrine so they don't have to wake to move and keep good ticks on regen


2006-10-16 10:27:13
better autotitles for mindbenders


2006-10-16 12:17:00
give mindbenders onoma at legend level 1


2006-10-16 12:37:25
give fae's in arc citadel more mana

they all have 3x as much, but also have a 66% resistance to psyphon

2006-10-16 15:09:12
allow prcs to rebuild to their base class

from the help file; 17. I hate my PRC, please put me back! Not under any circumstances. Go PRC at your own risk.

2006-10-16 15:33:32
add spell/skill books for special imm ran quests to give a lucky player an ooc skill/spell

imms can just set the skill, but are free to make whatever spellbooks they want

2006-10-16 15:35:56
fail morph should clear exhausted spells

no. if anything it should cause double exhaustion

2006-10-16 16:02:52
give bzk higher con


2006-10-17 01:39:19
make medicine cure blindness

go rub some robitussin in your eyes. Tell me how it works out.

2006-10-17 02:42:01
bzks should get a charge skill


2006-10-17 10:06:40
Soul arrow- For 1-3 mana per arrow , archer doesnt need arrows, and instead makes them out of his spiritual force. The arrows are the same type as the


2006-10-17 13:51:50
let hie remort into hie, tua remort into tua, and gol remort into gol

no. lvl 2; fix remort so you cannot remort to your present race. to be completed concurrently with descent.

2006-10-17 16:45:45
filter for death spam to turn on or off lowmort, hero, lord, and legend tier death spam

no. death is death

2006-10-17 19:19:37
Could christened be change so that when you specify an item, but leave the new name field empty, the original item name be re-instated?

probably not

2006-10-17 19:22:34
A spell that involves the chanting of multiple wzd/mag in a group to inflict mass damage against the enemy. When only one chants, the spell does say, 2/3 of the damage maelstrom inflicts, but say when 2+ chant it, the spell's power increases. It could have the same concentration as held shot. (area spells disrupt

it, etc) Possible name: Ragnarok

2006-10-17 19:23:21
had to get that out of my system. When you deny it, i can finally stop contemplating it :p.

it's not bad, i'm just not sure it fits. i don't really want lord casters doing more damage, and they won't use it if it does less.

2006-10-17 22:41:54
add bzk to help highest, they're remort class.

i can only do so much, ok? we'll get to it.

2006-10-18 12:51:17
re-instate quickenable psyphon please.

this is also tasked i think

2006-10-18 21:21:15
take away the free round of hits a mob gets when you fear it? sort of counteracts the hit roll penalty, especially on fast kills

hey, if you cast an attack spell on me, I'd hit you too.

2006-10-18 21:40:17
Give remort classes and races a flat +10% bonus to morphing a second time, they've already been there done +that so a bit higher odds might be a nice boon ?


2006-10-19 01:40:07
in-class transport spell for psionicist

how bout this, we make all our caster classes EXACTLY the same, except that for psions, all the spell messages have the phrase "with your mind." at the end. Will that finally shut everybody up? I'm getting really fed up with the idea list being nothing but class-to-class nickle and dimey crap and nothing new and innovative.

2006-10-19 03:56:10
please imp the illusionist remort class asap!

no such plans, or even inklings

2006-10-19 10:53:56
an Aven type race similar to Terra-Kin, maybe have them be linked to Griffon remort only?

bird races leave me kind of blah. What do we give them that's new and different? fly?

2006-10-19 14:32:56
classes that get fast healing at lowmort should get fast healing ii at hero 1, classes that get meditation at lowmort should get meditation ii at hero 1

or not

2006-10-19 14:48:27
item affect that makes it impossible to affect you by any buffing spell except sanctuary. On the long term place some of these items around with higher ac than regular ac, but make sure the total ac would be less than a full normal ac set + spellup.(around -1k sounds reasonable?). More focus on gameplay, less on buffing, I dont like that system.

interested idea. deserves pondering.

2006-10-20 05:46:30
in-class ice lance for storm lords!


2006-10-20 06:07:55
sorcerer spell that drains hp from members of the group and temporarily increases the sor's max hp

you already have a max hp inreasing spell

2006-10-20 06:08:26
shf spell that drains moves from other members of the group and temporarily increases the shf's max moves


2006-10-20 07:44:15
werewolf race

lycanthropy is a disease, not a race

2006-10-20 08:14:22
how about an xp bonus for mobs with certain dangerous casting/breathing specs?

this system is in for lords atm. Still undecided whether or not to translate it down.

2006-10-20 14:55:08
Cleric-self-only spell to reduce charge shield backfire damage

If I deliberately coded backfire, why would I code something that negates it? It's like a friend paints his house brown, and you come over and you're like "How about grey?"

2006-10-20 16:03:58
i think it would be really cool & apporpriate theme-wise if it were possible for a gargoyle mage to become a stormlord

I think you're confusing gargoyles with those other well known roof-top denizens; weather vanes.

2006-10-20 17:30:18
Add leader's remaining tics of 'fortitudes' to lordrun, so we don't have to see 'How long on run?'

no. besides, that's not always indicative.

2006-10-20 17:55:20
give heighten senses a significant penalty for ooc casting... that kind of stuff is a pain at lowmort, but then all of a sudden at hero, everyone gets heighten senses

already approved i think

2006-10-20 19:57:01
I just thought that, as a monk, we don't get much help in the damage department. In the AD&D setting, there are certain gloves/gauntlets that have extra lead/spikes added to enhance their damage. If this was to happen here, then I think that more people would try the monks out. Also, they could be modified to go onto boots/shoes for the kick attacks. They could be made available after a certain numbe


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