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2006-10-22 04:03:54
at lord level 1 allow any mage class to remort there class to either one of the other mage based classes ie wzd mage stm might wanna consider allowing

no. the class access paths are what they are. I won't change them

2006-10-22 09:54:35
u can disarm a mob but after u disarm thier primary hand u can't disarm an offhand wpn and they won't move offhand to primary

i believe it is tasked for mobs to switch to an offhand weapon if its advantageous after a disarm.

2006-10-22 14:03:02
why can't you fire longshot with slings?

you think a sling can fire as far as a longbow?

2006-10-22 14:10:30
more stormlord mob specs please

eventually. No, they won't be nice and cast spring rain for you.

2006-10-22 14:27:59
make holy armor and holy aura lag less prohibitive


2006-10-22 15:43:10
have the UD girth also add +1 to all stats


2006-10-22 17:07:03
New disease: Lycanthropy...Similar in

effect to the vampirism disease (task 2578) but with different banes/boons.

2006-10-23 01:05:16
make non-shopkeeps in saferooms notake unless it's a ticket


2006-10-23 06:43:18
please fix the lag on get all

whats wrong with it?

2006-10-23 07:02:10
lights with the dark flag should only work for characters with infravision active.


2006-10-23 12:32:14
mag/wzd skills: call of the caster. random chance on tick to regen mana as if sleeping even while awake.

wzd/mag don't need this kind of perk

2006-10-23 15:09:22
Mob spell: "Confusion"...Victim is confused in combat, and a random number of their attacks per round may strike a person in their own team

way harder to code than you might think

2006-10-23 16:06:12
allow certain races or classes to be able to forage or use a skill to gain poisons from corpses of poisonous creatures

lvl 2; skin corpse on the corpse of a creature with the poison spec produces a random poison item biased by level (actually gen the stats on the fly. don't just use a stock list of poison items.) in addition to the normal skin item.

2006-10-24 06:40:46
add some additional bonus to the justice medallion other than hitroll so it's better than lowmort gear for that same slot

nah. If you don't feel it's worth getting then don't get it

2006-10-24 13:44:44
lord donation room

i'd prefer not to, in hopes we may some day get back to the atmosphere where new lords are given gear by their peers

2006-10-25 01:07:01
one should be able to 'where' when sleeping.. it's not too likely you forget where you are.

lvl 2; permit where while sleeping but ignore arguments (ie can use where, but not where dragon or where pizzaman)

2006-10-25 01:43:39
burnt offering - stm a spell that decreases elemental damage taken, but increases damage taken by psi magic.

I *think* talking is kosher. Looking doesn't break the spell, so talking should be okay. Maybe.

2006-10-25 05:02:50
lowmort has always asked for spells, but now, more and more are asking for them. even some are being picky and asking for KRA spells! something must be done about this. some will even get grouchy if they don't get them

they're just imitating their elders

2006-10-25 05:32:14
let druids learn splinter arrow at a higher level than arcs


2006-10-25 06:08:43
weren't debuff spells supposed to be reduced in length? a mob unrested me and it lasted for 24 tics.

unrest is unique because it would have zero impact with a short duration. COMBAT debuffs are short. Ever notice how nobody ever mentions that sort of thing when they whine about how i'm ruining the game or whatever the hell it is this week?

2006-10-25 08:24:25
Demons and/or Demonseeds should have some racial abilities with demonfire. Demons/Demonseeds live on the edge of the infernal. They shouldnt be burned by their own fire. And since demonfire is a legend spell, and demons are legend tier, I

sure they should. Fighting each other is what demons do.

2006-10-25 14:17:20
lord mnd/psi get survey skill

nah, wanna keep it special for the 3-eyes

2006-10-25 16:03:55
when breaking a sustained spell (in this case spring rain), execute the command you entered that broke the spell (ie, sleep after I break it when entering sleep)

yeh, i need to try to get that to work. might not happen

2006-10-26 03:55:15
the ability to report average ticks left on spells

lvl 2; new leadership talent. When equipped (regardless of leading or not leading) report command gives the average duration of the placeholder awen, fort, aegis and foci affects. magic lore prereq

2006-10-26 04:07:43
give halflings a psi bonus

they're not psionic

2006-10-26 11:43:55
more PRCs - something for Gargs, something with CON as main attribute, another for WARs

a 2nd for wars is planned. PRC's always have the same prime stat as the base class, so there will never be one with con. No race has been deliberately included or excluded from PRC's. I just makes the criteria and lets the chips falls where they mays.

2006-10-27 02:54:08
armor opt for bzk


2006-10-27 02:55:47
rogues (or anyone with concealed weapon practiced) should be able to see 'concealed' weapons in people's equipment list

i think they can if they have alertness up

2006-10-27 06:59:40
a new hero level/quest ac arm piece. we have lowmort gear with a better ac bonus than the best hero-level piece.

i believe you're mistaken

2006-10-27 10:19:16
a spell like regeneration for regainning mana

befriend a stormlord

2006-10-27 14:01:36
how about an all-kinetic prc for psi that doesn't get any of the mnd-like spells but has some specialized kinetic spells?

nah. kineticists are pretty potent already. I couldn't give them anything more powerful than what psis get already.

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