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2006-11-04 03:02:33
Make is possible to purchase piercing arrows. I have limited playing time, and would like to play my archer, but don't wanna waste a session worth of playing to fletch enough arrows for only 3 sessions worth of playing.

so don't use piercers. Plenty of areas with mostly-armor-free mobs.

2006-11-04 08:05:51
paladin skill that heals self when they rescue someone

something similar is planned

2006-11-04 11:16:25
allow lgnds to cast planeshift on midgaard, casting homeshift then c plane thorn is annoying


2006-11-04 13:02:31
Gar only remort: Mephit: gar can choose between going

why is it I announce we're trying to hold off on developing remorts til legend is finished, and suddenly the idea list is like 50% remort ideas? half of them for gargoyles? No remorts for the time being.

2006-11-04 19:45:27
i think the "who" command should have a total number of players shown below the tiers

that's what count is for

2006-11-05 00:37:00
hypermorality should not work on races with tranquility

why not?

2006-11-05 01:33:01
mages spells last longer. they are able to harmonise their spells. downside is with groups their spells are not in sync. promotes mage only groups

why would we want to promote that?

2006-11-05 12:31:43
Not sure if this has already been thought of, but how about having a link to other muds (Avatar muds of course) and have different themes. like Avatar 1 (here) and Avatar 2 (there). I know a lot of complications but I believe it can be done.

how many avatars do you think there are? There's just the one. Unless you count west, but it's a backup.

2006-11-05 14:56:31
hero banner still references that upon hero char sharing is not allowed, char sharing isn't allowed at all, so this should be updated

so the banner is not technically wrong

2006-11-06 05:27:07
add interesting specs to hall of justice

i think it's enough of a challenge

2006-11-06 05:40:16
please bring back the illithid race


2006-11-06 23:45:41
mention in some help somewhere (maybe help version) that if you're not latest version you don't get twink gains and the twink restore.

lvl 1; mention in help version that not staying current may result in some features not working for you

2006-11-07 06:01:30
some sort of spell or something mages can use to stop spellup spells from ticing away (only works while the mage is sleeping) maybe even like a stance somehow


2006-11-07 08:38:05
why is there lag on the yell command?

to avoid yellspam?

2006-11-07 13:03:59
I'm not sure if it is already dependant on it or not, but armor optimization should be affected my INT, a smarter race would be able to optimize the equipment better than a dumb race.

the way armor opt works, it'd be really trick to make anything have an influence

2006-11-07 14:52:29
the black circle master told me "A Black Circle Master says 'The Circle only admits those of pure cold blood, mammal.'" when i am not even remotely mammal. reptiles are more

mamalian than i am.

2006-11-07 14:52:59
let gar go bci.

gargoyle veins flow with magma. It's quite warm. By the way, do you have any idea how sick I am of hearing about gargoyles?

2006-11-07 16:49:55
lag should be reduced for restring snaps - it doesnt take an archer an hour to figure out he just broke the bow...

balacing part of the skill. Feel free not to restring if it bothers you.

2006-11-08 03:22:28
We need to be able to gag socials with an in-game toggle. Ask Fedaykin et alts and my log of about 10, 000 lines of spam from this hour why this is

lvl 2 if we have filter bits spare

2006-11-08 13:03:28
why was disarm traps left off of the shf hlist? they get pick lock and all that other non-combative rog stuff

to be annoying?

2006-11-09 04:44:15
why don't we have a psi/monk hybrid class?

why should we?

2006-11-09 06:36:46
have woe sell an imp-invis continuous version of the rat ring

no such item will ever exist

2006-11-09 06:42:27
lord shapeshifter mobs

i keep toying with the idea, but am not sure how to balance it

2006-11-09 07:01:47
paladin spell which removes outlaw flag

so that paladins can break the law with impunity? that doesn't seem very paladiny

2006-11-09 07:15:28
let us walk to sanctum


2006-11-09 07:26:49
how about a faerie fire charge for shields?


2006-11-09 08:09:39
a skill that would allow a groupmate to help another up from a failed bash, in turn, they would suffer a greater lag penalty

it's not about being physically on your butt, it's about being

2006-11-09 10:12:53
can we have a way to buy from the second shopkeeper in the same room?

it'd be way more painful to code than you realize. Considering how rarely it comes up, it's not worth the effort.

2006-11-09 15:56:27
wizard spell, lord levels, mystic sight, allows a wzd to scry a shift to check the amount of mobs there


2006-11-09 15:57:46
for "mystic sight" if too twink, could always make it a ritual requiring 3 or more WIZARDS

it's not a balance thing, its a not-wanting-players-to-be-able-to-do-that thing

2006-11-09 21:59:06
change the prisoner's sword pop thing

to spawn on defeat

2006-11-09 22:02:12
please change gith prisoner (istone run) to use spawn on death code. current setup is clever but very tedious and boring in practice

yeah, i should probably redo that run

2006-11-10 02:44:25
archers get return fire for long shot

longshot's a two way street already

2006-11-10 04:11:48
increase race remort level for PRCs


2006-11-10 05:09:23
update avwest pfiles from aveast pfiles


2006-11-10 07:26:58
manifest recipe for a piece of first-tier ac gear that grants sneak continuous


2006-11-10 07:35:43
rename the druid trainer since we have a player named tari

Tari the mob has other keywords if you want to avoid portal mixups.

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