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2006-11-25 04:53:15
have tiger stance give the free hit after throw as well as trip

it's supposed to. It is even supposed to work after countertoss. lvl 2

2006-11-25 09:37:51
can we have a damroll equivalent of the ronan light? Perm detects on a sceptre using manifest?


2006-11-25 12:16:59
exhibit command: syntax exhibit <item> <player> shows an awake person an item in your inventory, shows the targeted person the same info as the 'examine' command as if it was in thier inventory

not a bad idea, but it could be used to spam people by showing them very full bags and stuff, and then i'd have to code a no-exhibit toggle

2006-11-25 13:27:57
a mob that you can "pay" to cast a portal. For people who can't cast it yet and have to travel very far.

see those things on the end of your feet?

2006-11-25 14:25:39
a stance for bods, when the perform a rescue on monitor, the get a round of attacks against the mob

similar to an idea i'm saving for another prc, sorry

2006-11-26 08:14:13
can fus please be able to get the UD gauntlet?

no. It's for pure archers only.

2006-11-26 10:17:41
add prcs to help highest


2006-11-26 10:47:49
how about a paladin skill that combines rescue with cure disease/poison?

who does it cure? the rescuee or the paladin?

2006-11-26 13:06:30
remove demon from help race


2006-11-26 14:37:56
curse weapon inclass sorc spell this spell allows a sorcerer to temporarily curse a persons weapon so that they cant remove it unless a remove curse is cast on them. curse weapon id suggest would have a duration on it to stop abuse

what for?

2006-11-26 16:53:15
is there any chance we could lower the cost of fiery red vials? 100k for 30 seems a bit much to me, i cant ever hope to get a run going if there are no clerics on with these prices.... please consider low hero groups.


2006-11-27 02:05:06
since the ultimoose and silver iguana quests are once per char, can we make these so they're not reboot only?

i thought i already did re ultimoose. As for the iguana, i need a way to stop players sleeping in bask's room and soloing him repeatedly first. I'm not sure that no-regen alone would do it.

2006-11-27 03:07:00
who fail to show who is in failed morph levels


2006-11-27 16:57:02
Make faerie fire work with the old success rate, but add exhaustion.

lvl 3- lord spell. the next debuff spell you cast has a caster level bonus of 25 against saving throws. That spell and this one are then exhausted for 10 ticks. NOW, let the debate begin. Is this spell Chaos Ram for mages, Ether Ram for wizards, or Sinister Certainty for sors?

2006-11-27 22:34:35
if ppl are going to do "bot checks" maybe add a help item explaining this, otherwise it doesn't seem official

what ppl? imms? everything we do is official by default. And if you mean a help file about NOT BOTTING i think we have a few of those already.

2006-11-28 05:00:31
allow alias arguments to work in both cases. currently an alias that uses %1 will translate the argument passed to that alias into lower case before executing it

sorry, yer stuck with it

2006-11-28 12:50:32
when reforging an item could it possibly include removing the etch flag as well as your remaking the item and you are effectively removing any enchantments on it as well

no unetch ever, remember?

2006-11-28 16:40:29
make a barrier to keep lords out of necropolis... they keep exploring there and wrecking the exp for heroes

zahri- how would you feel about ticket based entry to necrop? Alternatively maybe i could whip something up with area data conditionals.

2006-11-28 20:01:04
spells for the divine casting classes that can only be cast if you're worshipping a specific deity

the problem is divine classes don't really need anything. I'd have to mod existing spells and that'd make people sad.

2006-11-29 01:11:51
Soul Scar 'You will weep blood as you carve up your perhaps. (for beserkers naturally, as a rite?) Perhaps 10+ must already have joined in the(a)

no bzk-eulo ever

2006-11-29 02:00:37
vital shield - wzd/mag hero spell (101 maybe) that heavily reduces chance of stat loss. downside is a 2x exp loss on death (maybe more). would help low level casters from losing lots of stats/practices while soloing


2006-11-29 05:06:27
centaur racial kick should have a chance to knock mobs over


2006-11-29 05:44:35
make the girth 5hr/5dr


2006-11-29 07:11:21
separate ISO channel for me to leave off for people who spam auction every minuted with what brilled AC pieces or weapons they're looking for


2006-11-29 08:32:55
gloryhog should work off of sustained spells, wothan keeps stealing my kills by doing too much dmg in combat ;)

must be rough

2006-11-29 11:52:52
with implementation of new race (so i heard {drider}) i think it should be drw remort only and make HIE Elf remort only

nobody's cooked up a downside yet for driders

2006-11-29 12:52:31
now that we have imp slaves to take gold back and forth for us how about imp slaves to fetch things from the lockers (when fixed) or to go the shops and buy potions etc .... just a thought


2006-11-29 16:14:41
mail fairy should be an info you can toggle on/off, each individual board even better :D


2006-11-29 18:49:12
how about rename the Lizard Man race as Lizards, out of respect for the Lizard Man female players out there?


2006-11-29 18:51:13
a lord skill of some intense power :P (one for each class) this lord skill (done by command costing to 1/2 of existent health- or some other horrible price *cackle*) can be achieved only by a miniquest to test their ability as a <class> and they must have ALL skillz/spells practiced

I was going to say no, based on the fact that no lord class needs a skill like that, but the z in skillz convinced me. lvl 5.

2006-11-29 18:55:38
Add the ability to append commands to existing aliases.


2006-11-29 20:48:36
gear that facilitates aimed shot at hero tier

i think there is some

2006-11-30 03:36:24
make mobs repop faster

all of them?

2006-11-30 04:46:49
what ever happened to sableroix arrows?

i never found an appropriate place to put any

2006-11-30 06:13:28
In solace, it says, you stab townguard... Shouldn't it be You stab a townguard?

yeh, probably

2006-11-30 09:31:01
200+ Lord Rogue skill, Circle. Just like heroes use vital shot midrun, high level lord rogue/assassins should get circle which would be like a midround backstab. A rogue circles around behind a mob, and backstabs it. Would balance the bci-rogue

circle? would you like mana potions with that?

2006-11-30 10:56:56
add the ability to set Wimpy to a percentage of current hit points, so that it would update itself as your hp changes

might be confusing

2006-11-30 22:04:17
blind senses: a skill allowing bzks to cure blind on self with a fatigue lag.

nah, bzk have to rely on friends to fix things like that

2006-12-01 02:24:23
more of ducer's invasion quests :D

you heard them, ducer. get cracking

2006-12-01 03:50:37
instead of herothank, a person can nominate to be a newbie's sponsor and automatically gets a herothank when the newbie hits hero

so it's a lot of code to still basically be the same thing as herothank?

2006-12-01 17:07:33
has calm been missed off the paladin list ?


2006-12-01 17:25:17
skill for paladin sheath of the holy temporarily transforms the paladins weapon into holy light, the affects of are it does more dammage to


2006-12-01 17:26:25
skill demonical liberatus lord level skill same as exorcism but targetable

wth is exorcism? and since when do i approve skills with "same as" in the text?

2006-12-01 20:09:57
i seriously don't think we need any more options favoring elf/drw mage types, as in Stormlords - hopefully some others like Gargs or Goblins or something can be taken into account instead? what other Arcane races are there?

stormlord's racial selection is pretty open compared to wizards, but I didn;t specifically design it include or exclude any particular races. Nor am I making any promises.

2006-12-01 20:11:30
and why isn't there a help file explaining all this stuff about Arcane and Divine - people will find out somehow, Information Wants to Be Free, might as well go with it

there isn't? i bet there is somewhere. I remember writing it.

2006-12-01 22:34:20
if you are cursed, you can't be teleported to


2006-12-02 00:16:26
asn bs lag should be shortened

only if it's longer than rogue's

2006-12-02 00:46:27
a landed insightful strike should be w/o lag because if it isn't it becomes pointless because if you are backstabbing mobs die in 1 round anyways... so you always have to wait for bs lag to finish... if insightful strike lands... if just seems like a smokescreen... a wey to make assassins think they are doing something cool when they are doing something pointless... take lag away from bs on successful in

no. Your character still has to take time to DO it. It's not instant. The time just passes after the text comes up because that's the way the mud works.

2006-12-02 00:46:47
cont- insightful strike

still no.

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