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2007-02-24 02:32:14
how about a shield charge that heals the shield holder when it goes off?


2007-02-24 08:26:35
Kzinti should have racial infravision since they are feline, all felines have good night sight.

I think kzinti are ok without it

2007-02-24 09:52:23
Rroster, show racial roster :)


2007-02-24 09:52:36
ehm, as in a roster of the group by race

i'm still not getting it

2007-02-24 17:53:15
when you quit, surge/quicken should be removed

I think other players might disagree with you.

Level 2; display currrent s/q/a levels on login in some hard to miss fashion, if they are non zero

2007-02-25 08:38:12
make the ents in battleground race ent


2007-02-25 08:40:10
To give lord psi a chance to counter gravitas, show a message when the mob casts it. That way they get a chance to do something about it just like

aura focus will reveal it. Alternatively, you could remember which mobs use it. They're smart enough to cast it in advance when you're not around.

2007-02-25 10:14:01
make bld revert to rog if they die


2007-02-25 12:41:18
a "neurotoxin" poison that reduces int and wis, does mild damage

this one at legend

2007-02-25 14:41:18
practices should carry over on remort

no they shouldnt

2007-02-25 17:32:56
lordritual command to see who is performing a ritual on whom

the game doesnt record the targeting info. You can always just look in the room. Everyone performing a ritual will be busy.

2007-02-25 17:38:13
Some way to find out how many participants are still needed to complete any ritual in progress.

nah, the annoyance of having to coordinate threnody is its big balance for a basically free cr. We're not going to automate any part of that.

2007-02-25 20:17:35
war totem, lord level bzk skill. By tearing apart an enemies corpse and crafting a totem, the bzk can instill fear in their opponent. Creates a floating object type named : War Totem which gives a small hr/dr bonus to the bzk. Duration 10 ticks or so, exhaust 36 ticks total.

and bzk need to hit harder?

2007-02-25 20:27:40
Make all 1 time per character items non-reboot.

We plan to, as soon as we have code to block repop if the room is occupied.

2007-02-25 20:40:38
make it so that rogues cannot steal whetstones anymore please.


2007-02-25 20:55:14
Add the ability to surge charge shield. Each surge level adds 50% more charges, but the damage from a backfire triples.


2007-02-25 21:18:00
please make charge shield backfire on the user again. Any class with it should be exempt, but all other classes should have at least a chance of a backfire.


2007-02-25 23:54:21
bzk should not be able to train mana

i thought they weren't

2007-02-26 07:00:14
spirit link for druids

nah, it's for clerics.

2007-02-26 11:20:34
If an item vaporizes when enchanting, have it cause damage to the person casting enchant. Would be amusing.


2007-02-26 11:35:44
Add suggested level range to the area help files.


2007-02-26 19:51:09
make restores clear exhaustions? :)


2007-02-26 22:34:44
remove protection good and evil and replace with a single spell that is aware of the caster's alignment

we'll probably do something like that. We've been tossing ideas around.

2007-02-26 23:44:51
show racial wimp value for gobs under score. 0 hits is... deceiving

huh? racial wimpy is 50% I thought

2007-02-27 04:07:23
if tua is a straight b student... cen remort should be a straight A student (in terms of how good they are)


2007-02-27 08:24:43
asn need ebony arrow... else what other reason is there to play archer style?

so you're saying that all archers use ebony arrows all the time, or they're useless?

2007-02-27 12:01:46
Allow the ability to reply to a specific note. It would be a nice modification to the existing note system if we were permitted to reply to a specific note. This would auto-complete the to and subject lines, and then allow people to skip through certain threads and/or read only those notes on that thread.

would require too great a revamp of the system for the threading function

2007-02-27 12:16:57
mnd should get a sustained spell that allows then to mentally pinch the throat of the target closed.. while this would do little actual damage it would put the mob into the "DROWNING!" position.

actually, our helps are pretty clear that you can't really do that with telekinesis.

2007-02-27 13:59:54
allow the people who rebuilt wzd a chance to go back to mage or allow wzd to remort sor again plz

Yeah, we probably should. After all, we're responsible for every decision made by players. Especially how we always warn them that rebuilding/remorting/prc-ing is a one way ticket and that there's no going back.

2007-02-27 15:18:40
Hero should be less tedious. 999 lvl with not much difference

soon you will have elite hero areas to test your mettle. Of course, if you choose to always run the same groups in the same areas, then it will still be tedious.

2007-02-27 22:45:25
make it possible to go from devotion to worship w/o having to unworship for all those pracs

Devotion is intentionally hard to cast aside. That's why we chose the word Devotion for it, instead of, say, Vague Enthusiasm.

2007-02-27 23:17:03
if there's a prc req for no deaths, should there be a different prc with req of some high number of deaths?


2007-02-28 01:54:14
implement stat loss (perhaps the prime req) for failed morphs


2007-02-28 05:41:59
who mortal

who 1 50

2007-02-28 06:09:26
store the kill count as a larger type and don't let it roll over so we can keep the number perpetually growing


2007-02-28 06:19:46
trog druids

what about them?

2007-02-28 08:23:40
was bored while running and though maybe rogues could make there own poison


2007-02-28 10:03:31
shorten reset times for hero level good aligned areas to compensate for the lack of them


2007-02-28 15:02:32
creation of low mort toe mana for level 328-46 with more mana than 5 (at 47 can wear toe ring)


2007-02-28 15:46:42
have group show class

i thought it did

2007-02-28 19:12:06
make a skill like the sorcerer one except instead of making healing pots, the skill is for Bladedancers and its for mana points. Potions would be bound to the Bladedancer and unquaffable by anything else

why? just to annoy other classes?

2007-02-28 20:19:35
a (Gray Aura) around neutral sanced mobs, which shows when looking in the room

you can't really have a brilliant glow of light in grey.

2007-02-28 21:02:58
bzk rite to catch and injure mob racial attacks. catching hoof does hp damage and makes mob unable to flee. claw damage/disarm, tail damage/knocks down

it's kind of a bizare concept, but i do kinda like the idea of a beast-tamer rite. Lemme ponder. Of course I'll only add rites to hero and lord if every bzk in the game mails me a signed affidavit not to whine about having spent rite pts on something else.

2007-02-28 22:54:01
allow shadows to observe their normal stats through their score sheet

lvl 2, add a 2nd line for shadows

2007-03-01 10:57:49
how about a new lord skill for bci, make it work like assassinate but do less damage and also scramble the target?

nah, i like scramble as the psi exclusive weapon

2007-03-01 14:31:05
make protection good casting items

prot g/e may not be long for this world

2007-03-01 15:41:16
why is there a lowmort arm piece with a greater AC mod than the best hero level arm piece? can we have a hero-level equivalent?


2007-03-01 18:39:11
some kind of vampire system would be nice....ie blood instead of mana or something

shrug. Vampirism is one of those things that needs to be horrifically unpleasant lest players seek it out as a source of power, or because vampires are kewl.

2007-03-01 19:25:09
make role model work passivly with less effectivness, aka, when not leading but using the lead ability, give a smaller bonus to others of same class in


2007-03-01 19:34:51
svm should be taken into account when calculating chance for detonate.

what the heck is svm?

2007-03-01 22:47:09
unrest should be considered an emotion, in terms of emotive drain

That's what I said. Pliny talked me out of it.

2007-03-01 23:46:41
ASN should be able to pick locked doors, but not locked chests. I mean, after all, they're trained killers and I imagine they have the training to break into buildings, not so much into

someone's stuff.

2007-03-02 01:18:09
have "chu" added to the end of the name of all fdk

shouldn't that be "izard"?

2007-03-02 06:59:12
water breathing continuous gear


2007-03-02 07:32:23
give ent a regen bonus if sleeping outdoors


2007-03-02 09:21:29
racial branch, ents get a random extra racial attack, but, it has a chance of attacking another mob in the room since ents are so big and not able to control

ents do not have branches aside from their actual limbs. They are tree-esque. Not actual walking trees.

2007-03-02 12:05:15
we need a way to transfer money between alts w/o giving it to someone else, like account-to-account direct transaction

it's planned as part of accounts

2007-03-02 15:30:41
actually put all spells you know shown by the practice command EG spellbook spells so i know which ones i have pls

practice is already tasked for a fixie

2007-03-02 19:47:37
Up lowmort regen rate for hp. Or a "fast healing 1.5".

i remember regening to full in 1 tick as a low mort. has this changed?

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