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2007-04-21 05:17:57
add harpy to help highest

lvl 2

2007-04-21 08:03:24
raise hel tnl, they're TWINKY

they are?

2007-04-21 08:23:38
add harpy to help race

lvl 1

2007-04-21 11:49:31
Give a penalty (ie harder) save-versus for in-class debuff spells so mobs have a harder time resisting in-class debuffs.

nah, better to leave that bees nest alone in light of pending redesign of saves

2007-04-21 12:27:22
we don't have a skill that lets us see the condition of type treasure items, can we have one?

i thought you did

2007-04-21 18:43:44
For each death in a lord group, the leader *loses* 1 LP

nah, maybe for a TPW but the game doesnt really have a good way to track that

2007-04-21 19:10:55
increase the weight of massive slate-grey sledgehammer, their dest sais the ground cracks under the weight of the hammer, but its only weight 13

lvl 1; also, make sure it is properly 2-handed

2007-04-22 00:23:25
allow role model to work passivly, as in if im not leading let me have it up like lieutenant or right hand and have it function


2007-04-22 04:04:58
powerswing for minotaurs


2007-04-22 05:00:02
the ability to undevote but stay worshipped @ 1/3 the prac price


2007-04-22 06:06:03
make harpy be able to eat corpses and/or racial-evil

racial-evil is for the twisted or demonic. Harpies are jerks but they're not actively working toward the unmaking of the universe.

2007-04-22 06:25:20
sprites should have racial nostatloss, considering they are so used to dying.

no more perkies for sprities

2007-04-22 14:46:58
if a charmed mob can't see you but tries to interact with you, have them say they see no such target

nah, that would require quite a bit of code inserted into near every command in the game

2007-04-22 15:58:07
Have immaculate protect against plague (it protects against all poison and disease currently)

it doesn't stop plague? under what circumstances?

2007-04-22 20:22:48
remort possibility for harpy, Banshee

nah, banshees are too ethereal and ghostly to make sense as a PC race

2007-04-22 21:37:23
make it so whois on lord shows weather or not a lord is shadowed


2007-04-23 00:44:20
On login, have board 2 note line default to a brighter color - many people only read notes on their main alt, and ignore all but board 2 notes on the rest. I know I've missed a few b2 notes like this


2007-04-23 01:02:30
player ability (probably sorcerer) to curse items. Make sure it works balanced somehow for wields so you cant just curse a wield and prevent disarm 100% without any penalty at all. Also make whatever cursed wield penalty you make up apply for mobs with cursed wields though.


2007-04-23 01:04:27
I forgot if I idead this, but didnt see it on the list. Items without really good special properties except that if detonation is cast on the player they are always the first item detonated, idea is that you can wear your ac and 2-3 of these items for det runs. Until the detonation fodder goes poof you are fine.

a det magnet huh? hrmm, lemme ponder

2007-04-23 01:58:02
make rally on groupies (not self) 3/4ths of length on the bzk, not half, i understand it lasting longer on the bzk, but half length, thats really a poor attempt to rally the trueths

consider it an early form of

2007-04-23 02:17:43
undeniable presense, lord leadership skill, requires 1000 lp's, subtract 50 from that for every other lead skill you have, while this lead skill is active the leader will not gain any lead points of practice points upon leveling. Gives a slight increase to groupies dodge chances, groupies hitroll, and slightly lowers mob savevsspells.

this is a bit more than i'm willing to go for, but i'm open to ideas for elite leadership skills

2007-04-23 03:49:06
archers should be able to initiate a battle with held shot

agreed, but i can't get the code to comply

2007-04-23 04:07:23
allow savvy to partially counteract the affects of scramble on casting probability


2007-04-23 06:36:07
why is rxa's ac so bad? the goddess of the woodlands doesn't want to protect her followers?

cuz she needs a downside.

2007-04-23 13:58:49
allow levers to summon/create mobs. this can be used to bring friendly help, or could bring unfriendlies that attack. this could be used as part of the guide mobprog system: walk into a room, pull a lever, get a guide to a certain area, etc.

nah, messy

2007-04-23 14:00:50
more practice dummies.


2007-04-23 18:03:51
I would like to see a note system for bset. Maybe something like a group of 5 or 10 players must petition for 'post office box' and then all bset members could post notes to <bset name>.

no. it'd require a grep through all pfiles to send the note, and that would lag us. Make an alias.

2007-04-24 00:06:06
harpy rpose You lick your talons, eyeing the local wildlife... Uh oh! (playername) looks PRETTY hungry!

plz send harpie rposes to whoever is collecting them

2007-04-24 04:56:29
why didn't ogres get powerswing?

cuz not everybody's gonna get it, got it?

2007-04-24 13:43:03
let dudes be blade dancers. or make something that only guys can be. make it fair

Hey, it's not me. It's Araxia.

2007-04-24 20:29:53
who newbie , remove snikt and moiraine, but keep the others in that listing.


2007-04-24 22:44:22
Ranger rebuild ----> druid.

I don't even know what a ranger is, so there.

2007-04-24 23:23:28
Allow overconf to be cast on self as a protection from fear, can't be feared when overconf is active.


2007-04-25 01:03:58
harpy rpose Eyes glinting with malice, you look around for something to kill. With a screech (playername) takes to the skies. You'd better run...

forward to har-pose collector

2007-04-25 01:17:31
help racials needs an update to include the new racials (armorancient etc)

already done

2007-04-25 04:46:18
due to the extreme amount of exhuast on taint at hero, could we get like a max gain outta the deal, or less exhaust


2007-04-25 14:12:32
scry needs ALOT less lag

agreed. lvl 2

2007-04-25 20:17:22
throw weapon for bzk at Hero 250.

nah. Try playing darts when you're mad and you'll see why.

2007-04-25 21:21:59
'imbue'...enchants weapon or armor to give save vs spells...

again, not going to expand save vs til its fixed

2007-04-25 23:28:49
allow us to disarm offhand weapons if a mob/player's wield has been disarmed. Seeing Tean NaamAhn'Sa throw his spear every round only because I cant disarm his offhand is annoying

so blow that mother up!

2007-04-26 06:42:11
implement an equivelent lord 2-handed blunt weapon for powerswing races to replace a bzk's necesity to use a karn or mcbanes staff. I really would LOVE to use something other than my karn if i could find something that gave me similar dmg aves, i am in no way looking for something to increase my dmg, its high enough as is, but i would love the chance at diversity in weapons in bzks

I thought I put a giant hammer somewhere. Noc maybe?

2007-04-26 16:18:07
change the color of ammunition remaining in the awareness display line please. Red or Blue would be nice.


2007-04-27 11:10:08
Guard break for bladedancers - seems appropriate for a skilled fighting (prestige) class

nah, its a more brutish skill

2007-04-27 18:41:30
change the message when you try to bash with no shield to indicate that it is also possible to bash with a hafted weapon

lvl 2

2007-04-27 23:22:28
during a reboot, for 'force all quit' to work faster, how about we encourage people to quit while we are prepping a reboot, such as giving a full restore for people who quit on their own volition while the game is wizlocked

sounds like a good idea, but i'm not sure it'd work for your purpose. People like to stick around during reboots and shoot the breeze. lvl 2

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