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2007-05-12 04:54:43
can we have a way to keep grandfathered skills on our old and long-played characters if we decide we want to descend to play a lower tier again?

it's possible, but I'm not sure I like the idea. Debate?

2007-05-12 04:57:33
harpies are interesting


2007-05-12 12:25:25
changing booths, a mini area that is safe from crash, robbery were you can change gears between alts, id suggest a password to open it, with a

an offline inter-character storage is being considered as part of accounts

2007-05-12 12:51:28
last command that does 'an 8th' instead of 'a 8th'


2007-05-12 14:22:12
change earthen mace of might to 10/30 instead of 15/15 and increase weight to 60+, its on elemental earth ring run and eerings are almost never run

nah. If we want to add an ultrahammer to lord we'll do a new quest, not just mod an old item

2007-05-12 22:12:38
combine whois and last into one function that could display a expandable multi-line output instead of having two commands with similar functions. It would also be easier to read with data on it's own line and things like visibility for staff could be hidden.

write an alias; a wl whois %1:last %1

2007-05-12 22:17:10
It would be nice to have a way to display on channels that someone is an immortal such as displaying their name with a different color or some other way to differentiate them from normal

players when they talk on channels.

2007-05-13 14:08:13
a spell or ritual to sumon players from thorn to a gr oup

nah, gotta work for it

2007-05-13 18:50:41

remove it? I think it needs to be tuned up!

2007-05-13 19:07:23
Don't make mobs in hero areas cast maelstrom.

yeh, about that, funny story, he shouldn't be able to.

2007-05-13 21:35:05
make racial-kick automatic, like racial-claw?

it is

2007-05-13 21:50:25
melee area attack for monks - the hundred hand fury


2007-05-14 02:57:43
can we do something about the fact that there are no lord "runs" any more? i think the lord game kept peoples' interest a lot more when we didn't have to spend half the run sleeping.

can you explain the problem a bit better?

2007-05-14 08:58:46
bld seems to be lacking in class specific skills and lordlist seems rather empty... just hopin for some more like maybe a double parry skill at 500 since they seem to want to

tank in hitt w/o shield

2007-05-14 11:25:26
A color tag that works like the old N tag.. It used to close the most recently used color and return to the one that was used before that.

working on it (although |N| has never worked like you describe)

2007-05-14 15:00:46
untrain - ability to untrain stats... so I can try to be a BLD! what a waste of time!

I think you mean BOD.

2007-05-15 06:36:16
Doors that allow/disallow pass door dependant on level of the person who goes through. Could be nice for lord ticket quests on mid.

there's other ways to keep lords out

2007-05-15 22:39:57
Remove/reset quest mobs from Abishai's Pass when Torean is killed/quest is failed, makes CR more palatable, and allows for a new attempt to be made without needing to remove the old quest mobs.

can't. However, unless people willingly bug the quest up, there should only ever be a handful of quest mobs lingering around.

2007-05-16 04:19:09
why do bci get chain lightning and not the prereq(lightning bolt)?

to annoy you?

2007-05-16 07:28:34
give zerk the ability to scar worship... like sacrificing themselves for the god

when the worship table goes in, that may well be a way of triggering it. Reminds me, who the heck was working on that again?

2007-05-16 12:47:18
we should get savvy *begs*

2007-05-16 12:48:05
guess i shoulda said bld should get savvy *begs* *duck*


2007-05-16 12:51:44
just curious, harpy seem like a human with racials... there is a reason for the kzn/drc tnl right? if i didnt think just being a harpy was funny id make an orc and be better...

be an orc then

2007-05-16 15:59:37
should be able to scar while resting, do you really need to stand up to cut yourself?


2007-05-17 10:09:43
uruk-hai remort for orcs!

orc stats are so twinky they're already uruk-hai, and they'd do well to keep quiet lest they get nerfed again!

2007-05-17 15:29:18
About what MEEP suggested: an Atlatl is a "tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in spear-throwing" (from wikipedia). Would indeed make a nice weapon to enchance the damage of a thrown weapon (wielding atlatl, throwing with your offhand).

hrmm, meh

2007-05-17 20:53:15
When identifying a container, 'capacity'

should reflect x lbs of y capacity if there are items in it

2007-05-17 22:54:39
you should rename disintegrate for stm... make it the same spell(maybe with a slight chance of an extra effect) so a stm can get something stormy before 101

i've been pondering what to give them.

2007-05-18 06:15:33
bzk rite: blind rage- when a bzk is final furied and berserked (usually hand in hand anyway) and not already fighting, a bzk will automatically attack any walk in mobs, this does not work for respawning mobs. upside, saves groupies from attacks,

nah, then the bodyguards would be out of work

2007-05-18 07:18:21
slearn (classname) gives a list of in class spells/skills


2007-05-18 21:25:17
corpses should just decay like normal when skinned, and items dropped to the ground. (I lost my ud girth!!!)

be more careful next time

2007-05-18 21:49:16
since "intervention" is beneficial, and mantra's helpfile states that you can preach "any beneficial spell of any kind" intervention should be preachable? I was told by some priests that it isn't

the exhaustion takes precedence. When you preach it, the first recipient gets the spell, but by the time #2 comes around it's exhausted.

2007-05-18 22:08:26
can we please bring back remorting to creatable races?

just create them

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