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2007-05-26 02:11:03
Could the item "a sackcloth dress" be added to one or both of the gear help files (level gear / starting gear)? Thanks mucho, uh-huh. :)


2007-05-26 09:17:08
how about opening up remort classes to a few other base classes/prcs at higher levels?


2007-05-26 10:33:04
shouldn't wis and dex be "opposing" stats for the purposes of eulogy? we don't have any con pr classes. it should be str<->int and wis<->dex

that's true. hrmmm. The downside is that nobody will lose con, which is a stat people would prefer not to lose I think.

2007-05-26 19:16:16
Discuss: Make bound items saveable by the char they are bound to regardless of the item levels (but NOT wearable). For descension/remort etc. Ie, you can save with a lord level item as a level 2 char if it's bound, but cant wear it.

eventually you will be able to stick it in storage

2007-05-26 20:23:41
Is there any particular reason altof requires a host senior? Possible lower requirement to set it to a lesser level immortal so more can do it?

again, this will be eventually settled by accounts

2007-05-26 22:26:15
Tweak the level of the soulless beeing in astral proper so they can be astral prisoned by sorcerors, but make a few less of them pop total so they arent as easily accessible. Try to add one or two astral prisonable mobs to other runs (big gearruns in swarmy areas mostly so they are hard to catch before enter combat)

the soulless are designed to annoy, and for that they have to be big enough to see lords.

2007-05-27 05:05:10
make orc a remort-only race!

nah, that wouldn't make sense. Orc are very populous and should be relatively common.

2007-05-27 05:49:04
how come the waitstate between holy armor

and holy aura is so radically different?

2007-05-27 05:49:22
or does holy armor not allow you to quicken while holy aura does?


2007-05-27 06:35:25
are paladins, meant to be excluded from being able to initiate salvation, if they are any chance you can have a change of heart and allow them to initiate it dev please, would realistically be great if any one who actually can do salvation could initiate it, especially with declining numbers at lord, clerics are frequently unavailable.

lvl 2; make salvation start based on is-divine (which i think includes pal)

2007-05-27 09:50:21
add something to help count or maybe a "help lowcount" that explains how experience bumps when counts are low.

lvl 1; add to help exp

2007-05-27 13:23:54
I love the spell concept of summon necrit ..having a little shoulder pet is cool .. but it would be if it gave some magic resistance due to its own magical nature (we all know the imps rule everything behind the curtain) like a simple -5 to save vs. magic would sufice to make this little bugger worthy of summoning.

necrit's have one job to do. They are quite good at it.

2007-05-28 05:20:51
improve ent archery. they are tall, have good eyesight, and are made of trees!

true, but their handspeed is dreadful. That's why there's no ent jugglers you know.

2007-05-28 13:39:58
exclude pfiles above titan level for help

counts-race so we don't see a bunch of non-playable races

2007-05-28 13:40:30
automate the updates of help

counts-race/counts-class, etc.

2007-05-28 13:40:58
help counts-race-7 and counts-race-30 are

completely broken, as are all the counts-whatever-7 and -30 helps

2007-05-28 14:10:52
have bci master give quests once in a while to gain access to new skills, some of the old cd skills or for added reputation.

an automated quest-giver mob system is under consideration. It can include class-specific stuff too.

2007-05-28 14:30:01
we need more classes like bld that encourage people to remort into remort classes that are really bad choices for their race. i suggest bod getting a sor remort option.


2007-05-28 16:52:09
It's hard for me to describe, I guess, but I envision some sort of spell that creates an aura around the caster--probably only cle/prs/pal and maybe dru--which damages any demon/devil-type mobs per attack if they attack the caster. Almost like charged shield, except it only works on demons, and it's a spell that affects the caster. Perhaps some sort of penalty--not allowing caster to rescue while affecte


2007-05-28 21:37:12
New cross class... the mage-cleric. Can kinda heal, can kinda hurt.

hybrids of classes who already give a lot of skills to the hero mushpot don't work. See also; paladin.

2007-05-29 01:42:44
more drifting mobs at hero

drift will be used where appropriate

2007-05-29 06:23:36
how about a race that's a crossbreed between kzinti and orcs called kzorc! they're remort only, available to kzin and orc.

some sort of ungodly pigcat? no thanks.

2007-05-29 08:38:28
can you make c port sol always go to sol?


2007-05-29 17:46:48
add a string regarding sublime grace success when quipping a second weapon

sorry, i don't understand what the mystery is?

2007-05-29 23:17:56
so far ive had half my lvls 1 mana, most of the rest 2 or 3, and three 6 mana... no 4 or 5... maybe mana should be a little less random and more like hp

i've often thought the same, but it works out well in the longrun, so i don't really want to alter the balance too much; lvl 3, randomly dropped item at hero and lord; mobius charm. A good luck token of the goddess shizaga. If you have one in inventory when you gain minimum mana, you instead gain maximum mana and the token disolves. Drop rate should be relatively high.

2007-05-30 05:06:40
can we have some better level gear at hero?


2007-05-30 08:10:41
move the troll casting bonus from arcane to psionic. they seem more psionic in nature.

nah. Their regen implies an arcane nature.

2007-05-30 16:31:51
classes that are ALL caster, ie wzd prs sor should get a spell that helps prevent scramble


2007-05-30 23:11:46
Name change for QP


2007-05-31 00:45:44
Paladins should get mass divinity


2007-05-31 06:42:37
add dark flag to gemstones


2007-06-01 12:38:42
hitting should stop for you or the mob if you get stunned by lightning or tail


2007-06-01 14:53:33
No mana loss for mispelling item name when renaming

sorry, no can do

2007-06-01 17:01:04
make door to treasure room above Guardian Monk impassable except for with the key (now it can be gone through with Pass Door, etc)

what guardian monk?

2007-06-01 23:45:34
Add a helpfile with a breakdown of the imm levels for mortal awareness

I'm not stopping you.

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