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2007-11-03 05:30:34
can we get lord style regen at hero? regenning between runs sucks

you just wait...

2007-11-03 12:33:43
true fae need rposes!

sure. Make them trueffle based.

2007-11-03 17:04:17
Modify mastermind helpfile to reflect its true intention.. Whatever that really is, we're all dying to know!

it gives quite a good clue

2007-11-03 17:06:26
syntax to allow leadership points to be traded back at a diminished buyback.


2007-11-04 19:25:30
spells like poison, blindness, weakness, curse, etc should actually work on mobs

they do. Just not often. And to look at this has already been tasked

2007-11-04 20:04:17
Add gear items that increase the success of a spell. Should have no other modifications to them. Perhaps give negative stats. Make them only useful for plane shift and ritual casting.

builders have the option to add gear which allows negating of spell failure. Up to them.

2007-11-04 22:27:28
increase max charges on shield but make dropping the shield (such as on the ground to transfer to another alt) clear half the charges

no to first part. second part, Mal, please remind me of this one.

2007-11-04 23:51:25
can we sell subhero alts again?? that was fun and interesting


2007-11-05 04:36:02
a char after passing lvl 500 may gain the ability to monitor two other char in his/her group :D


2007-11-05 12:21:56
Give asn's track. The ability to track would make sense from a thematic point of view, as it is difficult to assassinate someone if you cannot find them.

level 0, deduct int from Maglak due to showing off lack of memory.

2007-11-05 14:59:08
area like crazy kobolds for turning yourself evil.

builder, but strongly suggested: change crazy kobold area to make it less suitable for pure realignment and actually suitable for running for xp.

2007-11-06 01:47:58
clays are still to easy, give a few of them wields or something... a shz elf mage with mediocre ac gear *doesn't* get hit when in self spells... and while i appreciate the xp, this is kinda silly :p


2007-11-06 09:40:52
config +timestamp

which is supposed to do?

2007-11-06 12:32:05
asn collaboration skillz ie, +5% to insightful strike mods and reputation odds, if more then 1 asn in group, etc

Assassins work on their own.

2007-11-06 12:32:51
prereq for collaboration would be mastermind or something

2007-11-06 12:34:57
also asn could be able to make their own poisons, or how about letting us STALK (ie track/bloodhound) @ lord. since asn is a remort class after all, w/ the new prcs it's looking less worth remorting... nows time for some perks In my humble opinion. after 12 yrs of avatar tho, being an old player, I see no overall harm in this suggestion. I have done actual research and on average 8 of 10 players think as

2007-11-06 12:35:37
cont- average 8 of 10 players think asn need something more

While I may agree to that, getting track will not be it (and it will not be perceived as gaining anything). Also, any skills that _automatically_ improve damage, effectiveness of relatively twinky skills etc will not be accepted. Or things which have absolutely no downside. And this all that I have been seeing for Assassin. So if you really think that Assassin deserves other things, then try to think outside the more-damage-without-work box.

2007-11-06 15:38:48
steadfast should take care of fear

see previous idea list.

2007-11-06 16:44:46
sors shouldnt get shadow form

agreed, level 2.

2007-11-06 17:35:41
paladin spell/skill that offers relief from the effects of sor spells ie. unrest, torment, etc

2007-11-06 17:36:02
just wanted to say that i think exorcism for pal should not only affect dfire but also unrest and possibly torment... anti-sor affects basically... thx

level 3: new pal spell, prereq exorcism, shoulder burden Similar logic to shoulder burden, the paladin takes part of the demonic taint from his comrades onto themselves, burning it away faster with the help of their deity.

2007-11-06 19:52:49
chestpump and fistpump socials

please read help social in game

2007-11-06 20:00:42
recall check to see where recall is set

please read help recall in game

2007-11-06 21:26:53
pray command should work in lag


2007-11-06 23:54:26
a blinded flag

come on.

2007-11-07 15:21:42
how bout revamp faerie fire so that the affected takes extra damage, instead of just adding AC mods. As it stands, mobs are hardly affected by the spell

a task exists to review the effectiveness of those type of spells.

2007-11-07 17:28:32
a banner warning at level 19 stating that when they level next they wotn be able to unworship for free

level 2

2007-11-07 17:40:24
help highest should be config'd to allow for auto-sorting. i.e. "help highest rog" or "help highest grf"

it does not work like that

2007-11-07 19:46:12
When a person of 0 alignment enchants an object it should leave neither anti-good nor anti-evil


2007-11-08 00:01:22
a response should always mention by name what it thinks it's responding to - for example, typing 'c acid' should not just say 'cast the spell on whom?' but rather 'cast acid blast on whom?'

I thought you knew what you were casting?

2007-11-08 00:47:57
pra 95 to see a list of adepted skills/spells

level 2: prac adept, but refer to the classes value for adepting for subhero instead of 95

2007-11-08 01:18:06
give sor in class plague. just because it's fitting

fine. Think of it as done.

2007-11-08 01:19:07
an approved-idea mailer/page w/o the rejects

that would be the task list which we are tying to get up, but running into difficulties of the annoying type

2007-11-08 05:00:13
new race (remort): Drider. racial evil, infravision, poison-bite, and vampirism. Racial vampirism - takes dmg to hp, mn, and mv in the sun, must feed (kill) to regen stats. lowmort maxed-trainable stats (classless): str 17, int 22, wis 16, dex 20, con 18. ++arcane, +healing, -melee, +psi. drw only, HiE becomes elf only. eh?

ok, so the gist of the idea is to combine the existing task of the race drider with a toned down form of vampirism. Somehow this is not what I thought driders were about. The rest of the idea are numbers which do not inspire me much.

2007-11-08 15:50:42
special armor required for non-humanoid races. cen armor for cens, spr for spr, giant for giant, drg for drg...


2007-11-08 21:52:03
Ents should have racial-shade?

they do?

2007-11-08 22:13:43
allow us to multilog alts as long as they all stay in sanctum. Then those of us who have worked to get spell alts can self spell!

haha. no. Just selfspell with the alt that you have logged on if you insist on self spell.

2007-11-09 00:20:43
include tnl in help <race>


2007-11-09 15:28:46
10 minute lag from salvation is rediculously long and annoying when the person finally comes back from afk and back to thorn on their own. shorten it.

level 2: for planeshift and homeshift - when the char reaches the destination, check the room for any chars in a salvation ritual for them. Should there be, break the ritual and give some shorter lag. Note: only to work if the char actually arrives in the room where the ritual is being held.

2007-11-10 00:19:24
who lowhero

no. No need to subdivide heroes.

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