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2007-11-10 02:07:42
info channel with donation info on it

I assume it is supposed to contain the full item stats like base and level as well? Hooray!

2007-11-10 17:53:42
purge all sub 20 alts as well please, there is a name i'd like!

start with demoting arcano to level 10.

2007-11-10 18:53:10
more of a bug then idea. magical spring gives a buggy message when you quaff from it on other planes (best water this side of midgaard). Give magical springs unique message on each plane or take it out.

not worth either atm, might see where we take it later.

2007-11-11 08:32:36
i understand the point of sharpen and restring lag... but it does kind of kill the enjoyment of the game. esp. since we are not allowed to be afk. what about letting people chat on channels with certain types of lag?

they need some downside and it is actually in theme to require concentration and time. If we reduce the lag you would pay for this with a _very_ high fail chance. Do you prefer that?

2007-11-11 21:06:29
Warrior skill: Hurl. Throws an item from inventory at target. Heavier item, more dmg, requires more str to hurl. Chance for mob to catch.

so just like dart without casting cost? funny.

2007-11-12 08:30:02
steadfast should block the affects of fear as well

quote "Since it works on the enemy, rather than the Berserker,..."

2007-11-12 10:10:17
i think double wielded weapons should be able to smash, just takes a round or 2 to heft it up to smash like an arc's ability to hold

use a handled weapon if you want to smash, they come in two handed.

2007-11-12 18:16:31
skill that allows wield and offhand poisoned weapons to strike on stab

so you stab with both hands at the same time? Success rate lowered by 50% sounds good as pay off?

2007-11-12 21:33:50
mages should get a spell called endow at hero 500. pre-req magic light. you may endow this magic light with one spell to last as long as the light does. ie. gia str, shield, fly, etc.

would be bound though, still want it?

2007-11-13 12:05:38
Make heruta and gru-dzek rooms no-regen. Make kill-stealing there illegal.

kill stealing is illegal everywhere. If you find somebody stealing your kills repeatedly there, please log and report to Immortal. It will be dealt with accordingly.

2007-11-13 12:08:27
make an emote that is visible to room when you create a perfect or flawed portal

make an alias that tells your groupmates to look at the portal after it is created. Perfect, normal and flawed portals look slightly differently.

2007-11-13 13:06:17
can fdk please get armorancient at lord 250? would make an otherwise pretty unbalanced race tnlwise become a bit more decent.

fdk / verbit is slated for review. -> throw onto a consideration list please

2007-11-14 00:04:19
someway for zerks to get to mid either gold cost, pracs or something

it is called 'fall onto your knees and beg your nearest bunch of mages'

2007-11-14 06:30:15
Since dragons clearly aren't powerful enough, they should be able to unlock a racial area breath at hero 1, 101, 250, 500 or some other significant milestone.


2007-11-14 06:35:51
Let dragons have a one time, irreversable choice of racial breath type, like fire, ice, acid or lightning. Only for novelty sake, as a way of defining your dragon character, no difference in damage.

yeah, something like that once we have worked out the resistance stuff. Working for novelty only is annoying.

2007-11-14 16:35:33
make sure gar fail rate is at least as good as cen, as one of the few gar perks relative to cen is the arcane cost discount

oh, gar arcane casting is perfectly fine.

2007-11-14 17:38:45
5-10 more tortugas would be appreciated. Thanks!

refer to the existing task to add some wandering aggies to Tortuga please.

2007-11-14 18:04:38
Make leadership skills changable on other planes. "War" rooms with the same mob initiative as Thorngate. Reason is.. sometimes the group dynamic chances midrun.

for discussion (LC): lloydable rooms for this?

2007-11-14 20:41:57
racial-nodrown for gargoyles


2007-11-15 04:27:04
Would be nice if Sanctum had some kind of nohide noinvis flag. As a place of rest and healing, and a sanctuary, people should be banned from concealing their presence from others. Go hide in the woods not in Sanctum.

level 2: make sure this does not affect npc, or pc above titan level

2007-11-15 11:39:40
Give Assassins track.

uhm, I seem to remember the asnwer was 'no'. level 0, reduce skyrazor int to reflect the lack of memory.

2007-11-15 19:33:32
Allow builders to add mob immunity into the mob list in an area instead of using items. Would be much easier in my opinion to keep track of. We can currently do this on existing mobs with the mset mob immunity value usage. Seems like you should be able to use this to build an area in some fashion.

similar planned

2007-11-15 20:29:40
make a luau social!

read help social in game

2007-11-15 22:39:26
cleric only spell - resurection - cleric at players corpse with the recently deceased player. Cant move the corpse or wont work, the spell restores any lost stats, and half of the exp loss.

Sounds a bit abuse-prone unless only for Lord level on non-Thorn plane. How about: level 3: Cleric / Priest self only spell that gives good chance to avoid statloss and half xp-loss of their monitor target - Please discuss further Dalthane if you think this is not the way to interpret the intention of your idea.

2007-11-15 22:52:29
I'm thinking of a psi spell that would "pull" a mob from a neighboring room into the current room. However, the spell would have a long lag so it would only be useful in groups. In addition, of course some mobs could be made to not be "pullable"

nah. Telekinesis works better on in-animate things.

2007-11-16 15:20:00
can we change surge while resting, or there a reason against this?

thought this was tasked

2007-11-16 19:08:37
new social: deflate - emote takes a pin and deflates Player's ballooning head.

read help social in game

2007-11-16 19:57:12
Add the ability to target which tier has statloss turned off. The quest I'm currently running is for 48 hours and that is a long time to have it off for all tiers.

nah, take it as boon for the heroes, or as a necessary danger for the Lords who will probably get suitable rewards.

2007-11-16 20:06:55
Add a 'groupie number' to the mstat output. Would be nice to see how many are following so we can adjust the quest difficulty if it's a large or small group in comparison to what we planned for.

not sure that will really achieve what you are looking for as it can be manipulated (multiple small groups). Could you not as easily make an alias for room_total display of chars and look in the room?

2007-11-16 20:08:51
Increase the item limit for questies. Would make it MUCH easier to CR mass splats during quests. Maybe an upper limit of 10000 or something.

level 2: check why this is not the case and what the intention was.

2007-11-16 21:43:25
Races with racial armorstone and the like should have unarmed melee bonuses. Getting punched with a fist of stone would really hurt.

nah, they are wearing silk gloves.

2007-11-16 22:44:18
please add a helpfile for magic meatloaf

on a motor bike?

2007-11-16 22:50:55
psi ritual which allows us to change the gear slot a piece of armor is worn in(excepting wield/shield/etc), works on armor only, causes the item to lose 1-2 base ac.

no way.

2007-11-16 22:51:30
previous psi ritual changes wear location randomly

still no way.

2007-11-16 22:51:53
call it transfigure object or something


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