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Get into the habit of saving using the SAVE command when you have gotten your gear back from your corpse after dying. This is in case the MUD crashes and reverts you to a saved version of your pfile when you had no gear. - Riviat
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2007-11-24 14:37:46
help files should auto-complete instead of presenting you with a list of one choice. example: "help adren" should be the same as "help adrenaline pump"

there is a task for this already

2007-11-24 14:54:12
in my old mud for scry we need to obtain a seering orb..we gaze the room from it so it would make sense to have one we can buy it from some mobs or get it from a gear mob

yeah, mages here seem to have found a way of doing it without an orb.

2007-11-24 15:37:36
A autopull for throwing weapons!


2007-11-24 18:07:53
can ablut be moved to hero?? or maybe moved to hero for non "retarded" classes (such as warriors)?


2007-11-24 18:56:25
make hero level 60 or something, and start it at the equivilent of hero 101... prune all the skill trees so people get useful/inclass spells, instead of EVERYTHING!

shrug. And all people keep their grandfathered spells and skills so only new players get nerfed in comparison? Or we nerf all players? Also, don't understand what should happen at level 60

2007-11-24 19:43:37
add a notifier to the "you have new notes on board X" messages--say, an astrisk--that indicates if an unread note on that board is addressed to you (or to any recipient, like a class, that you might not be able to read with another alt)

alias mynotes note searchall to pulse: note searchall to asn

2007-11-24 21:21:35
add Abishai as a God


2007-11-25 05:26:11
it seems a little contradictory for an item to have both an 'evil' and an 'anti-evil' flag..

that's what happens when the mages start messing around. Magic is strong.

2007-11-25 07:56:53
when stunned, lowmorts should get access to the chat channel. no other way of them asking for help when needed

nchat, pray

2007-11-25 10:51:55
For Adminisitrator Gru-Dzek give him an mprog that causes him to eat his wafer if there is anyone in the room when he repops. This should help discourage the incessant camping of him


2007-11-25 13:14:09
reduced planeshift lag from legend to midgaardia, similar to lord's thorngate to mid

level 2

2007-11-25 14:06:44
i think it would be nice to have a board where you can post and read notes from your buddies. :D

alias buddynote note to buddy1 buddy2 buddy3

2007-11-26 01:15:01
savvy for shf! we're smart like rogues


2007-11-26 14:44:35
sic all lords running private xp when counts are low; sic them afterwards for all the xp they got * 2


2007-11-26 15:58:19
rare potions that give intervention/tainted genius


2007-11-26 17:35:06
change gorn bonuses to stuff that helps monks more, like regen and hp bonus on level... i hear their healing has been severally nerfed at some point

gorn works for monks

2007-11-26 21:19:00
drgs shouldnt get tailed

They have a lot of surface area to be tailed on

2007-11-26 21:24:43
Would it be possible to implement a system that works like repuation for mobs that are the same race as you, making a small chance that a mob the same race as you wont aggie you. Mind you a small chance?

nah. Mobs are chosen to be aggie for a reason.

2007-11-27 10:29:46
on the idea of new poisons, additive idea: A strike that compounds effects when it strikes the area where a poison resides. For instance, heartbane getting an additive effect (It used to diminish max hp) when an asn strikes the heart of his victim. It makes asns have to pay attention to to which vitals they strike if they want maximum effectiveness. Oh, and yeah you'd have to fix vital strike first..

for rogue / poison review: consider chance / effectiveness of poison types to be dependent on location of attack

2007-11-27 11:13:25
for Legend asn only. Skill perch, prereq poise, sneak, hide. A perched asn sits and waits for his target to enter a room. (undetected). If anything distracts or if the asn moves in anyway. the perch is broken. The key here at least for Legend is the undetectability

2007-11-27 13:34:10
corny idea.. heh.. but blowguns with darts. Poison darts. yeay..



2007-11-27 13:37:17
Warriors and bladedancers get throw... yet its rogue based and Asn's do not. Not that it'd be particularly useful, but maybe an adaptive skill idea

Do archers get throw?

2007-11-27 13:41:19
when scrambled text "speech" should be scrambled also

level 2: make a chance roll dependent on int/wis whether the language of a foreign language speech is recognized. If not, just say that it is in a foreign tongue.

2007-11-27 17:17:26
I had an idea about an item but I don't know if it's possible. You know how the Eye of the Oni has that neat mod on it? Well I was thinking, what if there was a helm made out of an animal's jaw, or something else that a barbarian/bzk would wear. Like what the barbarians wore in 300, except it does an additional thing


2007-11-27 17:36:23
extra leadership points for "twinking" a lord per sublevel. Maybe 5 instead of 1?


2007-11-28 10:51:10
how about poisons that last 10 times as long, 53 doses is just subpar, perhaps a longer lag on lingering poisons?


2007-11-28 10:53:08
hmm, better yet than just making a poison that lasts longer a skill where you can combine poisons to increase effects/make more doses


2007-11-28 11:00:15
Retro - add poisonous kzin claws to kzin hunters in jungle?

if they want

2007-11-28 11:22:45
"angled aim" when sniping downward a strict advantage is given to an undetected assassin. An angled shot would allow an increase in the "daze" effect when successfully thwaping an opponent's "head" or "eye" area.

and how exactly do you manage to be 'above'?

2007-11-28 12:47:55
form of poison that drains 1 random stat point a round. Whatever teir it would be most useful (not sure how this would effect mobs)

2007-11-28 13:16:50
make a CN channel, so hero isn't flooded with even more non-avatar news

2007-11-28 13:18:51
skill that allows more effective use of poison upon stab. Currently a poisoned weapon does not work at a great level of effectiveness.

2007-11-28 13:32:39
Large multiplier xp bonus for insightful strikes? Hey, it can't be worse twinkier than tainted genius :p


2007-11-28 14:28:53
hardcore option at creation... if you die, you dont come back


2007-11-28 18:57:03
shouldn't all spells have spell types? and if so, shouldn't planeshift be an arcane spell? it doesn't seem to be.

all spells have types, but there are more than 3

2007-11-28 19:04:59
if you sruge vamp, have it increase the healing powers or make a lord lvl vamp

you are saying Sor are not twinky enough?

2007-11-29 09:04:33
why do mnds get transmute but not onoma? should be both or neither, no?

Fear not! The removal of transmute is tasked.

2007-11-29 09:05:12
christen for stm


2007-11-29 10:47:51
vampirism is already implemented, see the drac social.

a social is no implementation

2007-11-29 13:24:38
can we get some updated file mod times and structure for the boss command?

send a suggestion

2007-11-29 16:31:46
*snicker* give titan paladins "sic"

no. Titan is not like that

2007-11-29 17:41:53
spec_theif plus spec_flee mobs. That steal from your inventory and run

a 'thief_plus' spec is tasked

2007-11-29 21:08:48
Ensure snoop/snoop-type commands cannot be used by trackies. Not entirely an idea, just something I believe should be checked/confirmed.

they can't

2007-11-29 22:44:01
New lord bod skill, intuition - lets the bodyguard also block sneaky attacks like stabs for their monitor, but doing so causes them to take 125% damage from the attack, alternativly make the bod fall after rescue as he has to throw himself in front of attack

considering, remind me please Mal.

2007-11-29 22:45:36
New lord bod skill - enhanced alertness, gives the bodyguard the ability to rescue monitor even if engaged in combat with 1 mob (fails if engaged with more), the bodyguard loses all dexterity and block bonuses until a enemy dies.


2007-11-29 22:51:55
Do something sensible with flood, make it work only for same sublevel and give a 2:1 ratio on mana transfers, make the affect for delay against flooding multiple times show up in targets affect list. Seriously it's just silly right now, people laugh at me if I use it.

level 3: review flood effectiveness, make sure abuse-options are limited.

2007-11-30 01:12:00
a /bn/ color code would be cool, to make things brighter but remain in the standard color of wherever the code is used


2007-11-30 07:39:40
all those racial evil, can we get demonic intent


2007-11-30 10:31:25
bowslap - for when you just don't have the sticks! (dmg's bow)


2007-11-30 11:52:55
"corner close" A snipe selection that allows a large insightful bonus on targets who are "cornered" and have no means of escape from a room. Within reason, and level of coarse. No reputation bonus would be accumulated upon success of the skill. A sniper must aim very carefully, so he is put in 2 rounds of lag to carefully aim his shot.

so, you mean... You are standing at the maw of a huge cavern, dominated by this immense dragon, just about 50 times your size who melts down the stone with tender wisps of flames out of boredom. The tunnel that led you here is wide enough for the monster, and as you realize now it forms the only entrance and exit. So you boldly jump forward into the flickering light caused by the dragon's stone-shaping exercises and shout: Got you CORNERED you silly DRAGON!

2007-11-30 11:58:21
also... sniper must be invisible, and is particularly vulnerable to backstabs and first round damage attacks. How's that for drawbacks?

2007-11-30 12:02:45
yeah.. and the success rate would probably have to be on the lower end, I realize.


2007-11-30 14:06:55
add another gargoyle remort race

with beans?

2007-11-30 14:14:51
psi bonus for grf

and sausages please.

2007-11-30 14:21:28
Why don't min get powerswing?

cause not everyone gets everything

2007-11-30 15:32:53
vampiric shield charge, prereq energy drain, drains hp from target and heals shield holder


2007-12-01 00:08:19
shaman class


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