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2007-12-15 12:16:07
Lord "Divine Presence" Prs. (Like they need anymore.. but..) - A prs when grouped with a cleric of the same worshipped god gives a healing bonus to those clerics at a sacrifice of a diminished cost of their own.

hmm. Yes and no. Need to work out linked skills/spells and then we can look at these type of spells in a more sensible way.

2007-12-15 12:38:30
A race that doesn't speak common.

no for players, maybe for npc.

2007-12-15 13:15:14
command to change targets

cute. One of the distinguishing features of archers is exactly this. Maybe they don't use it.

2007-12-15 14:37:28
add the ability for the restore command to recognize plurality and use have or has as necessary.


2007-12-15 15:10:25
allow tua to remort drg

shrug, if you really want: level 2

2007-12-15 15:45:17
Insured gear should be no imp

oh yeah it should be. There is a task to give it a longer imp timer though.

2007-12-15 18:18:33
have santuary and protections an other really imporant spells show in bright cyan

level 2: sylence, together with the colour toggle though

2007-12-15 19:38:06
Quest item exchange, when new items come in, could there be a way to turn in old 1st tier items that have been enchanted/modified by immortals to be put on new items?

no. That would convert our record keeping jobs from part time into full time.

2007-12-15 21:47:58
Make it so you cant wake up other characters if you are not grouped with them please, this flaw was very annoying while reggening and afk.

config nodisturb.

2007-12-15 21:57:43
It would be an interesting, although not original idea, if you could have a command to see who was running in a group, like whois % but it listed all group members

what for?

2007-12-15 21:59:00
revamp old gear sets in lesser ran areas and subsequently mob difficulties to allow a change in gear qualitie and in the interest of the players to get "new" better gear.

retro does that

2007-12-15 22:00:13
Give Mnd a stance that stuns when they ultra blast, or a stance that makes them less of a target? stances are a pretty good thing to apply to all classes

yeah. Not sure Mnd are the prime example of weakness though.

2007-12-15 22:04:37
Mystics- A cle/monk Prc based on open hands and healing. druids are nice but if most clerics tank why not try something more in line with it, especially if historical monks were also renowned healers, stances and kicks included. basically a fun class that couldnt solo do to nerfs inherent in the design

so like monks? they can heal sort of as they get mana and a twinky in class healing spell, and most ppl do not group them as hitters anyway.

level 2: a medicine ii type spell for monk at lord (not shf), lower lag than heal ii, less efficient but lower cost, and including the poison and disease cures.

2007-12-15 22:06:28
Give Hogs to the winners of trivia and imm quests, its a good incentive to be more active, or even make it a saveable hog.

if the persons running it wanted they could organize it.

2007-12-15 22:14:48
Remort Djinn- once free loving sprites this race was corrupted by powerful sorcerers and twisted into living constructs. basically give sprites an additional option for remorting, higher con tnl and the same magic bonuses. no more dex bonuses, but some illusion or racial dodge still. maybe an armor lvl as well. it would help redeem the effect of nerfing spr hps and inspire more people to play an already

like the basic idea, but not as a sprite remort. Mal, please remind me in the new year of this one.

2007-12-15 23:23:33
all races with nosun should have infravision


2007-12-15 23:48:40
when casting manifest if what the caster types does NOT contain the "<recipe name here>" Return an error rather than nothing happens, E.g if the casters using single quotes '' instead

but the error is shown clearly by nothing happening?

2007-12-16 05:09:33
increase paladin mana gains slightly.


2007-12-16 06:36:03
allow partial matches on wear all(ie wear all.man will wear objects keyed with both mana and mantle)

thought it does. It just gets confused if you have a 'man' as well as a 'mantle' and a 'mana'. Could be wrong though

2007-12-16 07:56:43
rewrite help files for each god so that they are more in synch with eachother. tul-sith's is well done. if the others were rewritten similarly, it would be more helpful/informative to new players

help fily

2007-12-16 07:59:11
move improved invis back to hero level(500+), but keep it self-only


2007-12-16 09:09:44
Please give druids the skin corpse skill, even though it isnt cleric based or healing based, it fits the woodland holistic them entirely. plus limiting it to archer based clases limits the amount of interest it can generate, see also track, bloodsent


2007-12-16 15:12:37
* Why doesn't intercede work for stabs? We bodyguards are alert, after all!

because a stab is something that comes out of nowhere. That is what rogues / assassins are good at: sneaking in and sticking that knife in between someone's ribs without advance warning.

2007-12-16 16:08:12
corpse decay - make warning one tick agead of decay to give us/angels a change to react

Then we might just as well completely remove corpse rotting for pc. Not opposed to the warning, but the effect of blanket embalms whenever it comes up.

2007-12-16 16:34:07
spell so that if it's casted on you while your in "good tics" you keep good tics for a set amt of time when you sleep... maybe spell lasts for 10 tics? so first 10 tics after a shift you stay in good tics...


2007-12-16 16:53:22
spell that prevents you from being hive minded

A spell to block it would be out of theme for any class but mindbender themselves.

2007-12-16 20:49:39
make it so that perfect gems load with a nolocate flag. this will prevent people sitting on thorn and typing c loc perfect every few seconds and tellspamming them.

level 1

2007-12-16 23:05:53
give wzd a hero level spellbook of barkskin

no, that is tasked for lord

2007-12-16 23:32:49
how about questpoints to remove creation date from characters?


2007-12-16 23:33:20
CN CHANNEL - please

eris/snikt if they care

2007-12-17 00:29:30
beep group. leader only, beeps the whole group


2007-12-17 05:24:23
tortoise shell should be a container as well as armor


2007-12-17 11:21:00
tua have too much wis


2007-12-17 12:22:24
hero level oni type thing


2007-12-17 13:08:36
fourth attack for blade dancers at lord


2007-12-17 14:54:01
uruk-hai remort race for orcs

no, quarterling comes first

2007-12-17 15:21:47
shouldn't bzks know weapon lore? they're weapon experts

no, they are expert in grabbing stuff ranging from pitchforks to wet noodles and slapping everything that moves with them.

2007-12-17 15:42:02
can we get some sort of bonus other than decreased fail rate(for applicable races) for tingling spells to 100%?

yeah, when I get around to it.

2007-12-17 16:57:37
a new social pff it emotes like gets a deep breath and gives away with a bored faced. Your comment should really pissed him.

read help social in game

2007-12-18 06:31:22
Cling social.

read help social in game

2007-12-18 13:34:46
and ammo count on the prompt

use the skill

2007-12-18 22:01:59
quaff for biofeedback

oh come on now.

2007-12-19 03:21:35
the tortugas in tortuga cay are named random names giganto huge-o whatever, please give them all the sub name tortoise so i can be lazy and work on my bot program, just kidding

make sure the task of adding some spice to Tortuga Cay is done

2007-12-19 15:59:55
brownie as a gnome remort race

right after quarterling

2007-12-19 16:23:23
Allow wrath of god to break through any mob immunity. Pain trying to clean up quest mobs that have area spell immunity.

nah. You bring pain, you get some back.

2007-12-19 19:39:49
Not as much as an idea as a bug. But make 1 "hour" avatar time (1 tic) correspond to 1 "hour" of AVATAR time (the fantasy time/months). Right now, an hour of "avatar time" is way longer than one tic.

indeed. We changed that intentionally a while back.

2007-12-19 20:50:40
reduce efficiency of spiritlink, i.e. chance of link breaking from spells, higher chance from detonate (this is the harmless alternative to having the char detonate instead of the gear - see the help).

2007-12-19 20:54:41
or something like 500hp per succesful det block.

level 3

2007-12-19 21:44:09
Add a new priest spell, learnable at 500+ Lord that removes the affect of demonfire. Should exhaust for a minimum of 10 ticks. Perhaps call it blessed balm or something. Cannot be cast on players of -333 alignment or lower (evil types).

level 3

2007-12-19 22:16:32
Permit wizinvis Immortals to give gear to mobs only without going visible. When running quest scripts/loads sometimes we forget and it is really nasty trying to clear the mobs and rerun the scripts.

not sure this is possible without a number of other things getting messed up. Investigate though (level 2)

2007-12-20 02:32:21
open quest group rules

cool, create them and agree them with other players

2007-12-20 03:03:17
While legend proper is still being worked on, add a legend-lord minigame of sorts, where two or more teams of lords, led by a single (or very few) legend(s), fight against each other. The legends could have pvp fun while only a few of them are online, and the lords could put those pvp spells of their to good use (shere of whatever, shard storm, gravitas, etc.)

that is not what Lord is intended for.

2007-12-20 03:29:16
have the 50 hp/mana bonus every 100 lord levels applied to both lord and midgard stats


2007-12-20 03:43:16
since ultimoose is now once per character, any chance we could remove the "reboot only" from the gear?

thought that was done ages ago. Any retro want to check?

2007-12-20 05:41:36
let people buy lords so i can play too


2007-12-20 06:51:00
since psis can already see in their sleep and when blind, they must be able to see with their minds instead of their eyes. so make it so they can see in the dark? (lord's kdr light makes it so you can't see in dark)

group with someone who has a light.

2007-12-20 07:27:46
allow prcs to rebuild to their base class


2007-12-20 11:54:53
Demons should have racial immunity to demonfire because, well, obviously they just should.

hehe. There is more than one type of demons and there is a lot of infighting going on among them. level 3: new racial for demons: demonfire, similar exhaustion time to breath

2007-12-20 14:27:48
xp boost to group the more low heroes the group has -- makes sense as it is more challenging to bring a group if young ones into combat, gives people reason to group low heroes

just group them.

2007-12-20 14:29:54
lloydable rooms should show up on scan if you have detect haven on


2007-12-20 14:33:23
make all "safe" or rooms with healers safe for no sun races to regen in. plz, kinda pointless for it to be that way otherwize

kind of no point to have no sun races if they have no drawback.

2007-12-20 14:45:35
planar focus, prereq aura focus, allows us to check duration on affects on group leader output of lordrunc ommand

not like this, no. It should be the targets choice whether you can find out about the duration of their affects remotely. Got an idea for that?

2007-12-20 15:05:22
make trip able to switch between multiple mobs mid-combat, but it gives any mob attacking you a free attack.


2007-12-20 15:50:49
seeing the new prompt info option %u, i was wondering if we could have certain variables pre-defined for semi-autotargetting in commands. namely $t for your current melee target: c harm $t, and $m for your current monitor/master: c heal $m/rescue $m.

you can rescue your monitor target anyway. Just don't specify a name. Will think abou this. It is partially annoying as it will easy trigger scripting, on the other hand it would help others who do not use triggers with their aliases.

2007-12-20 18:18:18
qpcat prize: 10 levels of penalty-free worship/unworship. good for playing around at higher levels to see what the best choice really is.

*points in the random direction of Kariya and his minions*

2007-12-20 20:01:26
a lord first tier ac weapon would be nice. :)


2007-12-20 21:18:34
Fix my regen, i asked another caster at 101 and they gain 75 more mana a tic then i do as a gargoyle, this is not fair!

Choose your pain. You are a gargoyle. And gargoyle casters are fine.

2007-12-20 21:32:43
A way for all lords to contribute to purchasing keys, maybe evenly divide it among groups since keys are so expensive, 13-18k for a key? ridiculous!

don't worry, we are getting rid of key buying. That helps?

2007-12-21 01:09:35
make a dork channel so i can usher the dorky conversations in its direction

level 2: dork Hruodland please

2007-12-21 01:12:43
make dark humans - they could be faster and stronger and have more con

oh cool! Let's make pink Centaurs! They could have a fluffy tail that makes everybody sneeze!

2007-12-21 12:10:04
give ents wisdom beyond there years or some such to allow them to see invis at a level higher than the other pc and and if necessary to open doors and other items at a higher level. I have come across several items in quests that I cant compelte becuase of the level limit. I am currently exploring shadow forest and I cant see teh invisibe druid and I cant open the door to the moss man. As much as I en

Take your time and level and explore it later.

2007-12-21 12:26:18
c plane with no/invalid arguement should not take up mana or lag

why? You could be sent into the chaos by giving an invalid target, ripped into shreds by the unfocused powers you summon! A bit of lag and mana loss, pfft.

2007-12-21 13:39:06
Bladedancer should get 4 attack at lord 1, 5th at legend 1


2007-12-21 14:00:21
get rid of the worship system

start with putrefaction

2007-12-21 14:27:56
make some mobs smart enough to outfit themselves should an improving piece of equipment make its way into their room or inventory

working on that on atm

2007-12-21 14:54:36
add a mope emote for when you get kicked out and thier is no conceivable way to return, maybe. x Looks around with that incredibly sorrowful look in his Eye.

it is called social and please read help social on the mud

2007-12-21 19:27:24
a special racial ability for dragons to block the tail whips of lizards/dragons and other species with racial tail


2007-12-21 19:41:23
replace the gold in the second floor of bandu with gemstones..

retro if they like

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