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2007-12-22 08:03:51
any chance we could have some way to obtain out of class spellup spells at some point? it really doesn't make a lot of sense to have to log multiple alts just to give spellups

right after we remove all classes, i.e. never.

2007-12-22 10:05:38
sleep color should be blue, yellow seems to AWAKE

I vote pink.

2007-12-22 11:05:27
improve fdk armor since all the other races got better armor

funny, can't remember all other races getting better armor. But will be looking at fdk/vbt racials shortly.

2007-12-22 11:54:21
groupie position (sleep/stand/etc) should only be colored if the leader is utilizing head count

This would make it Lord only. why?

2007-12-22 11:59:20
give racial evil races the option to learn demonic intent, especialy dsd :)


2007-12-22 13:29:14
create a better gear lottoing system, help random clearly states its unfairness when it says its not as random as it could be


2007-12-22 13:49:51
give the divine classes a higher chance of positive prayer result


2007-12-22 15:26:39
absolve for clerics at lord, or maybe legend

not at this point.

2007-12-22 16:11:17
make sor potions not bound again now that we can't use them on UD

2007-12-22 18:25:55
make sense weakness an exhaustible skill instead of a spell... it takes 'effort' not magic

2007-12-23 03:54:29
gear that gives "water breathing" continous because it would be helpful and fun with the psi skill.

shrug. Only with an expansion of underwater realms. A bit of danger and inconvenience is good.

2007-12-23 04:03:10
allow mnd to worship


2007-12-23 04:04:38
new monk/shf stance, increases likelyhood of golden/critical strike, but also increases AC penalty on rescue

2007-12-23 04:16:47
infoset groupme to see who group joiners, infoset group to see group joiners and leavers

level 2: add messages to all persons in same group and room if a person joins the group or leaves it, and is visible. level 2: new filter: group to control the display of the above messages

2007-12-23 04:17:43
re: last week's planar focus, how about a "brilliant aura" spell? make it psi/mnd, duration is the lord spell standard. shows up in affects, and whenever anyone types lordrun, the duration of that spell only shows up next to the affected player's name. prereq aura focus.

level 3

2007-12-23 04:30:28
allow old rangers to rebuild monk

ask Snikt

2007-12-23 04:31:15
a larger hp gain mod may be appropriate for griffons

yeah, right after quarterlings

2007-12-23 05:43:14
how about a held item at lord with either a large ac bonus or a large dr bonus(larger than what's available with existing gear), but that is type treasure and loads with some small number of HP. throw it in one of the lesser-run areas.

shrug. builder

2007-12-23 06:12:00
allow humans to rebuild goblin


2007-12-23 06:25:52
to scale up the negative to hit and save from curse spell like the benefits of bless spell

level 4

2007-12-23 08:39:34
tua ascension race

no. No room in our mythology as is.

2007-12-23 08:56:27
shouldn't dsd get infravision since they have nosun?

not necessarily.

2007-12-23 09:11:54
adjust divine/arcane/psionic mods for races such that each race has a slightly different ability with each type of spell to create more diversity


2007-12-23 10:11:48
Sorcerers should get the sanctuary alternative spell - Iron monk at legend tier. The reasons are numerous: Sorcerers sacrifice parry, shield block, and recently protection evil in their profession. Flash blindness HR reduction is nearly inconsequential on legend mobs. Legend resources for sanctuary are very limited - it is inconvenient and somewhat improbable that a team member will always be with you to

2007-12-23 10:12:54
sorry for the double idea,- cast sanctuary. Relying on sanctuary brandishes or consumables will require overreaching amounts for minimal exp. By the time a sorcerer has completed both hero and lord tier, common sense dictates that he/she has some general idea of how sanctuary works.

oh yeah, they might have some general idea - but that does not mean that any being will give them sanctuary.

2007-12-23 10:17:12
As the only caster class (limited HP) that requires hit gear to run, Psiconicists are already at a severe disadvantage. The AC from Kinetic DR does help a bit, but not nearly enough. Two wizards casting shard storm are enough to completely destroy all the fluffy 9, 000 hp drow psiconicists in the party. A spell- perhaps something like a kinetic barrier- that both reduces shard storm damage by 25-50% would

you still have to find two more kdr items. Honestly, there have been a number of modifications to help Psi's in the last months - they are off the prime spot for now.

2007-12-23 12:12:47
humans should have racial greed

And quarterlings racial bellyrumble

2007-12-23 13:51:55
have in-class repair work without losing max object hp


2007-12-23 16:38:18
add to help planes. Noctopia vnum 17800 and Firerealm vnum 17100.

level 1

2007-12-24 06:06:54
paladins sould get calm


2007-12-24 08:32:23
update the sanctum help to reflect the recent changes...that i believe happened where corpses rot?

level 1

2007-12-24 10:28:08
allow lord level charactes to cast noncombat, simple spells while resting, such as identify, refresh, water breath etc


2007-12-24 13:47:17
qpcat item that allows a hero pgem to be upgraded to a lord pgem

*point Kariya *

2007-12-24 17:45:50
include a better or more visible help file on cursed items, and an explanation why remove curse doesn't immediately do the trick. This is a fairly common area of confusion among newbies (specifically, why remove curse doesn't immediately do the trick for cursed items)

level 1

2007-12-24 17:46:31
Either better explanation of cursed items, or make remove curse immediately remove nodrop/noremove flags on items, regardless of caster's class

see above for explanation, no on first try level 2: add remove curse ability to the healers (nom, aelmon, sol) that never fails and is available for anyone below level 42. Cost to be ramped, but low to start with.

2007-12-24 18:15:25
boons command to show races with boons and their effect

maybe, don't want to make it too easy.

2007-12-24 19:29:29
dispelling mobs in water rooms and watching them drown for exp

oh, you want a new water elemental spec fun that does that?

2007-12-24 21:12:51
An Archer Psionicist Prc using vs with mana to target mobs and do extra damage, because of the gear and race restrictions-psionicist based races, mana gear, it would be less powerful and yet different. Other drawbacks could be established, eventually could get vital strike style skillz, as well as a torch for throwing weapons.


2007-12-24 22:27:41
what might be cool is mini-quests to remove the outlaw flag, by doing some good deed for the lawful guard if you escape the city, bringing back some item from somewhere to appease the town guard and show that maybe it was all a big misunderstanding and they don't really need to chop your head off.


2007-12-25 00:14:53
we should have a small chance to get a lost stat back if we eat the bodypart severed when we lost the stat


2007-12-25 00:27:53
When you renew a portal, give it a chance to "fix" a critical failure portal, making it a normal portal.

level 2

2007-12-25 00:58:30
slearn should highlight the class of the person checking slearn

level 2

2007-12-25 03:30:04
longshot into portals. hard to target


2007-12-25 03:58:43
have those lord spec cleric mobs cast frenzy on themselves


2007-12-25 05:07:50
is sld still going to get imped or was that just dev's thing?

thinking on it. Got a preliminary set of skills defined.

2007-12-25 05:11:19
remove some of the nospell flags from rooms in bandu


2007-12-25 05:21:13
harpies on help highest

they are

2007-12-25 06:11:57
make the hitroll stat go up and down based on your current dex score rather than str

no. dex has its own influence anyway.

2007-12-25 07:57:57
give high level hero mobs a small chance to load hero level pgems on death

yeah, this is planned for some mobs in elite hero areas.

2007-12-25 08:13:36
add "must have practiced rescue" to help bod

level 1: but do not state it this blatantly.

2007-12-25 08:39:24
planar anchor for bci


2007-12-25 12:40:55
corpses with just a bright ball of light should decay like normal (or instantly)

level 2: like empty

2007-12-25 13:28:17
psi/monk hybrid class

we got enough to work on to make existing classes on par with the existing hybrids without creating a number of new ones right now.

2007-12-25 14:38:56
make a command like insure or insure itself, so that when it is put onto an item it is no longer enchantable, i know you will probably just say be more careful, but it would prevent huge mistakes from happening, and its more of a benifit to the players than a hassle.

such negativity. level 2

2007-12-25 15:10:02
regeneration in affects shows the amount mana regain is reduced, so for minds eye, state how much mana regain is reduce on affects?

already tasked

2007-12-25 15:58:09
New Bzk rite, pre-req guard crush. berserker's wreck. If an opponent parries or shield blocks, the berserker has a chance to either disarm or disarm the shield as appropriate. Possible small gear damage (very small) to both bzk's weapon and opponents wield or shield.

not at this time

2007-12-25 16:00:47

2007-12-25 18:01:42
imp another locker, i know giant wars are good, but i dont have that much free time to play this game. some of us have lives. and the lack of wanting another alt

lockers, accounts and auction house are cool things that we want to do, but it is not easy to get the background work for it right to make it failsave through linkdead, crashes etc. So yeah, but it is a bit of a pain.

2007-12-25 20:29:53
auto-ascend: for sublevel 999-lords, this could be used as a way of balancing the already uneven teams, working similar to auto-morph, when a character gains a level they could ascend automatically onto the team with the least number of players currently on it


2007-12-26 00:55:58
give another race tranquility, it can be remort or a prc class definer, but its a veryu powerful ability that should be in wider use by the player base. Please explain why if not, sorry for asking if you just say no.

Because it should make sense for the race. Just because it is powerful does not mean it needs to be spread. Race and class differences are not as important as they could be, and watering everything down is not the way to go.

2007-12-26 06:22:33
a new ritual, something that requires 20 lords to cast, that can set a room lloydable

no, builders choose where that is possible.

2007-12-26 14:52:33
isn't transmute a kinetic based spell? If so, why do mindbenders get this spell?

it is tasked for removal from mnd

2007-12-26 15:40:11
spr should regen mana like troll regen hp

shrug. Trolls are crazy.

2007-12-26 21:15:15
items flagged seperately so they decay faster or slower, for example anything flagged key decaying quite fast when just sitting out in a room

yeah, already tasked for keys.

2007-12-27 09:06:15
raise fdk armor each rebuild or every other redbuild

see far above

2007-12-27 13:34:02
remove the servants fromt he room to the prisoners in the castle near hound dogs, it would be a perfect safe area for lowhero tanks if those 3 were not there, linking 14 mobs to those 8 would make for great safe xp

sorry, those 3 servants are not on the way to the prisoners. They can be reached as is. The 3 servants are above the carrion crawler with a decent piece of gear, and a single (or 2) other servants to the north. The area is safe enough, imo.

2007-12-27 18:18:48
Add a counter to keep track of the number of restores done on the MUD as a whole. Not just reboot to reboot. Show it in time or something.

no. Can't see the point of starting that now.

2007-12-27 20:30:27
a way to put a bag into another bag. then empty its contants into it to save time moving gear, then you can pull out the bag. dont whine about how much extra code it takes, k thanks

Think there was an approved task to 'empty' a container onto the ground. level 2: Let this work for other containers as well - until they are full. Both work only if the container that is being emptied is carried by the char.

2007-12-28 00:51:12
set a 'leader' for each buddyset and make a title message for the channel changeable only by the leader


2007-12-28 03:29:41
bonus dodge based on racial size, ie target bigger, dodge worse, target smaller, dodge better

tempted. Starts to double up with dex a bit though. level 2: but make it a small modifier only.

2007-12-28 04:03:49
Make it so if you're drowning, and get water breath or fly or whatever cast on you, you don't have to wait till tick to be able to function again

review of drowning code is tasked

2007-12-28 09:14:10
increase odds of disarm when mob is under tail stun effect


2007-12-28 11:57:44
Help for newbie leaders about planes. Some form of spell/skill (c 'plane scan' outland) that allows you to get some idea of what size group (maybe a recommendation on how many tanks/casters) could be successful on a certain plane. Wiki is ok, but I think a skill would be more helpful.

Just ask other leaders. They can answer those questions better and more up to date. The to be expected amount of complaints and requests for changing these tips makes it unfeasible.

2007-12-28 13:08:08
make altlist show online alt(s) in different color

2007-12-28 17:24:58
can there be a lord event where we bring back the player quest areas for 1 run through? they are a really nice change of pace

up to questies/builder

2007-12-28 17:43:31
when you're surging, and you cast a spell on yourself, it seems like the spell costs the surge mana but you don't actually do increased damage to yourself. If you surge a spell on yourself, it should cause increased damage

just cast it again, or were you in a competition to kill yourself first?

2007-12-28 22:30:14
a racial that increases chance to hit with hafted weapons

right. Give me a race that this would make special sense for and why.

2007-12-28 22:38:56
special rogue tools/poisons for bci


2007-12-29 00:44:48
portal lore. can see quality of portal (flag?)

just look at the portal. The room description is different for the qualities.

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