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2007-12-29 05:21:36
psi/monk hybrid class


2007-12-29 05:41:17
allow fletch and sharpen while resting

which part about resting did you not understand?

2007-12-29 09:31:22
how about a more extended remort path for certain races? like goblin->hobgoblin->bugbear->??? might give remort fanatics some more interesting things to play with.

the real fanatics remort anyway.

2007-12-29 10:44:36
let us reforge hero level gear with hero level pgems


2007-12-29 11:37:26
wouldn't it make sense to just put prcs onto help highest since we can find this info with herolist/lordlist and last anyway? list/last just takes longer, seems like needless frustration

level 3: help highestclass: make a list similar to help highest that lists the top 3 for each class, whatever race they might be. Include prc in this.

2007-12-29 11:41:41
bring back repeated legend deaths on troika, that was neat

kill frank repeatedly

2007-12-29 11:43:43
allow surge to partially fail, ie when surging at 4 and you fail surge, it instead can surge 2


2007-12-29 11:45:49
run another purge of names, there are some that haven't logged in since before 2005 that i want

too bad

2007-12-29 13:31:35
make jake the thornslayer detect hidden/invis/etc please

nah, he is a bar-keeper. He might see double but not hidden.

2007-12-29 13:42:05
more skin corpse items for the held slot


2007-12-29 14:05:33
firedrakes work fine, just remove the evolution apect. put them at their "highest" rebuild but set tnl to 8333 and call it done.

ah yes. And call them dragon too I guess.

2007-12-29 14:05:56
also may want to add a small psi bonus to fdk as they are the only reptilian race without one.

what a cool idea

2007-12-29 15:58:52
have the lag when you get sent to a plane be 50% of normal planeshift lag, would add a nice tweak to send and could be used to save casters from slow aggies

no. If this was done we would have to add a noticable higher lag to the sending persons (who are usually casters).

2007-12-29 16:46:59
make legend descend put you at 300 so you can remort, and not have to get another 100 or so levels after descening?


2007-12-29 18:10:28
make a toggle to turn torch spell off so you cant accidentally torch your inferno stone while trying to cast torment

make an alias

2007-12-30 07:43:13
boost ent stealth, you never see trees coming at you

2007-12-30 07:43:51
reintroduce remort to creatable race at lord 200, 400 for remort classes

no and no

2007-12-30 07:54:47
allow us to drag blackjacked mobs a room away


2007-12-30 09:52:26
slight psionic bonus for kzinti

no. btw, where did you get this idea from that a simple 'Gimme that' will get you anywhere? It is just boring in its repetitiveness..

2007-12-30 10:55:38
make quarterling a creatable race, and halfling a remort only from quarterling! grin

nah, quarterling is too twink for creation!

2007-12-30 11:00:21
a free rebuild for fdk/vbt to the same level to try and fix those idiots that trained stats before practicing any skills (me included on my vbl mon)

you can see me for a _single_ reroll. atheist and no other complaints and do not bug anyone else.

2007-12-30 11:08:31
help firedrake clearly states that they came from the earth, maybe they should get earth embrace at a certain point in their evolution?


2007-12-30 11:11:19
messages for calm should be different depending on whether you actually have the "calm" affect applied to you or you just have had combat stop. the message is the same in both cases right now.

that is ok. Because you have been calmed. Level 2: add an additional message if you have the calm affect applied to you.

2007-12-30 12:58:04
make shadow form the same as sneak? a bci shouldnt need to prac both...

it is not the same. Noone needs to practice both, unless you need the skill learned for a follow up one, i.e. prerequisite. Let me try to give a hungry and cold comparison: There are a number of ways to heat a room: a fire, central heating, ground source heat pumps, etc. The efffect of them all is the same: it gets warm. But if you want to then cook something you will find that some of those heating options lend themselves to that, but others give you no bonus at all.

2007-12-30 13:02:00
npc to give spell ups to hero groups in sanctum, kinda like a war supplies provider. having a bunch of spell alts is silly

shrug, then don't spell with alts

2007-12-30 13:10:19
psi spell: spell similar to torch, but the light blasts into all directions - damaging everyone, foes and friends alike. In class. :P

level 3, damage should be lowish.

2007-12-31 08:58:05
bring back old prayer


2007-12-31 09:16:31
there should be a hero-level equivalent of the legacy of vorin. it doesn't make sense to have a lowmort gear piece with a higher AC mod than the best available hero tier piece.

builder can do that, yeah

2007-12-31 19:06:29
lord or hero lvl no sun gear, maybe sun screen, maybe a pill. just make it last a whole run


2008-01-01 02:11:30
can archers get a stance that lowers held shot/all damage but gets rid of/removes the large lag from getting held shot broken?

Mal, please add to the archer stance list to be.

2008-01-01 05:47:12
boost levels on all mobs in the hive to make them hero level, would make a great xp area

that will be considered for the next revision of the area.

2008-01-01 09:21:31
could imm made characters not get a spot on help highest please? it kinda defeats the purpose for the rest of us

yeah, there is a task for that.

2008-01-01 10:04:53
i will mention it again. legends need a c homeshift thorngate. i know its not our home, but planeshifting there while the lords are spelling up is kinda painful

then don't do it.

2008-01-01 10:47:22
have charged shield charges go off on successful bash


2008-01-01 10:50:59
Nofail races should get lower spell cost when tingling spells, since tingling for a nofail race doesn't provide any added benefit now.


2008-01-01 17:40:42
Can trian mana/hp have a cap, because as it is now you mgiht as well just remove it

it can be pretty useful at low levels

2008-01-01 17:50:14
a 'rescue all' skill for bods and maybe some other class like monks

it exists for bod.

2008-01-01 21:59:54
Can we please have anti-evil removed from SoL? With more evil people coming to Lord in the form of dsd, sor, hob and shf it no longer makes sense to have this flag on what is considered the crowning gear of Lord. Otherwise perhaps remove alignment altogether.


2008-01-02 02:24:07
A warning if approaching 100th level twink and not on current version. Help prevent missing benefit for no good reason.

there is a task for a warning on login if you are not current.

2008-01-02 06:00:08
allow whirlwind kick to hit multiple times at higher levels


2008-01-02 06:10:01
bloodhound for shf at lord, rogs get it at hero 79


2008-01-02 06:44:24
Merge "answer" and "ask" channels into one. "Ask" is confusing anyway, because it appears as "soandso questions" and "say" sometimes appears as "soandso asks". "Ponder" seems like an appropriate channel name that covers both asking and answering.

iirc there is a task for that

2008-01-02 09:19:26
Option of adding racial ability lag to prompt. 'Hours,' not seconds. Thinking of racial-breath specifically, not sure how useful it would be for fly, sneak, etc.

there would then have to be timers for all those racial skills, too messy.

2008-01-02 09:22:48
when casting on self, mana cost should be downed, regen on self-spells kills 1/4 of the time on spells...


2008-01-02 11:40:48
let remort classes remort to other remort classes


2008-01-02 17:03:53
perfect portals should restore mana....but only to the first person to enter. make those casters enter nasty rooms!!


2008-01-03 06:38:05
bld should get another dodge skill at lord, to help inspiring stance

ignoring this.

2008-01-03 07:02:47
racial heighten for tua, thanks

you are welcome.

2008-01-03 07:03:38
have legendlist show team affiliation

no, and this is intentional

2008-01-03 07:03:46
now that we got nerfed with extra tnl perhaps its time to rethink Tua third eye. Would be nice if the third eye granted a sort of racial heighten perhaps without infravision but hidden and invis are in order. It would not be that much of a tweak, just saves having to heighten every 20 tics

oh, I thought the 'nerf' of extra tnl was to balance the class.

2008-01-03 07:08:35
mana gain mods for bld and pal should be reversed.

apples and pears, both have worms.

2008-01-03 08:35:12
Restores eliminate racial fatigue.


2008-01-03 11:42:42
give ents powerswing, I just watched lord of the rings, and if that is not a powerswing, I don't know what is...

Ent do not need a racial powerswing, all there attacks are powerful.

2008-01-03 21:30:50
a ghost race with limited item handling capabilities either lower than normal capacity for str or can't pick up most items without assistance/transformation of some sort; racial fly and pass door; bonuses to casting and open hand damage and abilities; can see normally in dark rooms without a light

picking the "can't pick up most items without assistance/transformation of some sort" out of it for later.

2008-01-03 21:50:51
Instead of making UD girth only for the ring, make it so there's a different quest for each class


2008-01-04 07:14:19
give bladedancers quickdraw, makes more sense for an expert of blade handling to throw weapons than a fusilier some how

no. Maybe your concept of fusiliers is a different one.

2008-01-04 09:00:59
can we have the female req removed from bld? seems kindof silly.


2008-01-04 09:38:42
bonus reptilian races hp regen more


2008-01-04 11:16:13
more explosive stones mobs for hero level

too lazy to fletch them?

2008-01-04 12:32:26
increase mage minimum gain. max is fine, but minimum needs to not be 1 for classes that rely on their mana, especially with our spells costing more than other class's main damage spells

will not fix this, because there will be complaints by every high level caster to be rerolled (as qux I guess) to make up for this. If we get a written waiver on this from all high-heroes / lords / legends we can discuss.

2008-01-04 12:38:03
have mystical barrier prevent a mage from being affected by hive mind


2008-01-04 14:08:37
bring back the task list on the web site

we want to

2008-01-04 14:12:30
stm and mnd need a level 50 class specific skill/spell. all other prcs have something at level 50 to distinguish them, though wzd's isn't on slist, but in book form.


2008-01-04 18:07:24
config +noabsolve. The absolve spell doesn't work on you. Please.


2008-01-04 19:53:12
Create Poison skill! This skill could be used my remort or prestige rogue/archer classes. A skill of mixing certain ingrediants to create new and wonderful or potential poor poisons

yeah. This is already under consideration

2008-01-04 22:34:17
make ents an evolutionary race - seedling, etc


2008-01-04 22:34:57
some special druid and ent duo ability

you must be joking ... take a running jump Reply

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