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Newbie Tip
Creating an alias can help you get all of your gear from your corpse. For example if you are standing one room south of your corpse, and there is an aggressive mob guarding it, try 'alias getcorpse north: get all corpse: south' You will often be able to get your gear with no trouble. - Locqui
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2008-01-12 05:53:13
re-evaluate distribution of the rejuvenate spell. consider giving to clerics(since druids have it) and removing from shf.


2008-01-12 12:57:19
ascension race for dragons


2008-01-12 14:18:59
Reprogram magic light so it ignores notake when cast without argument (on self)

bug fix

2008-01-12 14:29:36
Make the first 25 levels of Lord no statloss. This will help the new Lords who have little to no gear maintain their stats without burning practices from the easy deaths. I've seen quite a few people lose interest due to their dying from lack of gear and losing practices from statloss, not always from eulogy.

do this, confirm with Snikt

2008-01-12 15:40:21
Allow immortals to summon the planar anchor on their own (and no psi restriction)

alternatively, if a no-take object carried by an immortal is dropped, do not set timer unless the object is timered. Check side effects

2008-01-12 18:24:53
If the third caster of send uses an invalid keyword for the plane, it puts the 3rd person in lag for send. Have the third caster come out of lag if an invalid keyword is used?


2008-01-12 19:52:09
update help rebuild to reflect that demons are an ascension race now.


2008-01-12 19:55:05
add the keyword fae to fae rune of hope please. Gets confused with glyphs and other 1st tier items.


2008-01-13 02:17:12
Add help highest demon, since soon there will be three of us!

it is there

2008-01-13 15:24:32
Make new regen code not affect casters please. This really hurts their soloing ability and since noone groups them it's going to be a huge detriment at Hero.


2008-01-13 15:29:07
Elder wyrm remort race for dragons from Legend only. Have to complete a quest at Lord first, ascend and remort to wyrm. Make them buffer with 7.5k tnl. Increased wisdom, intelligence, strength. 1 lower dex. Have random breath affects instead of just flame, including gas breath chance. Increased hp and mana, lowered moves.


2008-01-13 18:16:47
instead of simply having "Legend <playername> is here." have "The Legend that is <playername> is here." it would work in and out of shadow, and make them something more than lords in displaying their presence


2008-01-13 19:31:26
I think it would be helpful to have a cn discussion board link from the website

if someone wants to add it, fine

2008-01-13 22:29:41
Make lord level brandishes available at shopkeepers on lord planes (that are not Thorn) at a discount price. As in you might have to fight a bunch of mobs or even gear mob to get there.


2008-01-14 07:00:15
introduce degrees of impact for racial nosun such that when the weather is totally clear, nosun races get no regen, but when the weather is partially clear they get reduced regen, up to full regen at night or indoors.

yeah, if there were degrees in it like this

2008-01-14 07:06:12
remove the movement stat entirely. it doesn't seem to serve a lot of useful purpose with regard to game mechanics.


2008-01-14 08:38:32
automatically look when you drink from a fountain and it moves you

do this

2008-01-14 10:27:34
add to help Etiquette thats its real poor manners to emote stuff before every spell you cast... Elixis is identifying item, Elixis is portaling to mob., Elixis is casting disintegrate on mob., Elixis is teleporting... etc. Its real spammy and annoying. And useless since we already see the "Elixis utters the words" line


2008-01-14 12:27:26
animated corpses upon rotting, after being killed, should spill gear to the ground instead of imping the gear people may have still been trying to find a way to loot. containers in particular cause problems during such CRs

do this for the specific vnum only, if name is not equal to the mob_index

2008-01-15 12:25:53
configurable percentages for receiving the "You sure are BLEEDING!" message, or at least the ability to turn this on and off.


2008-01-15 12:26:21
similar for the "That sure did HURT!" message


2008-01-15 16:31:50
drider racial idea: blind fury. while in combat, they have a chance of randomly attacking mobs that they are not currently in combat with.


2008-01-15 16:48:32
it seems kindof silly that devoting to rxa actually lowers your hitroll since she's the archery god. could the devotion stats for that worship be re-examined?

Gods are not really that strong when it comes to logic, usually.

2008-01-15 19:00:50
allow bld stances to work with double-wield

which part about two equal weapons is unclear

2008-01-16 07:09:54
do away with gains entirely. each race/class combo has a completely static set of hp/mana at each tier, and only gains pracs/skills per level.


2008-01-16 09:04:50
voiding and disconnecting on lord plane should put you on thorngate so you can't be used a portal point for demon quest


2008-01-16 20:49:51
Prs heal should be 2x on good aligned chars not in combat, 1/2 effectiveness if either prs or target is in combat.


2008-01-16 23:41:47
Lord Druid Spell. Branch of Unbinding. When cast on a door only, not a lockbox/chest, this spell will cause the foilage around the Druid to grow and attempt to pick the door's lock. Works in the same manner as a rogue's picklock, but can only be attempted in wilderness type areas (hills, mountains desert etc). Pick chance should not be as good as a rogue, but better than with no tools.

uhm, no

2008-01-17 20:35:03
Increase the hr benefit of rally at Legend. It buffs from Hero -> Lord, makes sense it would increase 5 or so hr from Lord -> Legend.


2008-01-17 21:28:24
Add Demon to help highest! YAYAYAY!


2008-01-17 21:46:26
We allowed to submit Demon rposes now? If so, where to?

help social

2008-01-18 00:52:16
can we get a bigger boost to dr or something for payback at lord? or how about a stance that increases the xp penalty but also increases the dr bonus from payback/intercede on bod. it's a really cool skill at hero that is fun to play with, but is almost completely neglible at lord, imo


2008-01-18 03:21:23
a command using who to show class of higher lvl character, such as who class, shows all classes, i know it serves little purpose but its also quicker to determine which style of alt to run/tank with

consider creating a toggle that displays class instead of tier label in group/who etc. Discuss.

2008-01-18 09:13:11
make death shroud less effective at legend...draxi losing 16xp on a death is just unfair


2008-01-18 13:50:51
legend mnd/psi spell call 'hellyeah' that's an extension to fracture but actually stuns like mindwipe claims to do every 2000 casts. You hellyeah an archer thing with unusual brutality! Equivalent s5 damage to soulcrusher. I guess the name can be changed, but whatever.


2008-01-18 14:18:31
Add Legend AC limits to the bzk rite helpfiles. If they exist. If not, consider raising maximum AC another 500 to -1750 since that seems to be the trend from Hero -> Lord. Then whatever extra you get for armor training.


2008-01-18 15:38:03
Add an insignia for ascension races. Doesn't have to have mods, or it could if you really want it to...

you are an acension race. That makes it pretty clear that you ascended, right?

2008-01-18 16:05:57
Can you move consider above conquer in the commands list? Not sure if it's possible or if all the commands run alphabetically.

do this

2008-01-18 16:14:44
If a bzk is worshipping, allow a chance of bless from his/her god with mutilation rite.


2008-01-18 16:21:06
Guard Break for bzks at Legend.


2008-01-18 23:01:02
Update help assassinate to reflect the fact we have more places to run instead of just Outland, Astral, Kzin and Tart. maybe be more general in mentioning the Lord mobs.

help/retro, remove plane references

2008-01-19 00:41:08
ogres should get powerswing. they are a large stocky race and they have a better dex than giants.

and quarterling

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