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2008-03-22 10:50:14
a new dance for bld available after hero 101 called raging dance that causes the bld to gain a small and very temporary hr/dr bonus based on how many killing blows they get in a row. Ex. for each killing blow they get in a row they get +1hr/+1dr stackable to +5hr/+5dr. Every time they don't get the killing blow, the bonus resets to 0/0.

so you mean if you solo it just goes up all the time.

2008-03-22 15:20:49
pls allow us to aim at gonads

set yourself an alias

2008-03-22 23:37:43
put a prize in the qpcatalog that entitles the player to post a note on the Immortal board, since that's the only one people seem to read.

which part about Immortal board is unclear?

2008-03-23 00:12:43
Raise the level at which gear gives the messages about "You feel stronger" etc to aid genuine new players without spell alts

PR types? any opinion on this?

2008-03-23 02:39:33
have the help file for counter be more clear that it has to be turned on. Or else have it turn on automatically the first time, when you adept it. :P


2008-03-23 06:51:12
a message to caster thwne cure poison is done

guess so

2008-03-23 14:28:33
bci should get savvy


2008-03-23 14:57:49
a printable pamphlet off of outland.org advertising avatar!!!

nice idea. Uhm, who wants to make it?

2008-03-23 16:24:19
fishing nearly the same code as forage, except requires a fishing pole and water room


2008-03-23 18:57:20
Enhanced movement regen for newbies (under level 10) so they dont need to ALWAYS have cotten candy


2008-03-23 23:15:55
reascue all command

nod, be a bod

2008-03-23 23:25:34
Alter racial-armor to be a percentage of each hit, instead of a small fixed number per hit.


2008-03-23 23:27:01
Looking at a wall should show how long before it's imp'd

wall of thorns I guess. Maybe.

2008-03-24 12:44:52
Change Summon so that it can only affect players not mobs. This would prevent accidental deaths when higher level mobs summoned into other areas. Also it would encourage people to actually visit the areas.

not sure, Nad/Eris/Riv?

2008-03-25 00:09:09
make an NPC that removes all your curses if a) the number of clerics online are low and b) you complete one of an array of tasks

healer option: remove curse, fix high costs for low levels at the same time, but keep cost high for hero+

2008-03-25 16:54:45
a mini-restore for lowmort only when a lowmort reaches level 3 would be cool. feel free to tweak the idea.


2008-03-25 18:50:51
Allow heroes to insure 19 pieces of gear (all enchantable AC slots + wield/offhand/shard from hitgear). This will allow altof to be used more effectively (instead of having all the 'tanks' be altof a tanking char, and all the 'hitters' altof a hitting char)

been there done that

2008-03-26 08:10:42
techo - tier echo to complement other echoes

let's do that

2008-03-26 21:10:45
there should be a way to filter the combat spam at lord such that you can see some stuff but not others. Perhaps by player or class or spell/skill? For instance, allow us to see stab damage, but not regular warrior rounds. There should also be a way to collapse fandango damage into 1 damage verb

design task: review filter settings to allow more fine grained control, painful

2008-03-26 22:06:13
characters on group list should highlighted in class-specific colors

oh no

2008-03-27 01:52:03
an imm/staff position for non-ingame public relations that spreads awareness of avatar to untapped audiences in a good light.


2008-03-27 05:07:39
minotaurs to have powerswing thx :)


2008-03-27 15:18:23
it's super cool that you guys colored frenzy under typing aff, could you make sanctuary a different color too?

guess so

2008-03-28 02:26:33
+ I think the regeneration given for rest should be increased, as it no where near what sleeping is. In defense, it's more likely a person is meditating if they are resting than sleeping. True meditation fails when you fall asleep.

right. Pulse to review resting regen, make sure that sleeping regen is never lower than resting/standing regen at the same time.

2008-03-28 03:18:23
+ Food - when eaten makes you rest and have a buff called 'eating' that improves HP regen based on the quality of the food. Water - when drank, same thing, but for mana regen. When you stand, the buff is removed. It would value food again, and make adding high quality foods for loots possible. Also food that gives buffs when eaten for more than 5-15 seconds.


2008-03-28 03:31:51
make a CN channel so everybody can talk about CN there, and I can turn it off


2008-03-28 14:59:53
add a message to touch of grace so you know you're helping

do this

2008-03-28 23:27:09
spell for bld to give them an extra dodge/round for a short duration

not like that

2008-03-29 01:55:15
bld should get 4th attack at lord. As is they get 1 less (total possible) attack than warriors do but don't get any stabbing skills and don't get enough hp to tank reliably.

not like that

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