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Get into the habit of saving using the SAVE command when you have gotten your gear back from your corpse after dying. This is in case the MUD crashes and reverts you to a saved version of your pfile when you had no gear. - Riviat
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Author You know you are an AVATAR Addict when....

Posts: 5
Location: Nehalem Oregon
Joined: 22.03.06
Posted on Jun 27 2011 00:36
You get up at 5AM, turn on HOG for players.. go back to bed for an hour.. get up to turn HOG off.

Want to 'give back' to Society? Help a child learn to read, check on the senior citizen next door, mentor a grade schooler. We are all, each of us, Society.
Author RE: You know you are an AVATAR Addict when....

Posts: 5
Joined: 30.09.09
Posted on Jun 28 2011 12:26
You dream in text. You login to chat with an afk friend. You married the girl sitting next to you in the plane on a trip back home after visiting an Av friend. You take a day off to meet SaSa or Mandible, Yay ! You keep running whenever walking would be fine. You utters the words, 'Sanctuary'! when your child runs across the street in front of a car... (thx god, the car nilled).

Time is of the essence.
Edited by Rakshasa on Jun 28 2011 16:12
Author RE: You know you are an AVATAR Addict when....

Posts: 1
Joined: 02.07.11
Posted on Jul 06 2011 17:56
When... The only way you can play from work involves setting up a proxy server at your own expense to get outside your corporate firewall.

When... You root your phone (which, btw, has Angry Birds, Stupid Zombies, and a host of other games on it...including a telnet client) so you can use it as a wireless router for your laptop so you can play during your commute without dealing with the limited phone screen space.
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