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Author Cartography - Midgaardia Map

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Location: Australia
Joined: 18.05.16
Posted on Sep 03 2020 21:22
Figured it was time to start a forum post titled correctly (ref old post - Website)

So I have finished mapping the bulk of the main areas of the Island of Midgaardia. The island bit is unconfirmed however based on my walking and the maps on melanarchy.info fairly certain either an island/continent or peninsula.

Mountain range to the east (Dragon Mountain to be exact) so can't really confirm what is beyond. That said, it leaves me with some questions. If it is an island, what is the point of the great wall... I might have to revisit this idea - if anyone can confirm. A peninsula would probably support the Great Wall reasoning better (might need to modify the map on round 2)

Round 2 was going to be going back and fixing all the errors and little bits I skipped over (had been avoiding Midgaard due to it's size that I blocked out for it).

I have made a 20k x 16k map - it turned out to be 250mb and crashed part of the way through the render (was about 95%) so it looked ok just some layers got dropped. Managed to create a lower quality jpg at around 20mb so it appears possible to get a smaller size. Eventual goal is to build it into a google map to zoom, add markers, data and maybe redirects to melanarchy.info (will add a stretch target of a speed walk from x to y option just by clicking? - that would be interesting I think)

Anyway - I am going to fill in a few blank spots where there is nothing currently then release the first draft if anyone wants bits added.
Edited by Lagmonsta on Sep 05 2020 06:52
Author RE: Cartography - Avatar Map

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Posts: 24
Location: Australia
Joined: 18.05.16
Posted on Sep 04 2020 00:34
First pass of the North East and some sections of Wildwood
Edited by Lagmonsta on Sep 04 2020 00:38
Author RE: Cartography - Avatar Map

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Posts: 24
Location: Australia
Joined: 18.05.16
Posted on Sep 05 2020 01:52
So exporting at high resolution is proving difficult. The render appears to crash at various positions at high resolutions. It renders left to right - this is as far as I have gotten at full resolution (I had 18k x 18k)

Looks like imgur lowers the resolution a bit
clicking the download option allows a slightly higher res but still not close the to 15k odd height of original
Edited by Lagmonsta on Sep 05 2020 02:03
Author RE: Cartography - Midgaardia Map

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Posts: 24
Location: Australia
Joined: 18.05.16
Posted on Sep 12 2020 03:28
Another day, another render that crashed. As a bonus, lowering the resolution allowed it to get further across the map.

Again, need to download the actual image to get anything close to the original resolution
Author RE: Cartography - Midgaardia Map

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Location: Explorer's Respite, Eragora
Joined: 14.02.11
Posted on Nov 22 2020 16:03
To the north there is ice, ice and more ice. I don't think an island is appropriate. There are three passes that lead north (from memory, not sure if anything changed):
1. to the west - Glyntaff pass, which is closed, and quite cold (and filled with mittens on mobs)
2. in the center - Storm Canyon, which is all ice, also, blocked by the glacier
3. to the east - Stormkeep with its Kalades Pass, kept closed by Onaan.
And right next to stormkeep are the frozen wastes.

I explored some of it in the Conundrum, and you can find a partial map of the Nethernorth (what's behind Kalades), but the idea was it was all ice, trolls and white dragons anyway, akin to Icewind Dale maybe.

Your maps are beautiful. I hope to see the finished composite.

"It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion."
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