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2003-10-11 11:55:04
Psi lord or great spell call fission that rips apart an object dealing great damage to it but in an attempt to remove a modification.

No comprende.

2003-10-11 12:03:19
Psi spell lord or better called Fusion that merges 2 objects into one in an attempt to combin Random mondifications of each object into one with a high risk of lossing both obejects a cost of a stat and with failer exposion resulting in large damage to the caster and/or possible death.

The idea eludes me.

2003-10-11 17:48:20
all spears should be piercing weapons! dragon whisker....all of em!(and also dragon whisker looks kind of weird because it has the hr/dr mod inbetween the con and dex mod

Brittany Spears is a mediocre singer.

2003-10-11 18:08:02
Since people don't always fall automatically asleep irl it might be neat if there was a low random chance of insomnia or restless sleep where regains were inbetween resting and sleeping!

I had a dream involving a reinactment of the Ace Ventura shark tank scene once...it wasn't funny, DeathPenguin. In fact...it was downright scary.

2003-10-11 18:10:10
when you type group make is show if any chars are afk.

This reminds me of a similar idea...no wait...it's the same idea. already approved, Beckarino.

2003-10-11 21:21:58
we need a rebuild race that regens mana like trolls do hit points, grin well maybe not quite as much but more than normal

And then there was light and from the bread did Crom make mold-men...fast growing creatures...neverending...and blue.

2003-10-12 03:55:10
It should be possible to etch at thorn

hmm. seems fair to me, Oden. Ask a builder.

2003-10-12 09:08:07
"hit" could use a help file

heh. use a dictionary.

2003-10-12 09:08:25
"shatter" could use a help file

same here.

2003-10-12 14:28:02
put the pfile purges back on!

YEAH!!!! Wait. Snikt turned it off...Snikt owns the mud...must ask Snikt.

2003-10-12 15:00:47
allow explosive arrows a chance to detonate eq on impact


2003-10-12 15:00:56
Explosive arrows should det mob gear.

somebody's been talking to Kpax.

2003-10-12 16:27:51
For setmin/outs: A way to play around with the setmin/out, example, you type in <dir> to say the direction. That way, you can put it first, second, third, whereever you want in the setmin.

I refuse to comment.

2003-10-12 17:43:49
show a count on the number of people that show up on a given 'where'

not a common enough problem to code. but... level 2...total # of players at the bottom of where.

2003-10-12 19:46:05
"apose" could use a help file

level 1

2003-10-12 20:20:12
"harmonize" could use a help file

yes it could...luckilly it does have one.

2003-10-12 22:18:21
lord warrior ritual, requires no mana, ONLY warriors Siege, Break down any door


2003-10-12 23:10:29
imp quest-prize would be various pieces of gf'd gear


2003-10-13 01:21:49
push 1:17 lag to 3:17, since that's when the counts seem to be the lowest :D

clever idea, Ravel. Very clever. Level 4. Email Dawiz and Cuendillar directly. Counts are lowest at 6am, actually.

2003-10-13 12:17:59
Warrior skill, knockdown--warrior charges and drives their shoulder into the enemy knocking them off their feet. No extra damage is done, and no shield is used in the process. (Less spam/etc on lord runs?)

you mean...like bash but without a shield? hmm...I'm against repetition.

2003-10-13 17:37:10
RIP social, almost like die one

we have over 100 unmade socials right now. read through them all on the website when you have a chance.

2003-10-13 17:42:58
i think the their should be group bonus based on the number of people you can lead compaired to teh actuly number you are leading....like if you can lead 8 but only leading 5 every one you are leading gets a hr or dr or ac bonus because you can lead them and give them more advice since you have less people to "watch" over

their->there. compaired->compared. teh->the. actuly->actual. neat idea...won't implement it...but neat.

2003-10-13 23:19:06
put a doom toxin kit/item on bahamut

Temple of Doom is the worst of the 3 Indiana Jones movies.

2003-10-14 00:32:22
can you please set the Shield of Lords with no alignment flags because it is not the Shield of GOOD lords.

good...bad...tomato...potato. says you...says me.

2003-10-14 00:32:33
can you please set the Shield of Lords with no alignment flags because it is not the Shield of GOOD lords.

stop logging in all your alts, Whoa.

2003-10-14 00:32:37
can you please set the Shield of Lords with no alignment flags because it is not the Shield of GOOD lords.

Whoa...this isn't going to help you.

2003-10-14 01:32:45
PURR social should be available even when sleeping.... cause cats can pur when they sleep.

I've seen this before.

2003-10-14 03:08:55
Add Felinda to the angel list? Somewheres? She's not on wizlist or angel list

I noticed that the other day...it's definitely odd. I haven't a clue why that is like that.

2003-10-14 07:16:59
when you fill a bottle from a fountain that casts something on you (yaks blood fountain) the spell gets put into the bottle like a potion, so you can drink it later for the affect. Just thought, it'd be interesting since thirst/hunger are a non-issue, and nobody really buys waterskins and such.

that would be neat. abuseable but neat. Maybe if it was part of a quest and it involved a special item to fill it else the magic won't work. Level 4.

2003-10-14 07:20:10
a reporthdl command that reveals your hdl to other people, people dont believe me what my hdl is :P

Stop lying all the time and they'll believe you.

2003-10-14 13:12:55
we need someone in the thieves guild who will buy from outlaws... a fence :)


2003-10-14 18:48:12
wanted: 1 haunt social!


2003-10-15 00:50:42
idea: make certain small animals carryable, ie rabbits cats mice etc

rabbits would eat through your clothes...that would be bad. Leave the mice and rabbits alone.

2003-10-15 02:42:02
flick social "Lasiter flicks a spitball at Flicker"

Shouldn't Flicker be Flickee...

2003-10-15 13:38:35
make 2nd tier/3rd tier lord ac gear easir to get

that sounds like a great idea for the mud down the street...EasyMUD.

2003-10-15 13:51:48
slave trader from underdark in padmasa might want to be changed


2003-10-15 14:40:14
Never quite understood why if we fought against say 2 mobs, we couldnt target or aim for the second mob, perhaps an aim skill, or a chance at tripping/bashing etc the second mob to concentrate on 1st., i.e. bash 2.mob etc

it's crazy. there's got to be a way to redirect...I've seen it on other muds. One day.

2003-10-15 15:05:35
magic light ii- a spell for mages that creates a permanent light

but what would be magic light iii...it's a vicious cycle. I cannot start it.

2003-10-15 15:37:33
add to the invincibility help file that the spell does NOT make you invincible.

Hehe. Level 1.

2003-10-15 17:03:30
make all of the masters assist so ppl stop camping nectars so much :P


2003-10-15 17:11:14
Make monks immune to charge shield: they move so fast, they cant get the charge off fast nuff. I think this would be a nice add in to monks at hero.. Skill name could be.. hm.. lightning reflexes?

nuff->enough. add in->addition. unsure why lightning reflexes would be specifically for charge shield.

2003-10-15 17:11:19
giant racial: bad breath (random automatic). When it kicks in, all the mobs in the room can either save against it or aggie in a frenzied state.


2003-10-15 20:12:38
command so that you can see the result of an unknown social

type the social

2003-10-15 22:05:37
reconcile "land" and "fly" help files, which seem to claim opposite things about fatigue

level 1

2003-10-16 03:14:58
Lord level UD quest for lord level 500+. There are quite a number of us now and would be a nice perk and challenge for players who have put some extraordinary effort and time into the game ;)


2003-10-16 16:20:03
Add an online/offline message for buddy (can be toggled on/off) so that you can see when ppl get on/off IE if you're speaking with your friend in one language, and someone else come online and don't understand, if you knew they were online you would speak English and don't "be rude" :P

rudeness shall never be acceptable buddy behavior.

2003-10-16 20:57:00
title2-A second title to be shown only in whois and who, good place to store things such as clan marks and such.

title2 shall be in the magic light ii pile.

2003-10-16 21:13:06
christmas quest an angel stuck in a cage on top of a giant christmas tree and they need to be rescued :p


2003-10-16 22:00:00
allow the slearn command on grandfathered skills if you have anything other than 0 or 1% in that skill

slearn is funny.

2003-10-16 23:17:43
a new type of invisibility that requires 'detect magic' to counter?

invis and hide should be revised.

2003-10-17 02:52:04
can we please add a get #coin or allow get all.coin to atleast pick up what you str limmit will allow for large amounts of coins on ground? thanks

one day

2003-10-17 19:06:07
change tor devote to -2int and -1 wis. orcs hurt going torr

orcs shmorks.

2003-10-17 19:14:17
eww social.


2003-10-17 20:38:24
for some reason i couldn't access www.outlandoutfitters.com (help tshirt). maybe if the site has changed the help could be updated?

level 1. remove the help file. just fyi...if more people bought the shirts it'd still work. :P

2003-10-17 21:23:18
add a few hero level +hr shortbows, so archers have a choice of all bowtypes at hero level, with hero maxes


2003-10-17 23:39:28
seperate tier restores. eg. lowmort restore, hero, lord

level 3

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