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2003-11-15 12:10:37
make trigger abuse illegal, since lots of players use clients in which triggers can't be protected.

Creating a rule doesn't suddenly stop abuse.

2003-11-15 19:15:56
the emails from the mailing lists should always show player names only. full names gets dangerous for many many reasons. (father a warden, mother a parol officer)

That's up to the individual and how they subscribe. If afraid, then people don't need to subscribe.

2003-11-15 19:16:01
be able to unlearn things

ok. you won't get a refund, though.

2003-11-15 19:34:56
lean on (target) social


2003-11-15 21:14:33
if we can have the system replace swares why not just not display them on the screen in the first place? like have the server replace what the person types

not my decision

2003-11-15 22:54:28
mass honk social...typing it out for each person in the room is tiring *ducks*


2003-11-16 00:18:34
close portal. let the portal makers close portals behind them on command. smaller unknowing explorer players wont get hurt.

I think this was already discussed.

2003-11-16 07:50:35
a spell to scry someones corpse


2003-11-16 09:07:17
some what confused why augment is given to monks and psionicists at level 87 and not to mages?

I'm not.

2003-11-17 02:54:53
;augh if you like but if your removing triggers in general for lord especialy why not create a togglaBLE in game rescue trigger that can be switched on useful for those huge spammy lord runs

yeah, Augh. why not?!

2003-11-17 08:57:39
Unless I'm going mad, Brothers Grimm is east of Solace, not north, not northwest. (Re: My last idea about changing help brothers grimm to reflect upon the fact that the area isn't located north of Solace.)

go figure. builder problem regardless. Idea command is a code review system.

2003-11-17 09:55:16
change fighting sequence to whoever makes the first hit continues to hit first throughout the fight regardless of repop/relog

no. it should be more complicated than that.

2003-11-17 10:03:41
I'm actually suprised that avatar doesn't have horses and things to ride, maybe thats why everyone teleports :p No, would be cool though, I would always have a horse if they were here. And you could leave it places but if you didn't tether it it would wander away and people could steal your horse. Neato

like a Western.

2003-11-17 10:11:06
then we could implement flying mounts, mmmmm, and then characters would be able to mount other character like dragons/griffs/centaurs But then we'd need a bigger air area (not knockin yours crom) but it only makes sense. I mean you should be able to reach more than 7 areas through the air. Even though air of avatar is a wonderful shortcut area should expand and be bigger...*nod self*

And then there are the magical mounts which teleport you...but free for no mana cost...and then...

2003-11-17 12:14:15
a search function for help files, when you can't remember the exact name of the help file (and apparently don't know the correct first letters)


2003-11-17 13:15:15
I am level 19. I just died. I still have my gold on me, not in my corpse. Please update help death to reflect upon this fact, as it currently states that you only keep the gold in your corpse until level 10.

maybe we should have the code work that way and not change the help. Code changed. In on compile.

2003-11-17 13:19:04
Sorry for mixing up stuff in last idea. People were bugging me to move away from the cloud so they could CR me. I meant that help deaths states that gold stays in corpse after level 10, while it really isn't placed there until much later (lvl 19+).

nod. fixed.

2003-11-17 20:22:14
stupid social: You bash your head against the wall chanting, 'STUPID STUPID STUPID!'


2003-11-17 21:07:40
delete sanctum its boring :p people should be out about the world! not holed up in a big boring place with no exits...


2003-11-18 12:45:22
i totally just bug-reported a lack of dull in durr sharpenning.

dude. you rock. wait. nobody reads bug.dat. Doh.

2003-11-18 15:24:45
make all quest rooms no quit rooms, like the one in sanc n(ultimate dragon viewing room)


2003-11-18 18:23:30
angels names should be a different special colour. Purple works nicely. immortals names should be another colour as well. red works nicely. This helps new players realize they are being addressed by someone special to them and not just another player.


2003-11-18 19:03:15
soup up dstone leading up to gear mobs, so i get decent xp and people actually die

builder...but no

2003-11-18 21:57:20
high level cleric spell that allows players to add a second name (ie surname),

no. having this would cost you...more than mana.

2003-11-18 22:59:06
when looking at someone, as well as just their description, would it make sense to see their gender and race as well? "You see Soandso, a male Centaur" and then description perhaps. Would make it easier to get a mental image of their character.

that's up to the player and their description.

2003-11-18 23:57:50
Allow skin corpse to create items for all eq slots (except light/weapons). It'll just be more fun. :)


2003-11-19 01:26:23
display damage after hit in number form


2003-11-19 17:04:21
help buffs or buff

level 1.

2003-11-19 17:20:57
ac degradation as gear is damaged.

not now

2003-11-20 00:21:26
help file prereqs would be more helpful if they listed everything that's connected, in other words listing all the things chill touch is a pre-req for under help chill touch, and listing all the prereqs for disintegrate including all of the prereqs for its prereqs


2003-11-20 05:29:50
be able to call demonbank command at will? like if oyu have 5000 coins atm in hand you can use demonbank <amount> or make a spell to recreate gold coins into a gem of same worth?

already discussed. thanks.

2003-11-20 08:02:01
Use MCCP to get rid of some of the lag. This idea is so very stolen from another mud, so I might as well copy&paste how well it works: "You have compression (mccp v2) on. Bytes in: 268793. Bytes out: 41830. Saving: 84.44%".


2003-11-20 08:38:40
MCCP. Cuts bandwidth usage with (probably) at least 50% at the cost of some CPU usage and a bit of latency. Cheaper than a new line too. :P

thanks. you two can collect your sales commission now.

2003-11-20 12:42:55
in order to read the boards, we need to do board 1 2 3 etc etc, perhaps if they could also be seen by typing out board questions general etc etc, just let both syntax's get us to the correct board

no. and there is a note scan command to read all notes without going to individual boards.

2003-11-20 14:19:07
example, unworship costs 100 right now. Increase unworship cost when devoted by 50% to 150 points. Create undevote at a cost less then unworship, %25 to 75 points. Cost of unworship for non devoted charatars remains the same, 100 practices


2003-11-20 14:37:17
i think there should be a godess named IILoth (the sprider queen)


2003-11-20 15:15:46
a spike social - you put your hair up into all kinds of spiky things you put %1's hair into spikey things etc


2003-11-20 15:23:21
class based skill competitions for shows, ala olympics


2003-11-20 15:29:17
I was thinking it might be a fun idea to have a curse item spell. Cast 'curse item' item. Benefit would be possible no remove (keep from being disarmed) and no drop (can't accidently drop a container) Drawbacks, could get nasty curse, eg.-hr. Possible problems, abuse by cursing then giving item to newbie. If curse carried a flag of the curser, threat of IMM punishment should keep abuse down.


2003-11-20 16:33:14
an optional tick message that can be turn on or off, just like an advice saying or something


2003-11-20 21:00:55
have alias list sort alphabetically instead of in order created


2003-11-20 21:12:04
have sors learn something akin to dread.. maybe not the same spell, but it seems IC for a sor to have something like that

no. lost me at 'akin'

2003-11-20 23:27:03
a new social: "rubik" would make your character mess with a rubik's cube somehow, an equivalent to twiddling your thumbs or some such


2003-11-20 23:42:40
let us twink skills, make it harder than twinking spells, but it happen rarely, maybe like the stat bonus every 10 levels type of rare

level 4. skill and spell learning revamp. 60% max on learning. Must learn up. Add timestamp on all skills and have them checked on save. If you don't use skills often enough, you lose %. Skills need to be tweaked heavilly to work properly due to their consistancy of use and lack of cost. May require a wait for apcost to be implemented properly.

2003-11-21 00:07:28
update dart, blast bolt, and torch so that they can't start combat. currently they won't attack but will start combat: c torch hawk: You must be fighting to use this spell! A golden hawk's attacks haven't hurt you! A golden hawk is in excellent condition.

no. bug is noted but it should have a new line: level 3: Add a line saying $n notices your failed attempt and attacks!!! which is what really is occuring...it was coded right.

2003-11-21 02:35:00
i think axes, hammers, maces, clubs, whips and so on should be abel to get just as good as a nice enchanted dfb or avenger, i dont like the idea of my giant war. holding a little sword or dagger, he should be holding something more his size. All the best weapons are swords and daggers and i think it would be alot better if something more was around? lol just my thoughts


2003-11-21 03:22:02
more class variety. 7 regular classes is to small

class variety is more than just a name. You have 7 classes and 9 gods. You essentially have 70 variations possible when including atheists. Do other muds have 70 variations? A class will not be implemented unless it is unique and adds its own diverse element to the game. We're not going to add a class just to have more classes.

2003-11-21 11:39:02
give sages better-than-ooc on many of the spells and skills they learn at hero, as a bonus for being so academic.


2003-11-21 12:01:48
Hrm.. an addition to backstab. You can type the regular bs mobname. with this skill say hero 250, you can learn lethal backstab. which enables you to type bs mobname spine. It can do the same damage if you like, just stops the mob from fleeing.


2003-11-21 17:54:46
areas that only worshipers of certain gods can enter. werredan area, shizaga area...etc. with some gear that reflects the gods nature


2003-11-21 18:00:40
new social: "rant" as in, you rant and rave about the room


2003-11-21 20:32:07
add afaik (as far as i know) to help acronyms

level 1

2003-11-22 00:05:00
have failing surge halve the cost of the full spell, like failing the spell itself (ie for me a surge 5 brim would cost about 810 instead of about 1620)


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