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2004-06-19 03:19:19
make gorn temple on thorn spellable, it would be run then

Nothing runable on thorngate. It causes... problems.

2004-06-19 05:59:04
help zombiefest doesnt work

help zombie fest does. Should add zombiefest as a keyward to that help. Level 1.

2004-06-19 07:07:18
code a way to prac all the spells/skills without preqistues at a certain level eg prac llist 1

No thanks. Painful to code and will see minimal use.

2004-06-19 14:06:29
there's a double message on landing racial fly - /w/You land and rest your wings. /g/You rest your wings.

Level 1

2004-06-19 14:39:01
have regeneration override regenerate.. have to type it out to c regerati :\

Only way to do this is rearrange the spell list, which causes more problems than you imagine. Sorry, you're stuck with it.

2004-06-19 19:15:45
help spr says "This class is only available through remort." i believe this should read "This race is only available through remort."

Level 1. Also check other remort races while there.

2004-06-19 20:49:31
Minds eye spell needs to show an affect, in addition to immunity mod, that states mana regen affected a la the way regeneration shows it.

Fine. Level 2. Add a 2nd affect that does nothing but show the regen affect. Also add to penance, purity and immaculate if necc.

2004-06-19 20:52:19
filter +all and -all

Some filters aren't + or -, ie roomall or roomtotal. Just doing +all doesn't work.

2004-06-19 21:10:16
a filter to block out failed bashes/failed disarms and any othere stuff i cant think of

Filter failure. Block failure messages from trip, toss, disarm, bash, charge, throw weapon, shatter. Level 3.

2004-06-19 21:28:58
also a filter to turn off social/rposes and emotes if it is possible

Filter social. Rposes, poses, emotes, socials. Blocking socials may not be feasible. Level 3.

2004-06-19 21:44:29
look ground - looks only at stuff on the ground

Fine. Level 2.

2004-06-20 01:19:26
Change racial frenzy expire message from "You slowly ease out of your rage." to "Your innate anger

Level 2. Make racial expire diff. from spell expire in cases where you can have both at once (only frenzy I think)

2004-06-20 03:45:22
"groom self" results in "Smaugg seems to be murmuring something to herself as he grooms himself." being

I'm not approving any new socials for the time being.

2004-06-20 03:50:43
add some notation to the help charm/domination/summon files that indicates that moving mobs out of thier area esp to safe room or cursed room and leaveing them is not polite and maybe even illega (as I recall it is but not 100% sure)

It only causes problems if you do something stupid with the mob like bring a large aggie to a low mort area, or move a common portal point. The former is illegal, the latter merely annoying. I'd like to think this is common sense, but apptly not. Level 1, add something like "Be careful where you leave your mobs."

2004-06-20 11:49:08
for assassins: disarm where a player can cause damage to a mob by hurting it when disarming

Maybe a wrist or elbow VS target. I may add more if I can compile a list of 3-5 more that are good and don't overlap other skills.

2004-06-20 17:40:26
A player with shield block should have a chance to save against certain magic attacks if his shield has the proper ward against it. Chance should be significantly lower than blocking a melee attack.

The shield isn't burnt. The ward does nothing to stop the fireball hitting you where the shield doesn't cover, or the flames from curfling around behind it. Level 4, if not added already, do more with elemental types/shields/spells to protect.

2004-06-20 18:41:48
who bud or who buddy to see who of your buddylist in on, its easier, more consistent than buddylist

Who is too messy to add something to dupe an existing command, sorry.

2004-06-21 01:40:13
condense the "to room" message when someone tries to break a lockbox (it's 5 lines, right now)

Leve 3. Re-examine break command.

2004-06-21 06:46:47
have a {Quest} flag on mobs that are quest mobs, that cannot be seen on scan, which can help those that aren't in the quest not to kill theese :)

We're low on mob flags. Would prefer an organizational solution on behalf of the questies if poss.

2004-06-21 09:34:51
Update classcounts and other help files similar to this one (psicounts, warcounts, magcounts, etc)


2004-06-21 13:47:06
trying to bs on a char that doesn't have it yields |g|You better leave the assassin trade to rogues.|n| This should probably be changed since assassins are in now

Level 1. Ferret out references in skills to assassins and priests where they mean rogues and clerics.

2004-06-21 17:30:21
Legend maybe?: At legend, skills that are maxed at 100% give a newer ability of more powerfull worth. E.g.

Interesting thought, but most spells are easy to max with a friend, an arena, and a script.

2004-06-21 17:39:08
death shroud doesn't have a room message, if you wanna make one

Death shroud is between you and Bhyss.

2004-06-21 17:44:30
lord sor CD - unhallow- similar to create shrine, however only increases the regen of evil people and prevents a

No increased regen for you, especially not by cloning an existing spell.

2004-06-21 19:08:35
make skincor mobs corpses make bloody messes - especially lord ones

There are ways in the game to reduce the odds of that happening...

2004-06-22 05:49:10
one can't chat at all at level 2 yet using the short cut key > one can hero chat at level 2

All low morts can herochat for help. In fact, they should be able to do it with the full command as well as the >

2004-06-22 09:06:50
Any chance we could get an Arena Info channel? To see who's been defeated by whom and what not.

No. An arena viewing room, MAYBE.

2004-06-22 20:49:08
just curious why we can't check insure list while fighting, if there was a reason :p

The insurance imps (or Inps) are afraid of fights.

2004-06-22 22:25:56
mass remove curse, cleric cd

Duplicates preach absolve, and prs are cooler than cle, so no.

2004-06-22 22:26:54
sorcerors should get mass curse!

Level 4, consider a version of Preach for debuffs. Research abusability/possible issues.

2004-06-23 10:06:46
add a (sharpening) flag to a person while in sharpening lag

No, the "Minirva is busy now" message should be adequate. Plus, see "low on flags"

2004-06-23 16:15:03
ran seems to have been taken out of slist/hlist/llist commands.... any reason for it? or maybe a mistake

Any non-available/remortable class should be thusly hidden to decrease confusion IMO. Rangers themselvers can still access slist etc.

2004-06-23 21:20:37
Mage skill Quickflight?-makes a throwable item have a chance to damage more

Level 4, consider/design enchant/upgrade/modification system for throwing weapons

2004-06-24 03:08:27
Forgive my ignorance; if I am a level 2 mag, should I logically be able to block with a shield, without having the skill practiced? "You hold up your shield to block the nanny's strike!"

Yes. You are allowed a slim chance to use def. skills you don't have. Consider yourself lucky that she just HAPPENED to hit your shield. This should never happen by hero/lord tho.

2004-06-24 03:22:37
(A quick message stating to newbies that she gives a handful of coins) You give a funky root to Liam.Liam says, "Oh good, a Manduck root. Here's your reward."

Level 1, expand that adesc.

2004-06-24 11:57:42
did you know that the ents have no

racial poses?

2004-06-24 12:24:14
rpose ent spreads it's leave and gives you shade. Ahhhh, how nice!

Level 1, double check rposes for everybody.

2004-06-24 15:31:17
archers should be able to do held shot at the beginning of the battle

Code nightmare. Sorry, I couldn't make it work.

2004-06-24 18:46:59
let mags cast spells in the ultimoose quest

I assume you meant surge. It's been proven that they don't need it, and it's too easy with it.

2004-06-25 04:46:59
(not sure if this was already done or looked into) Clear herothanks on remort.

Part of the player/char history. No.

2004-06-25 13:04:40
when a lord remorts, give a restore - 'The passing of lord soandso has restored you'

Sure. Level 2.

2004-06-25 15:03:46
At lord, being able to lead shouldn't be taken lightly. I think that if a "point" system was implemented so that for each

Not a bad one, but we want to augment what's there now, not replace it.

2004-06-26 00:01:36
I remorted and Lost my herothank power Should it not reset?

No opinion. Sway me.

2004-06-26 01:13:18
add a help for tnl tiering

Level 1 if not in there somewhere.

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