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Low level archers needing to buy arrows or bolts should visit the Fletcher's daughter in Stonehall and the Fletcher who has his shop to the south of Aelmon in Midgaard City. A low level fletching kit is available for sale from Liam in Wayside. - Riviat
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2004-07-24 04:06:27
i can't remember if i idea'd this already but if i didn't: put a timer on mobs tracking fled players, i mean, they'd forget about me eventually, right?

You did, and I shot it down.

2004-07-24 06:42:11
mage spell, focal point, prereq spell recovery, this augmentation spell pours

Concentration failure is low enough as is. Casters can augment conc. with race and religion. If a spell like this existed, they'd just keep it on like a lightswitch, ruining the affect of other design factors.

2004-07-24 08:17:51
update help highest w/bzk ( yeah makes it look unbalanced without 3 more

Will get there eventually. Going to tweak formatting a bit I think.

2004-07-24 14:25:14
A new class of spells, auras. Require an initial casting cost and then an

a what?

2004-07-24 14:35:42
It seems that many mobs on Tart aren't flagged as Demons even though they are demons stated in their desc, either that or I tend to fail turn demon alot :) Perhaps a stronger 'turn undead/demon' spell for lord?

I'm getting there.

2004-07-24 15:48:04
Was looking at racial lists for different races the other day and came across True Faes. Like the set of racials, will they be availible as a remort option?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

2004-07-24 17:50:58
sage lord smoke bombish? ff next room

Now that I can't point to crom on sages, I'm not entirely sure what to do with them. Stay tuned.

2004-07-24 17:59:33
Darii's map is out of date :), the one in the tree of knowledge

Pesky Darii, she's so lazy! Add update all ingame maps as lvl 2 task please.

2004-07-24 18:07:25
with awareness up when you run out of ammo garbage is displayed for arrows remainign probably due to a null pointer

Already tasked, having trouble fixing it. Please do check the task list on the website for longstanding bugs like this, as it is likely they've already been reported.

2004-07-24 20:42:10
in the outsiders, with a shoppie invis'd, not speaking cant the mob says i can't do business, when speaking cant, i can't buy anything

More info please?

2004-07-24 20:56:13
make auto-portal enter triggers illegal

2004-07-24 21:44:53
quote Dev: "no matter how far east you go on avatar, you won't find Japan." Then you might want to know that a few mob descriptions and items in White Lotus Temple and Moose Lodge reference China and Old Nippon, respectively.

An item in one of my areas references a Bare Naked Ladies song. That doesn't mean I'm going to make a "canadian band member" class.

2004-07-24 22:19:58
yo dev, think you could code vampires?

Vampism/lycanthropism aren't races/classes, but afflictions. I COULD code them, but I'm not sure how they'd work. Probably something closer to zombiefest than a race or class.

2004-07-24 23:09:04
racial languages does not exist, but is referenced at the least, in help languages

Change reference to help tongues, lvl 1

2004-07-25 00:27:13
item flags info under help `item flags` ?

Unsure how much info I want players to have regarding item flags. Important stuff like curses is covered in helps already I believe.

2004-07-25 00:28:56
doesn't kobolds remort policy conflict with the `no remort to creation races` policy?

A bit. But kobolds are just so powerful and cool they deserve to be the exception.

2004-07-25 00:32:04
on the topic of more classes. any chance some of the new classes being thought up might be made creation classes? or are we trying to avoid `new` alts, and force people to just keep the

The simple fact of the matter is that remorts are more fun to code/design because we have more freedom. Sages were intended for creation but now face an uncertain future. Snikt intends new Rangers to be remort I believe.

2004-07-25 00:38:26
rephrase of prior idea. help blunt weaponry implies it is a Sage only skill

Lvl 1

2004-07-25 00:56:50
moniter mana ( allows you to moniter someone's mana, eg good for tank to


2004-07-25 01:08:41
a chance(err slim?) of restoring the mud when a 999 lord levels- not

Too repeatable.

2004-07-25 02:08:17
When a beserker or a minotaur begins to berserk, at each 'level' of berserk status their speech should become less understandable. At fully berserk they should be completely unintelligible.

Cute idea, but doubt it's impable.

2004-07-25 03:48:43
add a message for when rally and berserk drop please.

lvl 2, may not be possible for berserk because of the way the affect is done

2004-07-25 05:45:39
Bug: i gave nebulate coins, but after they couldn't accept, i got th

lvl 2, fix message and double check math in coin passing overweight

2004-07-25 06:33:50
Put a check into demonbank to not allow it to be activated if you have no gold in your bank. Possibly put a warning message advising of no gold in the bank.

But as soon as you, do the demons will be there to make off with 10%

2004-07-25 12:37:03
make a golem race remort for gargoyles. racial vertigo, racialfear of open spaces (whatever the scientific term), racial_neutral? , maybe have them be a evolution race, earth, copper ...,

Think this was already approved. I like the evolution idea.

2004-07-25 13:18:30
a filter to filter out mass smash damage - always laggs me on lordruns

lvl 3; add a combatmisc filter for smash, bash, trip, etc.

2004-07-25 13:22:55
some spell that its entire purpos is to give a message every tic telling

Timing ticks is too easy as it is, thanks.

2004-07-25 13:47:12
help newlord and help lordschool bleed at the end :)

lvl 1

2004-07-25 15:04:44
should not the alertness skill be a prerequisite for the withdraw skill

Yes. lvl 2

2004-07-25 18:45:11
Scarification sometimes gives me hps, even giving me more than my current max. Sometimes it takes away hps. Appears to be random.

Wierd. I'll check.

2004-07-25 20:08:26
cpose--class poses, neat extras like rposes :p

That would be just regular pose.

2004-07-25 21:51:29
error in help races, tua not listed as remort only

lvl 1

2004-07-25 22:17:33
tuataur psi damage bonus on dancing weapon and fandango


2004-07-26 01:09:25
races that cannot regenerate in the sun, thus are creatures that live in dark areas should have nightvision/infravision, no? verbits need some kind of see in the dark racial to go with their

They have to grow into it...

2004-07-26 02:02:51
since lightning arrows stun, should lightning bolt have a chance to stun as well?

Maybe if it was a lord spell.

2004-07-26 13:12:11
dragon remort (or Lord+ evolution...like fdk) to wyrm or elder dragon. The dragons in SoL run tell me there must be a higher species of dragon

There are indeed, but it's even sillier for them to be wearing pants and running around adventuring than regular dragons.

2004-07-26 15:26:07
I think there should be built in to the mud a alt list:)

There is, but it's for imms. Players have the right to hide their alts from other players if they want.

2004-07-26 20:04:17
Berserker skill: Blunt lore. pre-req: Lore. Examining a blunt weapon,

Lores deliberately left out of bzk slist.

2004-07-26 20:34:04
mass rescue for lords warriors at lord 250

Not a bad idea, but a lot of stuff we COULD give to high warriors seems to powerful to just GIVE them. I'd want them to have to earn it in some way ala reputation or give up other things ala rites.

2004-07-26 21:50:41
make follow with no arguments tell who you're following

How could you not know?

2004-07-26 23:01:35
in graves of reveria, the box and the tomb in the catacombs both used to repop together with rose potions, now, box is almost always empty, change in repop status or bug?

Camping more like.

2004-07-26 23:19:12
Berserker sill: Spikes. By adding spikes or even a large nail to their blunt

Maybe if we had materials to specify a wooden weapon instead of metal.

2004-07-27 00:28:44
berserker rite - taunt, force all mobiles in room to attack the taunter.

Already being considered...

2004-07-27 00:35:00
Allow checking playerinfo of someone who is offline, like the "last"

lvl 4

2004-07-27 01:05:27
All healing should be based on WIS, like comfort is, to make cle's a more

How do you know it isn't?

2004-07-27 03:57:37
Shouldn't there be an exit north back into the Reveria area here?

lvl 1

2004-07-27 12:56:06
there is no to-room message for casting medicine on oneself

Not all spells need all messages

2004-07-27 15:00:40
see also line of help races bleeds to prompt

lvl 1

2004-07-27 15:17:40
sprites with their massive intelligence shouldn't be able to fail surge. or

Channeling that much power should actually be reliant on intestinal fortitude. Maybe con should influence those skills. Maybe sprites should be really BAD at surging...

2004-07-27 17:01:25
Traps for assassins - create items on ground. Snare-act like a web, easier to

Good idea, but very messy to imp.

2004-07-27 17:12:25
more trap ideas - Darts, minor damage spell, area affect. Smoke, Faerie fog and blindness for short duration, residual affect for short duration.

Good ideas, but traps are a minor enough part of the game that i'm happy with them as they are.

2004-07-27 19:43:41
RACIAL_THICK SKULL - races with this, tend to recover from tail lag attacks, and other physical lag attacks much more quickly.

Good idea, tho my instinct would be to make it a bzk rite. lvl 3 approved for a racial for ogre and minotaur. Halves lag from tail, arrow stun and warlord smash.

2004-07-27 20:26:30
have kill counter roll over also give back a stat point if one is missing-

lvl 3

2004-07-27 22:15:38
I keep failing poison weapon like 4 out of 5 times with 32 dex, I dont

Using a crappy tool? Worshipping a god with bad crafts rating? Exagerating?

2004-07-27 23:12:13
quest prize: perma-heighten.


2004-07-27 23:53:21
a way to set individuals on ignore. (without using Deaf which makes you


2004-07-28 02:34:30
Make it so that Slugs cannot be affected by HOGs.

lvl 2

2004-07-28 03:42:59
Your learning potential increases!, I was not down any stats, and I didn't gain any pracs is this a bug or did they change it so you don't get any pracs if all your stats are maxed?

The amt of pracs you gain from this is based on your total. The more you HAVE, the less you GET, so you probably were right at the threshold and just got 1.

2004-07-28 12:01:17
major reorg on lord council - make it a kind of VERY low level staff position. lords vote - imms vote yes/no on the lords that got voted in. would give some semblence of authority for LC

LC is not under my juridiction. At least not until they elect mobs to it. Kippy for veep!

2004-07-28 16:28:27
change overconf to be able to target yourself.. sometimes we want it!

Yeh, and that's why I won't let you do it! Maybe if it was psi CD...

2004-07-28 20:44:07
a sge macro, and perhaps prs, that combines acumen/adrenaline pump/biofeedback/giant strength/savvy

Resuggest when I know where sages are going. It'd have to be theirs as only they get savvy AND acumen.

2004-07-28 23:46:56
new race, hammerhands. remort for dwarf/deurgar. has increased str, con, wis and racial armorstone or a new armor skin racial, a small damage mod, and racial statue (caster takes and deals no damage for 1 or 2 ticks, LONG fatigue).

While I'd like dwf/due to have a remort, it is unlikely anybody else will get a HiE equivalent remort. That worked for elves because the hie were so well defined in areas.

2004-07-29 01:04:11
savvy needs a message when it drops.. dunno about acumen

lvl 2

2004-07-29 02:04:53
"Galladan adds his voice to the chant! The blue smoke envelopes you!" but it was cast on Pyromanic, not me ;)

Maybe there's just a LOT of smoke

2004-07-29 02:07:31
send bug (of course there'd be a few...) after casting we are in lag for about

I know. It needs ritual_strip at the end. Will get there.

[Xanith sings a lullaby to you and your eyelids start to drop.] hoping that should be "droop" cause i don't think cure disease works on mudleprosy :(

lvl 5; add leprosy.

2004-07-29 04:28:20
notice to players at hero sublevel 30 to read help angel petition

lvl 1;

2004-07-29 05:13:53
A jig social would be fun. Possibly <name> does a little jig! You jig about

Socials on hold, sorry

2004-07-29 05:16:59
i have been playing for a few days, and wone of the most things i hear when i

We don't have helps for gear.

2004-07-29 11:47:32
add base ac modification to items on qp-catalog? *toe*


2004-07-29 13:59:06
Halo - paladin skill - Undead, demons and sorcerors attacking the caster have a chance of being blinded by the

Paladin's aura of holiness

2004-07-29 14:00:14
smite - paladin skill - Paladin's attacks do extra damage to Undead, demons and sorcerors, paladin gains 1/2

xp and 1/6 regen for duration

2004-07-29 14:00:42
selflessness - paladin skill - Reduces

the ac penalty for rescuing

2004-07-29 14:01:30
Sanctity - paladin skill - Paladin gains

extra save v spell versus demon/undead/sor attacks.

2004-07-29 14:03:01
Benevolence - paladin skill - A paladiun who is leading a group derives great satisfaction from the achievements of others under his care. [Each time a grouped person levels, paladin gets a tiny amount (5 or 10) of experience]


2004-07-29 16:06:43
make savvy useful by allowing us to cast it on others or incorporating it into foci when a mage casts it. as it is now it's essentially useless.


2004-07-29 18:29:28
change the code on Send to allow sleeping targets (if it isn't as such already...I haven't tested it) as well to be targeted. This way we allow another option to leaders who want to send

No. The resting is to prevent unwilling victims. Get sponges salved. Depending where LC goes with anti-sponge stuff we may end up with a boot spell/ritual.

2004-07-29 19:27:36
a different kind of anti-dread spell. fearless. prevents fleeing from dread, and

Maybe I gave dread to mobs because I wanted it to force you to flee. Ever think of that?

2004-07-30 12:57:02
for a quest the shield of snikt adds 1000 ac till death quest prize


2004-07-30 13:16:01
when more than 15 lords shift in 2 ticks, how about a heroinfo :you sense that

No. Lords are free to annoucne runs on hero if getting Lords out of their alts is a concern.

2004-07-30 13:45:36
Add "jake" as a keyword for the bartender in aelmon.

lvl1; "Jake!"

2004-07-30 17:13:23
config option to give gold from autogold comand to other groupies and keep

Sorry, too much for a config.

2004-07-30 20:46:03
Make one of the horsemen's wields a blunt type weapon so Berserkers

Ok. Make war's weapon a mace. lvl 1.

2004-07-30 21:07:13
conf flag for bset if buddy is in conf

lvl 3

2004-07-30 21:55:00
More/better axes! A dwarf just can't feel at home with these spears and swords. *grumble*

I agree, but that's not really something I can task.

2004-07-30 23:12:47
hows about a gladator quest for each levels 2-11 12-22 23-33 every ten levels with a peice of gear as a reward:)


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