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Newbie Tip
Creating an alias can help you get all of your gear from your corpse. For example if you are standing one room south of your corpse, and there is an aggressive mob guarding it, try 'alias getcorpse north: get all corpse: south' You will often be able to get your gear with no trouble. - Locqui
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2004-08-07 10:22:46
color bleed at end of help tnl

lvl 1; Fix color bleeds in helps


2004-08-07 11:27:02
counterthrow should be renamed >'countertoss' in line with 'throw' being changed

Meh. Doesn't have to match. Counterpush doesnt match bash.


2004-08-07 18:25:34
make int a major part of fandango dmg dealt

Fandango's variabaility is by gear' That's enough.


2004-08-07 19:19:10
why don't we get xp when our poison or web

Code limitation.


2004-08-08 14:43:13
Sor's get tutor other .. shouldn't they be

Sors shouldn't sahre power. lvl 2; remove teaching skills from sors.


2004-08-08 21:38:47
make help astral invasion lord level

lvl 1


2004-08-09 00:04:28
display the maximum wield weight (as >determined by current str) in abilities

lvl 3


2004-08-09 00:33:07
give berserkers an ability that lets them >fight with their bare hands when they go berserk

They already get open hand. They're more than welcome to use it.


2004-08-09 00:59:24
Demonic intent should do the inverse of >bio empathy, and prevent sorcerers from casting beneficial spells (such as >ac spells) on others. We are evil, after all.

I see no real justification for making that more than a RP choice


2004-08-09 02:35:15
asn should get track so they can track >their prey

Assassins are smarter than that. They already know where their prey is.


2004-08-09 05:25:56
Maybe priest can get ablution a target >spell?

Too open for abuse, too strong for hero, and not needed at lord. Except for bzk... hrmmm...


2004-08-09 15:03:56
aimed shot adjustment, splinter and >other non-armor piercing type arrows to work better when aimed at parts of >body not wearing armor. (aimed head works best on mobs with no helm)

Eeenteresting, but not neccesary plausible. I'll check.


2004-08-10 22:17:57
Remove target from death shroud so PEOPLE

lvl 1; update DS help


2004-08-11 05:00:15
Priest should get spiritlink at legend 1



2004-08-13 17:54:10
Bard class, poor fighter, sing a song kind >of like rally to raise various groupmate stats or lower mobs'

Bards are dumb and you can quote me on it.


2004-08-14 00:17:39
add a 'tiny' weapon type/flag. i.e. >daggers and other weapons (and whatever the heck a Hand of Buddha is ;)

lvl 4; make a concealable type for 1handed weapons. Smaller, lower minmax, but with a bonus to stealth skills.

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Jul 27 2021 04:03
While you are grabbing XP, we are busy testing out the quest events before August!

Jul 27 2021 02:31
Thanks to whoever sorted out the website certificate.

Jul 23 2021 12:52
Expired security certificate on wiki throwing up blocking page in all browsers (https://avatar.mel

Jul 15 2021 12:40
Muerte completed the Ultimate Dragon quest. Well done!

Feb 02 2021 17:46
ISO IMM assistance with Multireg Issue (figured i'd try on here)...

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Aug 04 2021 20:38
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