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2004-08-21 02:51:53
a shadow fang is a 2 handed weapon...?

lvl 1, shadowfang should be 1h or concealable

2004-08-21 10:50:26
undead mobs, damage spells actually heal them, and healing spells actually hurt them.

We are not final fantasy or DND. Considering that healing spells can be cast by atheist characters, or worshippers of evil gods who like undead,

2004-08-21 14:37:58
tighten social - Rafel tightens his grip on #s weapons.

Putting socials on hold for the time being until the task list is empty of them.

2004-08-21 17:05:17
add bigger/other prizes in lockboxes other than coins and gems... perhaps tickets for special prizes determined by the quest staff.

Maybe compatible with certain future expansion efforts (embed, aclehym). When they arrive.

2004-08-22 00:25:49
Your idea has been logged. This was NOT the Identify command. Thanks! <-- response when using bug, that's the idea response, no?

Same function.

2004-08-22 01:15:29
Make a human remort! seriously remort at 500 lord, to <super human> (can change name) 2ktnl +2 on all stats, racial berserk

Wouldn't just getting to lord make a human super relative to the average?

2004-08-22 11:18:00
board unsubscribe cmd, why do we always need to be subscribed to all boards, only one that counts is imm and perhaps personal, would mean less

It's called note catchup.

2004-08-22 13:08:13
Give send to everyone because a lot of people are too cheap to purchase a practice ticket and maybe there are enough brutes out there that would

No. I intended send to be, at best, an imperfect solution. If I wanted bzk shifting easily I'd have just given it to them and let you cast it wearing mana gear.

2004-08-22 18:39:39
advanced corpse sacrifice, there are those who sacrafice corpses for blessings and power of some form, but others sacrafice things on a normal basis to

Probably when worship is expanded.

2004-08-22 19:34:20
Add a list of current council member to the help file. also add "council" to the who command. set a council flag to the lordcouncil members.... and

Use your titles/playerinfo.

2004-08-22 22:29:05
when i go berserk i dont get the frenzy bonus...thats all..thanks :)

What frenzy bonus?

2004-08-23 03:25:10
Blindness doesn't seem to affect spell casting. Have a random modifier that makes you miss more often then not when casting while blind?

Blindness really needs to be renamed. Clearly, the penalities suffered under the blind spell are a lot less severe than actual blinding. My suggestion is you take magical blindness with the same grain of salt you take "invincibility." It impairs vision, but is clearly not absolute. I've known legally blind people who see well enough to watch tv (from very very close)

2004-08-23 06:40:39
Allow lords to cast some non-combat oriented spells on Midgaard, like planeshift, christen, etc.

No. Lord spells are for lords.

2004-08-24 06:01:29
a toggable command for kzinti for fear at hero it be nice if kzin had the choice to flee

They do.

2004-08-24 11:20:46
`spells anoint` no spells found. Bug?

Yes. Stop using the spells command.

2004-08-24 13:37:10
add the low level fletching gear in Wayside (on Liam) to HELP STARTING GEAR

lvl 1

2004-08-24 13:37:32
A HELPFILE offering LOCALECHO help on some of the basic versions of TELNET

lvl 1

2004-08-24 21:20:02
Land - dispels 'fly' usefull for those with wanderlust o.0

The racial is terminable. Try earthbind self.

2004-08-24 23:09:32=30206=Add invis 2 as an allowable wizinvis level that won't default to invis 800 (ala invis 51 and invis 125)

If any imm opts to be invisible only to true lvl 1 newbies they should be sacked.

2004-08-25 09:58:11
"Battle Command": Warrior/Paladin skill. Orders groupmembers to assist on killing the mob. Slight chance of attacking wrong mob in confusion (1/100). Consumes 1-2 moves each time. 10% chance to not assist due to simply beeing too slow. Config to allow autoassist. Rogues/Assassins sometimes ignore the battle command order, and priests never assist.

Lvl 4; I'm open to the possibility but not a big fan of the specifics presented here. And I want a downside.

2004-08-25 17:17:38
2 handed weapons? at a level people can't double wield? *sulk* *runs around with a lance*

Double wield only gives a damage bonus. You can still USE a 2-handed weapon if you want, without the skill, much like you can use an offhand without dual.

2004-08-25 21:31:16
Raise insure limit? Currently we cannot insure a full set of gear.

No, really? How could we possibly have missed that? Oh, right. Intentionally.

2004-08-26 00:07:24
Now that l125 spells stun majorly to heroes, re-open triple divinity possibility on blood ritual for lords.

Blood ritual can have a facelift after alchemy is done. It can be better than alchemy if limited to only being useful to sors.

2004-08-26 00:54:26
Increase the gold limit in bank for remort races/classes. It would be convenient if they didn't need to pass gold to alts because of the limit as it is now. Maybe give them an extra 5 million or 10 million depositable per tier.

lvl 2; if incarnations > 1, up limit to lord lvl

2004-08-26 21:21:32
kill tiring Idea

Believe me, I'd love to kill tirings ideas. They tire me.

2004-08-26 22:01:51
You should be able to wield more weight with a two-handed weapon, also making smash more useful.

Probably. PWD isn't over...

2004-08-27 01:59:33
trust list, allows people you add to your list to summon you away from a dangerious area if you have nosummon on.

Or just turn nosummon off before going into a dangerous area.

2004-08-27 15:32:08
a HELP PR BZK and add berserker to help class/help pr

lvl 1

2004-08-27 20:15:57
if a fight is in progress when nofight comes on, archers still use arrows unless removed

Wierd. Imms shouldn't trigger nofight w/o global peace to stop fights tho.

2004-08-27 21:32:01
Disrupt: psi skill/spell: With all of his concentration (and hence, actions) a psion can ruin the aim of an archer by putting subtle movement on an arrow as

lvl 3; make it work ala busy; psi is busy til after the shot, then has lag. Lag needs to be +1 round so they can't use it every round.

2004-08-27 23:02:12
a 'hoarde' flag for mobs. for example, a mob "an army of Orcs" with the flag would represent many individual enemies. if a mob is a hoarde, its attack will

Only things that can logically swarm, like bugs, should be represented in this manner. Yes, I know there are examples of it in the mud.

2004-08-28 00:21:02
please fix giantkin clubs so they can break open lockboxes again dual wield now and they are crushing weapons.

lvl 2; check break code for weapon types.

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