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2004-12-04 12:12:24
tattoo shop, customize your character with tattoos,

We have tattoo items already.

2004-12-04 14:43:12
oops ment random perfect gem bag as a catalogue item leave it up to you how you calcultae n umber and variety

Questies, start your considering.

2004-12-04 15:21:46
lord skill, monks catch arrow

I thought about it, but there's actually quite a lot of code issues, and it's not like catching them would be especially useful.

2004-12-04 15:39:23
new spell for psis brainwash to let enemies forget their spells or skills

Which really wouldn't work much differently than scramble

2004-12-04 15:40:31
catch weapon for psis

Psis guide their own weapons back to them with their very minds. They're no better at intercepting incoming projectiles than any other caster.

2004-12-04 17:46:28
update a few of the hero weapons from older hero areas like veil and borely manner and dragon crypt make them 10/10 weapons like most hero stuff?:)

Right, because having 20-some weapons at the same level of power isn't enough. We need more.

2004-12-04 23:07:38
make mobs' standard arrows less powerful against player armor, and give appropriately powerful arrow types to the mobs that are indended to hit hard

Nah. I'm pretty happy with how it works now, and wouldn't wish the headache of another archery rebalance on my worst enemy.

2004-12-05 01:02:52
why dont critical falure portals randomly portal to some other mob? or have a chance to bamf ppl entering it heh

Seems a bit mean. I'm not super-pleased with the over-reliance on portal, but this would just annoy people without really solving anything.

2004-12-05 05:11:09
age (as on Score) make it so that 100 hours of REAL TIME equal 1 year of character life. as a character gets older, age becomes a hinderance


2004-12-05 07:37:25
Can we have the ability to deposit all.gemstone at a bank?

lvl 3; deposit all should include gems if it doesn't already

2004-12-05 08:53:00
is it possible to make the auto-recall or auto-trans during combat when someone goes linkdead on purpose a toggle? to prevent people from getting

No toggle for you! You'd turn it off then lose your corpse when you really lost link and then you'd complain and complain. (that's a metaphorical you, not you, Soulblighter, explicitly)

2004-12-05 09:19:12
change help highest, how about when you do help <race> at the bottom it lists the highest PCs of that race? help ent, help plus all the high ents of each

Help highest needs a facelist, but it's an odd piece of code that isn't fun to mess with. It's on the to-do list.

2004-12-05 14:01:24
As a midround skill, allow the player to change up who gets hit first in a round so as to make their vital shot hit.

If you want to VS, don't tank. I eventually want it to work ala archery where it's much harder if you're tanking, regardless of who hits first.

2004-12-06 06:42:11
help golem has the gargoyle class ... shouldnt this be gargoyle race?

lvl 1

2004-12-06 11:43:58
for the holy sight spell. add a placeholder affect/spell that shows you're affected by holy sight, along with the individual spells. similar to the place

sure, whatever. lvl 2

holders other macros offer

2004-12-06 12:08:32
put autoassist back in


2004-12-06 14:48:16
a command to deside what letters in name that should be caps, instead of desiding each login

uh, no.

2004-12-06 21:16:57
toggleable skill, psis, costs them 2-3x as much mana, but they can cast in no-cast rooms...they use their minds afterall...just make them "concentrate"

Players will never have anything allowing them to cast in no-cast rooms. That's why I put them there. For the not-casting part.

2004-12-07 00:03:16
Any chance we could get a message for when a shrine is made, similar to planar anchor

Nah. Just use lordchat.

2004-12-07 00:35:53
make forced rescue not work for class's who dont get rescue.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't since it just calls the command.

2004-12-07 11:52:45
Code help highest so that the player who gets the level first retains the title until the challenger passes them. Currently the challenger will replace the

We have know way of knowing this.

2004-12-10 00:12:56
midround for archers that doesnt take an extra round of preperation

People have this conception that there are periodic lulls in combat. There aren't. If you want proof, trying reading aloud every individual line of damage in a combat round before the next round comes up. There IS no such thing as midround. Any special attacks that don't have front-loaded lag are thus total baloney.

2004-12-10 00:20:27
a mana burn spell that does damage to the players mana and possibly a proportional amount of damage to that players hp

And that's all? You just lose hp and mana?

2004-12-10 06:20:19
failed spells start fights solo but not when grouped

Is this an idea or a bug report?

2004-12-10 07:39:20
you should have a skill to triple or double fletch productivity

No I shouldn't

2004-12-10 18:03:05
consummation NEEDS to work for kicks as well as normal monk hits

It needs to? Like it can't be happy unless it works for kicks? Well, I'd hate to see consummation get depressed. lvl 3; add consummation bonus to kicks and racial unarmed attacks (hoof, tail, etc)

2004-12-10 23:11:36
Make the password command require the new-password to be typed twice, to prevent bad passwords by checking for differences between the two passwords. Some of us are on telnet, and can't review what was typed, and this may help.

Sure. Lvl 3

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