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2005-04-09 21:30:53
have rabid mobs give doomtox (or lower toxins for lower tiers)

No doom toxin for players. Too powerful.

2005-04-10 03:36:04
Paladin-based ritual spell 'spirit vortex'. When 5 or more corpses are on the ground in a room, the remnant spirits of the dead are powerful enough for the Paladin to begin a ritual to tear open a rift in space and call on the good spirits. Paladin begins ritual, other magicians may finish. Ritual results in area spell. Severity of damage based upon

Sounds a bit necromanty for paladins.

2005-04-10 09:00:44
I would like to see a nice fun reward for those that have reached lord level 500+ and I came upon an idea the other day. What about making a street off of thorn that is a row of lord housing where lords over lvl 500 have their own space. We would

No player specific rooms, features, etc. anything

2005-04-10 10:15:36
paladin: "honor": gateway skill to unlock other paladin skills; prevents fleeing/recall in combat

Not bad, but does it do anything beneficial?

2005-04-10 10:18:03
paladins: forced devote upon remort (choose when remorting?). If they ever try and unworship, have 'e hem turn into a kobold cleric

Paladins aren't conceptually tied to a specific god like priests are. They can jump around if they want. You can even have a Paladin of Generic Self Righteousness if you wanted to jump around.

2005-04-10 14:26:58
I think that rogues should get some exp for successfully dismantling traps, based on difficutly

Not a BAD idea, but the reason I allowed PRS to get exp from healing is that they give up the ability to solo/level in the normal fashion to do so.

2005-04-10 14:38:04
quest points trade in for a perfect gem, maybe


2005-04-10 17:13:15
make carnivorous squirrel a corpse eater

No. He's nasty enough as he is.

2005-04-10 18:18:01
Paladin hero 101- Subdue may have been suggested before, don't know. the Paladin uses the flat side of his sword to subdue higher int foes. If the enemy who's int is high enough to notice the paladin's intention works,

2005-04-10 18:18:32
It loses its aggressive flag (if it has one) and stays in a resting position for 7 ticks.

No. The mobs you face at that level are all pretty studly. They're not going to be cowed by some guy holding his sword sideways.

2005-04-10 18:22:44
Honor Guard (toggle?) - A paladin can state his honor on the line in a one on one battle. He must be of 80% or more hp when starting the battle, and the opponent must be of sufficient level. E.g. 10-20 levels about or whatever.

Dueling is too hard a thing to track in our combat system.

2005-04-10 18:38:21
Piety - A paladin can pronounce a selfishless goal in the name of his/her god. Protection, Valor, Clarity or Justice. E.g syntax piety (either of these) Protection allows added bonuses based on the amount of rescues and assistance with spells the paladin makes. Valor the amount of damage (or kills) taken and given the paladin takes/gives to/from an opponent. Clarity (restraint) used with the subdue idea

2005-04-10 18:38:47
based on amount of subdued creatures? or Justice CR based. Blessing given for the amount of CR's/Threnodies a paladin helps complete (how to code this I don't have a clue) Once the paladin has completed a set amount of deeds within his proclaimed piety, the gods bless him/her with whatever you see as fair.

I like the overall idea tho the specifics need work. Pals will be given special class pts ala BZK rites but instead take various oathes, all of which carry a restriction and an ability. To use the suggested example, the Oath of Valor increases hitting power or gives damage reduction against evil, but the Paladin cannot flee or recall from combat or the Oath is lost he cannot take it again. The Oath of Courage allows the Paladin to ignore rescue mods when saving those smaller than him (half max hps) but if too many small people die in his group, he loses the Oath.

If a Paladin makes it to certain milestones with all his Oathes intact (say they get 3 before hero 500, at hero 500 you would need all still legit) his sword becomes more potent against evil.

Oaths adept at 75 and increment by 1 each time they are "used". In order to qualify for weapon upgrades, an Oath must've incremented up to 100, so you can't just wait til 499 and take a bunch of Oaths. An Oath whose restriction is broken is set to -1.

Someone on design take charge of this and work on hording Oath ideas from notes and lists. If we can find enough that are feasible to code we can make a cohesive system out of it. If not, we'll just code the best 3 or whatever as regular skills.

To the rest of the Paladin ideas submitted this week I say, rework as an Oath and resubmit.

2005-04-11 00:24:54
I've submitted this before, but I've reworked it. A vampirism disease: basically, while you have the disease as an affect you're turning into a vampire, so you

get nosun and maybe even some small stat bonuses (because you're becoming stronger). But when the disease's affect falls, or when you're killed while you have the disease, your corpse instantly reanimates wearing your gear, and is the same level a

2005-04-11 00:26:34
... same level as the mob that bit you. (And it would return as a vampire too, so it could bite your groupies!) I think it should take a priest, cleric, or paladin to cure it.

lvl 4.

2005-04-11 00:37:06
Paladin skill 'vicariousness'. Paladin loses hp/mana when a group member dies, and gains hp/mana when a group member levels. Stat gains/losses refer to current, not permanent stats. For example, a group member levels, the Paladin goes from

I particularly like this one, but I want to see it in Oath form! The Oath of Camaraderie or something. Needs a different downside.

2005-04-11 02:30:51
a "holdgear" ability for lords who wish to remort/rebuild which charges a fee per pieace of gear which holds the gear until such time as the character re-lords.

Theoretically this will be lockers if they are fixed

2005-04-11 03:10:53
Rog's and other stealthy classes should be able to steal from shop keepers as well as regular mobs

Steal, sell, steal, sell, steall, go afk and generate infinite money.

2005-04-13 23:17:25
add racial evil to drc

They're not evil. Only Quixoltan hates them, and that's for pretty selfish reasons.

2005-04-14 19:59:06
There ought to be a second type of group tell. The first as it is now, and the second should be able to be formatted like a note. Something to the effect of

lvl 4, imp note to group. When typed, it grabs the name of the first 20 players in your current group and sets your note to them.

2005-04-15 17:36:41
my setmout/setmin were set before I remorted. When I remorted, I lost access to the command, but my setmin/setmout stayed the same.

lvl 2; clear setmit/mout on remort

2005-04-16 00:27:51
Allow kobolds to remort their class, or make it very clear in the help file that they cannot remort class either. A kobold or two has expressed confusion.

It's pretty clear to me unless they've changed the definition of ONLY

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