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2005-07-09 09:54:21
hmm if bullets arent special items for gnome boomstick and arblast can archers maybe druids have the ability to make em say 200 for arblast level 20 for

grab a roundish rock and chipping it into a sphere is one thing, but the facilities required to forge bullets are not something people carry around in a kit. Besides, arbalests are itended to be little more than novelties.

2005-07-09 19:37:58
Oh well, Auto-hate racial or auto-despise upon entering a room a race with a bad disposition toward another would automatically attack it.

planned as part of charisma system

2005-07-09 23:28:38
the more people you level while you lead, the more people you can hold and get rid of groupsize caps

under consideration. i think this is something snikt needs to weigh in on, but he's focused on legend atm

2005-07-10 14:22:34
i think bzk should get double parry. they get dodge. they may as well be able to parry too.

Parrying means using your weapon for something other than hitting people which is decidedly against the berserker code.

2005-07-10 20:56:48
crossblade- Asn lord cd *cheer* - By taking 2 weapons of equal level, an asn can attempt to craft a blade that utilizes one weapon's blade as a crossblade afixed perpedicular to a normal weapon. This makes the weapon EXTREMLY fragile, and very few

This is silly

2005-07-11 05:31:15
Why can't there be a different nameauthinfo when a player creates a new character? For example: When you get to this question: Are you already an experienced MUDder? Whenever a player chooses "No", The message should be something like: "Please Help us welcome our brand new mudder...Thist". And we should keep the same message

good idea. lvl 3

2005-07-11 10:43:49
easier for drc's to remort into dragon

ok, but it'll be part of the big remort command rewrite so no task

2005-07-11 13:28:12
Let psions with bio-empathy prac'd cast all self only spells on others.

maybe at lord or legend, if we ever get tied affect working

2005-07-11 16:28:07
allow black circle initiates access to the identify spell. They have the ability to enchant their items, but they seem to be required to do it blindly. One would

oops, ok, lvl 2

2005-07-11 19:56:03
have armorstone, armorscale etc give a slight damage bonus for monks. hurts more to get punch with stone than flesh

ok, lvl 3. the following racials should give a small unarmed damage bonus; claw, bite, hoof, armor* (claw already does this)

2005-07-12 01:48:53
make nexus prereq for seal

nah, portal will do

2005-07-12 01:53:21
make fly, stone skin, shield prereq for foci

can onyl have 2 prereqs per spell

2005-07-12 02:44:01
ingame echoes (example: alias managear take all:wear all:echo in mana gear)

you mean like emote?

2005-07-12 03:04:21
the magical bric-a-brac says "Ooooh! A Leather/Iron/Steel skin pill!" leather skin is not a spell, and steel skin is not a spell either! this offends me. pls change to "Ooooh! An iron skin and steel skeleton spell pill!"

See why that pill is special? It has non existant spells AND the power to offend. Wowzah!

2005-07-12 03:21:24
prompt option that shows the room's exits

uh, ok. lvl 3

2005-07-12 03:33:48
I think it would be rather helpful to be able to read helps while in lag from restring/sharpen or fletching

can't be done

2005-07-12 17:18:50
Make sense weakness usable mid-round. Having it start a fight makes it so that it's not very worthwhile to use for a BCI.

lvl 3; make sense weakness castable midfight. Also make it only start a fight if the mob is either psionic or can see the caster.

2005-07-12 17:46:53
"the ____ mindbender" is currently an autotitle for psi. now that we have a class named mnd perhaps this should change?

Psions still bend minds, they're not Mindbenders but they are mindbenders.

2005-07-12 19:43:40
Ok, since any idea for Asns are too powerful, and having no CD's at lord.. how about a message for them when they use i.s. on a snipe? I don't notice it, and

You'll have to ask ayanna, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't make i.s.-snipe work. Assassin is a hybrid. Nowhere in their brochure did it promise lots of CDs.

2005-07-13 09:50:13
gar's should be bigger, what would make a better bodyguard than a freakin sheet of rock, come on man :P

It's not my call. You'll have to convince Gruuntak.

2005-07-13 10:19:08
when the target of salv dies, have it cut lag

no can do

2005-07-13 13:51:36
have bash success work be connected with size

ok. lvl 3; +/-2% success rate per size >/< attacker is vs victim. To compensate; larger chars take more area spell damage, smaller take less. +/-2% area spell damage per size bigger/smaller than medium.

2005-07-14 01:13:40
a command that lists class definers for classes like help cd-psi would list all skills only psi get

with the advent of prc's, that command would list almost nothing for any class.

2005-07-14 19:19:38
Create an imm level command that will flag a pfile as needing a new name. Next time they log on, they'll need to pick a new name. Assign an imm to review

didnt we just do this?

2005-07-14 23:56:49
include the word "namethank" in the message a player receives when namethanked...somewhere.

lvl 2

2005-07-15 00:03:34
a charge shield that kept mobs from fleeing would be awesome

it would also be vital shot or overconf. Group a rog or a psion. Or a BCI. They can do both.

2005-07-15 18:08:18
Skills for any of the classes, at lord that only work when A group size is below a certain number.

I see the value in perking necessarily small groups that have to run at odd hours, but doing this would encourage small/private groups when they're NOT a necessity, and that, I don't want.

2005-07-15 19:19:54
Hypermorality, like regeneration should only work with people you are grouped with.


2005-07-15 23:26:10
we have prestige why not prestige races?

Remort is a magical rebirth. It makes sense you can become a high elf that way. PRC transition is studying under a new master, learning new training. You cannot become a high elf by changing majors.

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