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Don't forget to wear gear that increases your intelligence when practicing skills - your skills will increase faster requiring fewer practice points to adept them. - Locqui
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2005-09-10 04:16:29
Expand Thorngate Keep! The lords have won countless numbers of quests, defeating many of the realms most powerful adversaries, we should have gained enough power to put in some more amenities!

Like what? A starbacks?

2005-09-10 17:58:14
'Trial by Fire' allows a lord+ sor to inflict DF and some phys damage to a groupmate for 1 tic, after the DF falls, the affected groupmate would gain a nice chunk of hps, and a damage mod for a few tics...

I like it. lvl 2. Have to be grouped with the target.

2005-09-12 10:39:43
is it possible to make it so that we can read help files and/or notes while fletching? *toe*

for the millionth time, no

2005-09-12 20:26:53
give trainers a chance at tingling a spell when instructing others

ok. lvl 3. make it a low chance, based on the # of training skills you have

2005-09-12 20:45:56
mobs blackjacked should be more susceptible to damage from backstab, vital strike, and other similar attacks.

they are

2005-09-12 21:56:09
Instead of just adding 1 hp at kills rollover, if a char is missing a stat point, allow them to have a random chance of regaining it as well. Unsure if 0 exp kills count towards the kill count, but should be disallowed to avoid abuse of this possibility.

approved on both counts. lvl 2

2005-09-13 00:06:06
allow all lords to vast send so that you dont have to spend 40 minutes spamming for casters just to let bzk's be in your group

fine; lvl 2; give send to all save bzk. still require an arcanist to start

2005-09-15 13:44:49
make it so u cant abuse the prc + remort like being a dwf fus then remortin dragon and being a drg fus

it was designed that way intentionally. Now, I don't know why you'd WANT to be a drg fus, as you'd stink at archery and all the size based stuff wouldn't work for you, but it's there if you want it.

2005-09-16 04:56:25
take whirlwind off double weapon (help

weapon types) and replace it w/ smash because

2005-09-16 04:56:48
because only bzks get whirlwind at hero

2005-09-16 04:57:13
and bzks won't use sharpenable double

weapons because blunt damage mods

2005-09-16 04:57:45
so just make the sceptre of igeszose

whirlwind and all dblweaps smash

2005-09-16 04:57:49
just a though


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Jul 15 2021 12:40
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Sep 19 2021 23:07
There is a disturbance in the realm as Raiwhere fails to become a Lord at sublevel 367.
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Sep 19 2021 20:38
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Sep 19 2021 20:15
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