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2005-10-01 04:01:46
make mar a monk remort

Mars are dead and gone forever.

2005-10-01 10:07:22
I remember a note along the lines of oftering some help for mages who rebuilt wzd. Just curious if there was any decision there. Personally I'd take a rebuild even if i had to train low mort stats with hero cost.

I don;t remember that.

2005-10-03 03:01:50
have which ever lord is at the front of the group have a higher percentage of being aggied due to the fact that they are "the first line of defense"

group order != formation

2005-10-03 03:03:11
have prayer castable by clerics/priests on other characters but the affects of the prayer are based on the casters god

en route

2005-10-03 03:22:32
make it so that leaders have a small chance that when they level a groupie instead of receiving the practice point if they were missing any stats that they

maybe as part of the group perk package

2005-10-03 10:07:06
Fae as a remort race for sprites?

Sprites are toys, formed in imitation of the Fae. They lack any trace of the High Sylvan spark.

2005-10-03 15:32:56
we have two handed weapons now so why not two handed shields ? maximise defensiveness.

Because that's stupid.

2005-10-03 20:52:09
de-buff outland, a group of 3 well equipped lords can't even do it without getting swarmed and we were even in the keep!!!


2005-10-04 19:44:23
"a wounded guard" in Isle of Naambres'Shho should not be in perfect health.

He's emotionally wounded. Bad relationship. Hey, I win a No-Prize!

2005-10-04 20:05:26
how about making it cost you more move points, if you're carrying a larger percentage of weight and less with a smaller percentage?

Too hard. Weight carried isn't tracked as a number. It's calculated whenever it's needed which is too intensive for something as frequent as moving.

2005-10-05 04:22:05
hog overrides via pax and other "non combat" skills allowing fairness (lowmort hero only)

The Way of Peace has no HoG exemption clause. Don't like it? Don't prac it.

2005-10-05 16:09:24
lord who get term melee should get +1 prac :P just for fun


2005-10-05 19:23:44
gargoyles and golems should not be able to get poisoned. stone? or really low odds at least.

Gargoyles are merely stone-coated. I'm not giving golems any new perks til I renoober their access.

2005-10-06 02:47:09
just out of curiousity are paladins going to be a "good aligned" class only ? because i was gonna go demon pal but wont if this is the case.

Paladin means good guy. You can be a holy knight in service of an evil god, but the term for that is not Paladin.

2005-10-06 03:54:48
a spell for clerics/prs that allows them to forgo doing any damage to the mobs but instead decreases the cost of healing spells by 10 percent and or

less damage for priests? That would be a blow, wouldn't it?

2005-10-06 04:00:50
oh and is paladin still in process/are you still accepting ideas for it ?

Yes but it's fairly far back on the stove.

2005-10-06 04:20:47
make it so when you fail a spell you dont have the chance to tingle it

nothing instructs like failure

2005-10-06 16:33:37
add a room with a door to mudschool and directions in a room about how to use doors

good idea. lvl 1 and give dantes a cookie.

2005-10-07 01:53:11
make it so that you dont go to midgaard when you die in areana....... easily abuseable by bzks, who dont have enough to get home.

sigh, lvl 2

2005-10-07 15:19:54
Book command. This command shows a wizard what spells he/she/it has practiced through the use of spellbooks, and what percent it is currently at.

the game has no way of knowing that. Remember that not all books carry book-only spells.

2005-10-08 00:00:11
make mobs like the golden hawk, bonk, those that provide the gear for new players all now summon.

now summon what? Oh, you meant NON summon. Know what? no summon for any mob below 6 unless someone can come up with a good reason why not. lvl 2 unless defeated

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