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2005-12-10 02:32:57
psion, bci, or mnd spell Aura Masking, temporarily masks the alignment of the caster. This would allow the caster to wear items regardless of their alignment flags while the spell is in effect. Due to the masking the gods would have no idea if

ok. lvl 3. I would say mnd since they're sort of neutrally agnosticy. Needs a cleverer name.

2005-12-10 03:24:43
I have an idea... Just like there is land water and air... We need some snow here!! A snowy area!! Just a thought. I know you guys are busy, but for the

We have a couple. They're higher level tho.

2005-12-10 14:53:06
command to check if an item is a dupe :) (available to hero+ or maybe lord+, prefer hero :)

dw? cuen? doable?

2005-12-10 14:53:43
if the cost of training stats will change then it would be nice to see a way to know how much it will cost. like a syntax of 'train wis ?' or 'train wis cost'

train with no argument gives all costs.

2005-12-10 16:49:11
help train should read "In the long run, your character will be most powerful if you train WIS and CON both to max before practicing or training anything else." not "to 18", for clarity - other races have different maxes

lvl 1

2005-12-10 21:55:02
On counts, show all characters, even ones you normally cannot see due to invis/hidden. Would give a more accurate sense of how many people are playing at a given time. Immortals who are invis to us mortals should be exempt from this of

I'm pretty sure that's how it works. It even counts us invis Immies.

2005-12-10 22:35:39
we have help weapons types, why not help spell types, including sustained, etc

We DO have that. Arcane, Divine and Psionic. There's a lot more divisions w/in the code players don't see.

2005-12-11 00:27:35
an expanded bank account for remorts. They could keep their lord bank account amount even after remorting. Or at least a help file on it so theirs a

lvl 2; make a remort (incarnation > 1) char's bank limit equal to a lord

2005-12-11 10:14:42
remove mana as a possible reward for herothank to a bzk

lvl 3; make absolutely sure bzk can't get any mana in any way ever. Do what gerald said as step 1.

2005-12-11 12:03:22
Instead of a mage's melee attack in a combat round, how about a disintegrate if they choose to? The motivation for others to group a mage at hero is

I agree mages needed a boost. Time skip should keep 'em happy for a while. Archers are intended to be the best hero hitters when properly grouped, but they pay for it versatility. Don't expect to match them.

2005-12-11 15:08:22
randomize the leadership benie, either 1 prac or 1 lead point

why? players can swap LP for pracs if they want to.

2005-12-11 15:54:07
A skill for wzd/mag that allows them to absorb certain types of damage with thier shield, and have that damage converted into a charge, ie if your

i like it. lemme ponder.

2005-12-11 16:01:24
add the keyword "plvl" to help powerlevel

lvl 1

2005-12-11 22:06:52
please... PLEASE... stop mobs casting in nospell rooms?

no... NO! It's the mob's rooms! They get to do what they want.

2005-12-11 22:56:04
if a groupie dies subtract leadership points!

considering. I don't want to deal with people griefing leaders out of points. Need input from LC.

2005-12-12 00:10:04
certain number of leadership points to buy a practice ticket, should be transferable to learn new skills or give to a follower to go learn skills they

I don;t think anyone will go for it when the leadership talents are in, but i'm willing to consider.

2005-12-12 15:57:35
allow 'racial <racial name>' to work while sleeping, sincei t acts like any other help file

alas the part of the code that catches position does so at the command level, not argument level.

2005-12-12 19:02:12
ooc spells and skills should cost more practices to adept than in-class ones

Yes, they should. Will ponder costs.

2005-12-12 23:59:49
Provide an enchantment for armour and weapons, in class to mages and wzds only, that gives a +10 mana effect.

why? If you want mana on a weapon go find one with mana on it.

2005-12-13 09:35:38
remove size until it does something other than nerf bashing

It does 6 things; bash bias, bashdoor bias, area spell bias, aggie bias, fus functionality, bod functionality

2005-12-13 10:28:25
implement a shopkeeper or mob that will skin a corpse for a price.


2005-12-13 13:42:51
Max trainable hp and mana are set at 99999. Legend hp and mana often exceed those numbers, thus making it impossible for legend to train those stats. Can the max trainable be increased or is this deliberate? Thanks.

lvl 2

2005-12-13 13:57:39
lizards have claws

not sharp enough to use as effective weapons

2005-12-13 17:07:07
psi. fourth attack. lord. please?


2005-12-13 18:35:34
command that shows whos got the most leadership points

What's the point of that when the whole idea of the system is to SPEND the points?

2005-12-13 20:54:02
grant lords the ability to promote lvl 1 characters to lvl 2 for use when no immortals or angels are on

Why? Players can autopromote by recalling. If a Lord wishes to be helpful they could explain this to the new player.

2005-12-14 01:01:34
it would help motivate people at mortal perhaps to have a clearer idea of what lies ahead in hero(low)

so what's the idea?

2005-12-14 15:27:12
add a chance of tripping over one's own feet when fleeing .. lower for rogues (withdraw), maybe make it affected by frenzy or somesuch, and by dex

buttpainy with no real gameplay value

2005-12-14 17:35:59
can we change what timewarp does, so there's incentive to cast it? 25 % faster regeneration or something would make sense for a theoretically

There's an incentive to cast it.

2005-12-15 00:06:14
Rather than destroying gear in arena/bounty fights give it a phased flag making it unremovable/unwearable not count for ac or as a wield for a short period of


2005-12-15 01:27:27
show an (EMPTY) flag for empty containers... will help when picking through messy inv

lvl 2 as part of related lore

2005-12-15 14:24:59
Give a 20-40% bonus to killing sanced mobs. Have to deal twice the damage to them

maybe if expmod translates to hero

2005-12-15 14:56:26
somehow block people from going to negative hp/mana... (torturer's whips, etc..). Buggy.

lvl 3; if someone tries to don an item that would lower any normally positive stat below 0, they can't do it.

2005-12-15 16:02:11
a "help reroll" file might be useful...just a suggestion really. meh. i would read it.

there's one now

2005-12-15 22:33:43
raise drc dex!!! all their stats are 1 less than drg except dex


2005-12-15 22:34:24
if a drc worships qxl, his corpse will last a little bit longer


2005-12-16 05:11:24
give psis and mnd a spell (an mental abbility) to also protect themselves from hive mind and psyphon

lvl 2; lower exhaustion on psyphon to 2 but add a save using the usual psi variant. Successful save drains 1/2 as much.

lvl 3; fever dreams; low cost. long duration. The next mana drain spell used on you fails and the caster takes gen-damage. Fever dreams then ends.

2005-12-16 15:11:01
what if it were only 10 pracs to train hp/mana/mv, and went up by 1 each set of 10 instead of twice that? then players could feel like they had a bit of control over their stats, and characters with weak hp could get a leg up

That's idea. I just did the math wrong at first.

2005-12-16 17:26:15
give rangers charge shield in class-- this will make them powerful and fun

You answered your own idea here.

2005-12-16 17:51:06
an advanced faerie fog spell that can be sent into the next room

hold 'faerie arrow' longshot 'east waite

2005-12-16 18:23:34
note reread-- lets you reread the last note read immediately

uh, ok. lvl 2

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