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2006-01-14 10:11:36
When standing at a corpse that is being req'd, show a specific message (Akmetra's corpse glows a faint blue) instead of 'A corpse glows...'

lvl 2; play the object's short in the msg

2006-01-14 12:28:21
"abort" command: clear current command buffer

Doesn't really work that way I don't think. Reconnecting clears it.

2006-01-14 16:16:55
redo drowning. yank out all the pre-existing code and instead hardcode two bits...water and underwater. if you're on water and don't have a boat or can't swim...you start holding your breath. if you're underwater, you hold your breath regardless. when

breath runs out...you die. no puking, no "help help". die die die.

2006-01-14 16:18:01
on that drowning idea...you could add a prompt as you hold your breath with <BREATH LEFT:ooooooooooooooooooooooo> and it would start longer if you

I'm pretty sure redo drowing is on the list. If not, lvl 4.

2006-01-14 19:43:07
Why does nameauth info still exist if we can't anmeauth anymore? Idea: 1. Re-instate nameauth. 2. Change info name. 3.

1. No. 2. Lvl 2. 3. Lvl 5.

2006-01-14 20:28:41
Ent racial: Life of the Land or something similar. Withdraws nutrients, water, food etc. From the earth in order to heal hp. Large fatigue to it, and

If we'd wanted ents to heal quickly we could've just given them better regen.

2006-01-14 20:44:26
Take out the death line about the corpse disintegrating, looks like the corpse vanishes, but it doesn't.

lvl 2; redo death messages AGAIN. They either need to be more generic or check race. I don't want horses talking or elementals gushing blood. Exploding corpses that haven't exploded is bad too.

2006-01-14 21:59:03
Might not be a bad idea to have at least the newbie donation lighted even during dark - even if Bonk is affected by night.

lvl 2; put a donation mobbie down there with a lamp

2006-01-14 22:09:13
if more than 5 players in room have lights on - have whole room considered lit

If ONE player in the room has a light it's considered lit.

2006-01-15 22:08:40
If you cut a mob's stomach open, their stomach acid should splash onto you and do damage!

I'm not going through and flagging all the mobs that have stomachs.

2006-01-15 23:59:05
include the ability to add a character to 'locate object'. For example 'c 'locate object' XXXX Imrik' would show any of an item, XXXX, on Imrik.

LO is deliberately limited, sorry

2006-01-16 04:04:21
how about a different color of text (say a blue or something) for groupies getting attacked? that'd be awesome!

We had that. People hated it. Can't remember why.

2006-01-16 08:12:44
add the tics to the areas command when you filter it (i.e. areas 30 40).

lvl 2; show tics to imms on all area commands

2006-01-16 12:07:20
|RED|Carbine is in perfect health. Show us a diff message if a person is OVER max hp's, and maybe show an extra flag if he's affected by death's door

death's door is deliberately deceptive. Psis can see it with bioscan.

2006-01-16 14:32:45
An arcane restorative spell 'reintegration'. Relying on the principle that the same matter makes up people, animals, planets, and stars, it uses surrounding matter to restore hit points to everyone in the room, as well as a small amount of hit

Alas, there's more to healing people than simply adding a lump of matter on top.

2006-01-16 17:00:15
Make bs a non-nil type skill... We already have stealth

A nil means you've missed. Plain old simple hitroll vs. ac missed.

2006-01-17 00:56:29
Add the ability to add a player's level into the prompt.

you seriously don't know what level you are?

2006-01-17 05:11:03
destroy sanctum

lvl 5

2006-01-17 11:13:27
psi spell that allows them to concentrate enough to catch a weapon every time when using dancing weap sideeffect would be a slight lower mana regen or

you don't seriously think DW or fandango are going to get MORE reliable do you?

2006-01-17 13:23:37
ignore chars own name as valid target when fighting. Only allow self attacking when 'self' is spelled out fully

An intrinsic problem with the name completion system. Types things out more fully and you won't have issues

2006-01-17 13:35:01
make a help for what to do for ideas that dev doesnt deal with. poses, socials, etc

I believe there is a help for socials

2006-01-17 15:31:55
make it possible to etch all gear in inv at once - etch all <etchname> like smithing. if gear is etched already, no effect. gear in containers not affected


2006-01-17 17:18:10
bamf castable on groupies only, invokes disconnect code that forces to meadow so we can save groupies who go linkdead in areas we can't walk em out

Lords have this power. Do others really need it?

2006-01-17 17:41:51
ent racial ability timber: Ent purposefully misses bash to fall on victim causing damage but stuns ent

I know this is a joke (at least I hope it is.) but you're all missing the point of ents. They're not supposed to be GOOD. Once, people argued that they liked playing dragons not because of their insane power, but because their high tnl provided a good challenge. Thus, ents. Challenge gallore. Tnl to beat the band.

2006-01-17 20:18:36
i know you can type who 1 50 to see mortals, but who mort would be a nice alternative. thanks :)


2006-01-18 00:56:32
Since druids are quite in tune with nature, why not an area spell called 'Creeping Doom'...thousands of insects emerge from the ground to bite and sting your enemies...

Because they're in tune with nature. You have any idea what that many bugs would do to the ecosystem?

2006-01-18 01:50:05
can panic be allowed to cast while fighting mob, mobs can do it to us *blink*

Yes, it's recently been brought to my attention I goofed on a few spells re when they can be cast.

2006-01-18 16:07:33
There should be a chance for move-hidden to drop while sleeping...who can actively try to move hidden when sleeping?

Perhaps if MH becomes part of the stance system.

2006-01-18 18:36:01
gargoyles shouldn't able to imput any commands during the day


2006-01-18 18:47:12
Make a quest area with brutally hard, corpse eatin' aggies and disallow Angels to perform crs for the area...the catch: Quest gear in the area would be amazing.

The catch; I can't make amazing gear. Hero gear will never get better than it is now. Lord gear only marginally so. Kariya can put amazing gear in quest areas but this isn't the place for quest ideas.

2006-01-18 19:40:45
help monk makes me sound like a wussy gorn believer... pfft

That's your idea? Okay, lvl 5 add to HELP MONK; "Yawgmoth is a wussy gorn believer."

2006-01-18 21:30:12
maybe finishing help highest should become first on the todo list for imms... or it should be wiped away. the partial list only contributes to any negative

You'd rather have that than new lord areas?

2006-01-18 21:43:48
give giants some kind of melee area attack thats not a racial so they can do it like every other round or something

in order to balance that, I'd have to give them some negative racial like racial-leprosy-affects-the-player-irl or something.

2006-01-18 22:41:36
it doesnt take me 30 hours irl to sharpen a weapon, 6 mud hours per sharpen is a bit much :(

Mud time is unrealistic in lots of ways. That's not a reason to change 1 thing.

2006-01-18 23:12:45
I just gave a herothank and found it was only 2 mv points... really if a herothank is for meritorious duty, one would think the reward should be in balance.


2006-01-19 01:12:26
Do something about the Bug! "plane" for the lordrun command? They're not really in a bug, are they?


2006-01-19 03:09:14
Long term - change most gear to be neutral, and supply balanced good and evil gear ?

long term actually calls for the phasing out of alignment

2006-01-19 11:05:44
psions who tingle dancing weapon to 100% should get an extra hit on it each cast.

nah, it's too easy to get

2006-01-19 12:31:57
why can't we insure at sanctum? seems like that would be a great place to be able to insure things.

cuz sanctum sucks?

2006-01-19 13:04:12
torpor lord spell for all classes, doubles mana regen rate for 10 ticks, during which time caster is in forced sleep (like blackjack) and cannot be woken or wake self. Only castable in lloydable rooms. 50 tick cooldown period afterwards, which is not cleared by death.

I almost gave prs a spell like that. Any mana regen will be a perk for a class that warrants it in their design, not for all.

2006-01-19 18:31:15
comment on last bow comment


2006-01-19 18:31:33
Last you checked it does, then you don't check very good do you? I wield bow, still see offhand slot period

Okay, then I don't understand what you're on about. You found a way to hold an offhand item while wielding a bow? Or you just don't like that the slot shows up empty? I'm afraid I don't care if it's the latter. You don't wield a bow in two hands. Your other hand (technically it'd be your GOOD hand, not your odd one for normal bows) is actually empty.

2006-01-19 19:28:31
make it so I don't have to activate head count every tiem I log in?

Pliny already answered this. If you really want to always have it on, make it part of your login if you have one.

2006-01-20 15:35:14
shot version of the command playerinfo ---> pinfo


2006-01-20 17:42:10
being able to type only the first few letters of a gem to deposit and withdraw it like you can with items at shopkeepers

Crom said there was a reason it had to be the way it is. I forget what it was.

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