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If you want to train more than one stat at one time, you can give it a number argument for the amount you would like to train. For example, "TRAIN 5 STR" to train 5 strength points. See "HELP TRAIN" for more details. - Daeron
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2006-02-18 10:21:51
let wzd go sor...

nah. Wizards are disdainful of sorcerors' dependence on the dark powers.

2006-02-18 13:39:27
have eating corpses recover mv's too

You feel like moving after a big meal?

2006-02-18 13:51:24
you can learn swim and not need flying/water breathing to move between water rooms

I believe an overhaul of drown and swim stuff is tasked. Part of that will be a swim skill for outdoorsy types and a working racial.

2006-02-18 19:00:30
modify practising for lords so when you buy a ticket you get to train with cane for a set number of levels, 10 say, and not just once off. good so that when

Did anyone tell you guys about the lockboxes?

2006-02-18 19:31:07
perhaps only reset the new regen to start if combat has been intiated. ie regen keeps improving till max untill combat has been initiated then it resets

I'm not sure I see the point of the distinction.

2006-02-18 20:22:45
Something to answer the "Thren who?" question when everyone else is in lag. Perhaps the room message "is in the middle of something" could be changed to "is in the middle of praying for (initialthrentargetsname)'s corpse"

the code has no way of knowing. Only the last ritual caster's argument is heeded.

2006-02-18 21:17:08
if u have all the spells in holy sight alredy casted on u and ur aff list dosnt say holy sight let holy sight show up on aff


2006-02-18 21:41:26
scan and sanc too easily mixed up, require full spellout of sanctum to fade to sanctum... thx

Know what's worse? Leaving the c off c sanc. I aliased sanc to something else on all my chars to avoid this.

2006-02-19 00:08:52
Weapon/Armor lore improves enchanting odds for mages (if it doesn't already).

nah, I like the enchant system as it

2006-02-19 01:22:26
web should hit 95% of the time but you should only be able to cast it only once per spell duration (where the duration is however long your normal

*** Lvl 4; go through the debuff spells. Some of the powerful ones that never work (ie web) can be given increased odds of success (inclass only) but exhaustion.

2006-02-19 05:51:12
Nerf dragons something harsh please. Seems like sprites and other races are getting the shaft.

No, you're imagining it. The regen code affects everyone equally.

2006-02-19 07:28:52
Kzn nofear needs a bit overlookage, dread and panic seems to go straight through it etc. Just my 2 cents, cant see a panicky cat in my mind. ;)

All the cats I've ever met are panicky. It's one of their defining attributes. Here's your choice on nofear: 1. It always blocks flee. You can never flee at any level under any circumstance ever. 2. It wears off with cost at hero and has no affect on lord (as it does now) but allows for dread and smilar spells to go right through.

2006-02-19 09:22:08
like a new addition to the mud with all these new spells and stuff there should be some sorta immune system for all races against poison/fire like spells/ice/etc etc

We have just such an immune system.

2006-02-19 13:48:06
mage sublevel lord 500 skill 'confusion plexus' adds annother skill roll to allow surge at 2/3 normal cost on conditions similar to chaos channel, but even more strict somehow, like group must also be under 50% mana

I'm not following

2006-02-19 20:48:05
wizards should get sneak, i cant think of any reason why they shouldnt

They're not stealthy? They never train in the roguey arts?

2006-02-19 23:18:40
Let us put different charges on a shield, and have them go off randomly - i.e. '30 flamtongues, 15 jolts'... etc

can't, nowhere to store the info

2006-02-20 00:11:14
shouldnt we have to embalm items that have to be skinned or things like gith hands? Wouldnt they decompose otherwise?

Gith hands are pre-embalmed. Consider embalming part of the skin process.

2006-02-20 00:12:40
racial-wanderlust for cens.. and maybe make hoof do more damage... something to mset it apart from most other races extra hit

It's not going to be an extra hit any more. Wanderlust is too powerful on certain classes. I could maybe give them farstride or some other movement oriented perk tho

2006-02-20 00:24:07
first time getting poisoned/diseased/cursed/etc(any irregular affect) a message will come up with how to get rid of irregular affect(s)

*** lvl 2; we can't track first times for all that stuff, but if <10 and not experienced mudder, give a msg re those affects when they land.

2006-02-20 13:36:46
a debuff that will increase spell damage?!

already high enough thanks

2006-02-20 14:56:49
help meteor swarm its no longer a mage only spell...

Wizards are a subset of mages.

2006-02-20 15:04:26
give nightcloak to assassins

No. Remember all that stuff about how the Black Circle knows these SECRET spells that NOBODY else knows? Now, if there's ever a Black Circle Assassin remort for BCI's, THEY'LL get nightcloak.

2006-02-20 15:14:32
a spell for casters at lord to remove things from certain objects such as fly/sneak/move hidden/etc from things

can't be done. Tied to the vnum, not the individual item.

2006-02-20 16:01:47
Please include a reference to lord council's email address in helpfile.

*** lvl 1

2006-02-20 18:37:40
assassin learn read magic.......seems like a useful tool for an assassin !

*** lvl 2, they're smart enough for that and the other one that does wands and stuff

2006-02-20 20:02:33
the spell I suggested would be more like blind or hobble to the mob, but no real damage. And it'd, obviously, only have a chance at working, just like vs.

So it'd be just like vs? Sorry, but that's what vs is for.

2006-02-20 20:05:44
a possibillity to create an char as "hardcore" for the

already tasked

2006-02-20 20:38:24
if wzds were soppose to get more mana and damage then mages then how come mages get to chaos channel maelstorm now that tottaly defends the

Mages have more battlefield experience than Wizards. Of course the bookworms are going to tire out before the battlecasters, but the bookworms get extra spells and their damage is higher. I do want mana management skills for wizards, but they need to be wizardy. You can't just steal chaos channel.

2006-02-21 00:09:32
earthquake spell should not hit flying characters

it doesnt, or if it does it does a lot less damage

2006-02-21 10:59:09
emotive drain shouldn't cost mana to cast, since it's supposed to give mana

It has two functions; affect remover and mana regen. It's not supposed to do both easily. IE if you throw it out to get fear off a tank who has no other emotions on him, you're clearing the fear, but not really gaining any mana. Now if you drain the hob bzk who has frenzy, berserk, both racials and overconf, now we're looking at some mana regen. I know I keep throwing you off with the spells you actually have to think about, but that's the kind of design I like these days :)

2006-02-21 13:31:43
let the wizards that REBUILT go sor cuz some of us thought it was faster way to sor this isnt fair cuz there was no indication of wizard not goin

So I need to give you special consideration because you MADE STUFF UP about the class?

You know, I only became an Imm because I assumed players would send me money. Cough it up, buddy!

2006-02-21 13:31:51
Add prestige classes to help remort. Bod can go pal, etc..

no. That help's confusing enough.

2006-02-21 14:06:40
group heighten senses with minds eye


2006-02-21 16:03:00
potion throw..if you throw a potion at someone or a mob, the potion splatters on them and they gain the potions attributes (positive or negative).

potions must be ingested. That's the whole point of potions. If you want to use a spell item on somebody, get a scroll or wand or staff. Or how about a caster?

2006-02-21 16:06:16
for paladin, make them do more damage if their align is at

nah, too easy to keep it up

2006-02-21 21:43:43
wzd spell: absorb. self only, short duration, exhaustion afterwards. After researching different forms of magic wizards come to understand how to

*** lvl 3; wizard spells, via books: Ether Link: While affected by EL, you can more easily affect multiple targets. For each target hit by your area attack spells beyond the first, you regain 3% of the original spell cost. Maxes out at 30% refund. Ether Warp; While affected by EW, enemy area attack spells (but not special mob abilities or preach) have a 50% chance to mistake you for an ally and ignore you. Whenever this happens, you gain a little mana. Your own area spells are also confused by the warp, and have a 20% chance to miss each enemy target. Whenever this happens, you lose a little mana. Ether Crash; While affected by EC, your next area attack spell costs half as much as usual, but you are unable to cast any area attack spells for 5 ticks thereafter. The three ether spells are mutually exclusive. You cannot use them simultaneously or while suffering the negative aftereffect of EC.

2006-02-21 22:21:30
create a spell like blood beacon for prs called like divine search or divine search

I do so hate duping spells tho

2006-02-22 02:07:45
get rid of all or almost all of pps in areas, walking should be more than encouraged. an easy way of transportation makes us all lazy and then you get ignorant/greedy/selfish/conceited people


2006-02-22 02:11:08
as lvl gets higher, make ac affects give more +ac depending on how high the character is to make lvling harder

nah. Maybe if one day we scrap all these superfluous little armor spells.

2006-02-22 04:04:00
the 'identify' command (to id items by a shoppie) takes too much gold (10*lvl), and doesn't work with demonbank. Basically - it's WAY out of date.

so dont use it

2006-02-22 14:25:11
quest point catalog: imm enchant and imm sharpen

pretty sure those are there

2006-02-22 16:27:40
add mob specs to the alien hive

i think someone's on hive already

2006-02-23 12:07:14
could the message for force field be filtered by battlefilters as its quite spammy even in a small group and isn't needed if you see it for yourself

*** lvl 2 Yeh, I suppose we must. If the msg is genned by a MOB, only display it to the person hitting them. Leave player msg's as is for now.

2006-02-23 13:45:24
now that tics must be taken consecutively without interruption, more information only commands should be usable while sleeping - such as 'leadership' wihtout argument to see how many points you have and what skills are available to

*** ok; lvl 2; make sure most informational commands can be done while sleeping (inc. leadership)

2006-02-23 14:20:38
to help out races that had high regen how about giving a high standing regen, like 100 hp for trolls or 50 mana for spirites and less on down... this will

Pliny- you know more about the code on this and snikt's original plan than I do. My understanding is 1st tick gives a flat amt of hps/mana instead of a % of char's max. If this is true, we could give them their racial regen % (minus 100) as an additive bonus (with a big fuzzy on it so they can't easily determine the exact #) Will this work? Is it a bad idea because it will really mess with brute mana?

Also consider a Watchman leadership perk which ups early-tick regen a bit if the leader remains awake.

2006-02-23 14:29:08
getting water breathing should immediately cancel the drown cycle - ie you shouldn't cough up water a full tick later and have to stand

*** yep. L, please add this to the specifics under than task for revamping drown/water/etc

2006-02-23 14:29:57
on lord planes, we we remove 'Lord' and 'Lady' etc from the names of people when we look? we know they're lord+


2006-02-23 14:31:15
change monitor so you can only see your monitor's hp/mana when they're in the same room...make it a CD for prs/cle or somethin

I thought we already did that

2006-02-23 15:43:07
this goes back to my idea for repoping gith mage/ulgrat. they're part of a quest that takes a large group (the 5 gas breath mobs at the end). since their

the early mobs are too easily solo campable. Having mobs you can fight on thorn just doesn't work. We've tried it so many ways and it always breaks.

2006-02-23 16:18:10
update help file 'fletch' for fletching stones in addition to arrows/bolts

fusilleer secret

2006-02-24 04:04:17
going from sleep to rest just stalls your sleep counter for one tic, then every tic after it subtracts one from where it was, so you can sort of do some stuff

*** lvl 2. I don't think we need it to decrease the counter tho. Rest is, well... restful.

2006-02-24 09:40:47
when gear is obtained by a higher lvl char, say a hero char getting lowmort lvl10 gear, the gear should be +5ish lvls

yeh probably

2006-02-24 11:49:47
Lexie's scuba gear - grant wb like scuba gear probably would?

We should probably remove that stuff. Scuba gear is not exactly in theme.

2006-02-24 12:25:00
please change the race creation help to stress how hard some race class combos are so we dont lose players who are new and make bad choices

How can we make it any clearer than we already have?

2006-02-24 13:46:45
lord sor spell, 'black plague' it attempts to cast several

*** lvl 2; make the spec_demon Blight affect an actual spell (ala aegis) and just have the spec call that. Give the spell to legend sor.

2006-02-24 17:35:53
Spell for mages: cloud cover or something like that. Causes the weather to become cloudy, I don't know if control weather does that or not (or even

part of control weather

2006-02-24 22:38:48
make it if u chose to expire u dont lose stat

*** ok, lvl 2

2006-02-24 22:40:43
what ever happned to samurai's??

We decided they were a bad idea.

2006-02-25 00:06:45
A psionic spell like 'keyfinder' that lets its caster know which mob would like to receive its targeted ticket?


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