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2006-03-18 09:18:06
give us a refund on spr and wiz

Give me a refund on all the time I've spent coding for ingrates. My rate is $50 an hour. I accept payment in 20's, 50's, and video cards.

2006-03-18 11:07:24
remove nospell from Bask's room now that it's a oneshot

I thought I did. Maybe I was waiting to make it uncampable. lvl 1; make bask's room castable but no-regen, and beef him somewhat.

2006-03-18 14:40:02
With the change to escaping web based on size, how about having web success also be effected by target size? (Not sure which way...a small target

I've going to say no for now.

2006-03-18 15:27:00
Ooo!!! I'm so nice and squeaky clean! Thanks for washing me, Devastant! *hugs*

A squeaky fish? Look out for playful kitties.

2006-03-18 22:48:55
Might be nice to have a help file for

Ancient Bronze Wyrm area.

2006-03-18 22:55:12
Perhaps 'tul-siths hospice' should be an alternate keyword string to use in finding the Tul-Sith's Hospice area's helpfile. I had trouble finding it until

lvl 1, both

2006-03-19 03:26:56
make a prompt value that displays the current charges left on your held item / healie stick

no. I might make a skill that shows charges after USE, ala the archer skill.

2006-03-19 03:27:23
who shadow command. Why not? Who afk works, as does outlaw, why not who shadow? If it's important enough to show us on who, why not let it be accessed in this way? ps - This one's for you Grav

lvl 5!

2006-03-19 07:30:54
allow dark embrace to be casted while resting or give it a longer duration.... if your a race with no sun your pretty much screwed at lord if it fails while

You mean, "Allow dark embrace to be cast." Casted is not a word. As for dark embrace; good. DE was a bad idea, and it's far too total in its negation of nosun. I will give you this tho; lvl 2, allow dark embrace to refresh when cast on someone who already has it.

2006-03-19 07:31:14
tent object held or other slot, gives dark embrace at lord, but sets all moves to 0 +/- lag (for remove/wear) at yiour discretion

unigue idea, but I fear it might be vearing into silly territory. Soon we'll have drow avoiding their race's ancient and mystical weakness against the sun by wearing sombreros.

2006-03-19 10:27:50
allow intelligent civilized use of the angel channel for hero quest requests.


2006-03-19 10:43:15
Any chance you could make tutor other teach up to a higher level, like say 30 or 50?

Didn't I already task that? If not, lvl 2; allow heroes with all training skills to teach any in-class lowmort spell, lords can teach any hero and so on up.

2006-03-19 11:01:49
psi should not lag when handling weapons due to the nature of the handling which isnt physical but kinetic, or at least have much less lag.

Ain't nothing kinetic about the get command.

2006-03-19 11:27:42
sor skill at lord that makes vampire touch heal slighly more hp? 90 hp heals at lord isnt that useful at all

isn't that a lowmort spell?

2006-03-19 15:06:25
In help racial {racialname}, add which race(s) have that quality.

Okay, lvl 2

2006-03-19 17:37:32
implement the char deathcount < 20 give +5%bonus to hp/m/mv at morph, calculate tnl above human as allowing 50% more deahts per tnl to human, so dragon can have 75 deaths (10xtnl*20/1ktnk*0.5 because they are buffer than human)

feh, dragons should require LESS deaths since they're so much tougher. I really do like the idea, I'm just pondering what sort of bonus to give (I'm not sure I like messing with lord stats) The only other thing I don't like about it is that it penalizes those who partake in combat quests, where multiple deaths are assured.

2006-03-19 20:18:42
if I fill a container from centaur hollow's fountain it should give acumen when I quaff from it later

It's the fountain, not the water. In fact the water is just run-off from the nearby hose-n-go centaur wash.

2006-03-19 23:51:10
Other rogues can remove markings


2006-03-20 06:29:42
I'd like to see help highest before more lord areas :P not

too bad

2006-03-20 07:02:18
mages should get augment, the argument that they're not healers would be valid for surge, clerics aren't combat casters

yeh, but crom added augment and he was really particular about which classes got what, whereas snikt added surge and he'll give skills to anybody.So there you go.

2006-03-20 14:34:36
we need an area like airscape that is kinda weak/smallish (comparitively) but has damage resistances agains psi/arcane dmg, for brootish groups, i have

Well, there's dark fae tower, but I suppose you can't get there, can you? Hmm, will ponder.

2006-03-20 19:25:40
blood cleanse, lord bzk rite, allows bzk to ablut while

*buzz* clone skill. Also, I really don't want to add new rites sub-legend to avoid complaining about what people WOULD'VE taken and wanting refunds.

2006-03-20 19:54:25
COnfig +nowake like notake or battlenone etc, cuz of lord tics, if someone wakes you, it ruins you regen... so nowake config would be extremely useful

I wish I had that toggle in my old

2006-03-20 20:15:22
with the removal of remort races from the "tnl" command, could the tnl be placed in the corresponding help files?

Then what would the point be of removing it?

2006-03-21 02:52:55
fix aimed shot so that when i aim eye it doesn't hit the knee cap, thats pretty awful aim

works for me

2006-03-21 08:02:54
allow a chance to brill recharge, increasing max number of charges on a staff or wand


2006-03-21 09:36:48
can we have the no-magic flag removed from some of the rooms in thorngate? it doesn't make sense to have lords not be able to cast spells in so many rooms on their home plane. it's like having no-magic rooms in sanctum.

lvl 5; put nomagic rooms in sanctum lvl 1; nuke the nomagic rooms in thorngate proper. I've never been entirely sure what they're for

2006-03-21 11:04:15
I don't know how practical it is code-wise, but it would be nice if when you choose help armor train it shows you the list of helps that start with that, and in that case, there is only one thing. Could it just show that help instead of making you type it out? ie: help armor train automatically will show help armor training

lvl 3. When finding helps w/ similar names, set some sort of "only one found" boolean. If it's still true when done searching, display that one help.

2006-03-21 13:06:21
make it possible to monitor when resting...would help every so often with new sleep changes in

lvl 2; but double check that nobody involved is fighting.

2006-03-21 13:09:16
blasting damage should be added to blunt weaponry

blasts ain't blunt, they're blasty.

2006-03-21 17:16:43
air bow spell for lord druids


2006-03-21 17:23:56
how about a psi spell that lets you change the gear slot items are worn in?


2006-03-21 20:48:00
have iron monk castable in no spell...... not so much a spell than it is a body state

I'd say yes if everybody didn't already have it.

2006-03-21 23:25:41
Dev, we should errect a statue of you and snikt smiting the naysayers in midgaard

Snikt already has a statue like that. It smites people all the time. All I have is the lvl 6 squirel.

2006-03-22 07:36:05
a mnd/psi spell that works like anger management, but can be cast on a groupie

no, snikt wanted to limit the amt of "inverse rescue" that was available. I barely snuck AM past him, so don't expect to ever get a similar skill or enhanced version.

2006-03-22 12:40:56
if we MUST have eq lag, why not link it to dex? giants would take longer than sprites for sure.

because you're already getting the minimum quantity of lag we can dole out

2006-03-22 20:02:52
as part of a group, "give <item> 6.player" will give the item to the 6th player in the group

nah. Learn names.

2006-03-22 20:15:52
have a hero info thing that says *person* gets group, if they were on who group initially


2006-03-22 22:13:18
give us a refund *BEG* sprites........wizards....... plz!

Stop whining *BEG* plz!

2006-03-22 22:40:21
guardian angel - lord level priest spell. when used, if the priests monitor target dies, they are 'resurrected' (or killing blow is negated) and credited with a % of their max hp or maybe the priests remaining mana. Upon use of this function, the priest

Why not just cast intervention on them?

2006-03-22 23:15:25
let ppl that morphed at 999 be able to get genesised if they stats suck....

anyone with truly unfortunate stats can appeal to an imm for a reroll

2006-03-22 23:51:33
all healing spells should cost 1/2 their mana in an infirmary

I think the idea is that you're receiving medical attention for a fee. It's not some magically extra-heally room.

2006-03-23 01:01:15
Please allow me to buy several arrows at once, ie. buy 20 splinter at bowmaster to buy 100 splinter arrows (they sell at 5 each time)... it gets

sorry, it's really hard

2006-03-23 12:03:43
let us change the default color to whatever color code we want when color is disabled, please.

nah. Color's DISABLED.

2006-03-23 13:22:43
minds eye should allow you to see sneaking mobs enter and leave the room

that would be alertness. If you had both they would do what you're describing

2006-03-23 13:49:37
Expand sanctum.

2006-03-23 13:49:57
expand sanctum

lvl 5; explode

2006-03-23 16:05:32
give assassins and bci the ability to gain bloodscent and blodhound as id have thought these would be integral skills for assasins surely if a rogue gets it why not a bci or assasin as these are skills directly related to hunting and tracking down prey

asn are supposed to be smart enough to already know where their target is

2006-03-23 17:43:54
bzk should get guard break, they spend their whole lives doing damage and breaking down defences (wail, guard crush) why dont they get guard break at lrod like the other mellee classes (war/pal/bod)

because they get way more powerful skills along the same lines like wail and guard crush. I'm sure anyway warrior be HAPPY to swap with you.

2006-03-23 18:15:41
give infravision racial to all races with no-sun racial, they are living in dark places afterall

who's missing it?

2006-03-23 18:46:57
how about a lord fus skill that improves scattershot damage, accuracy, and number of stones fired? they don't get anything unique at lord.

ok. lvl 2; Fusillade; increase max # of stones by 2, and increase damage. Skill only works if the fus is not in direct combat with anyone.

2006-03-23 18:49:44
special bonus on monk/shf cens that allows racial kick to happen in counterkick :) ie 4kicks instead of 3, w/ a slight lag (very low). thought this would be

ok, lvl 3; allow racial kick to trigger on monk kick only if all 3 normal kicks land

2006-03-23 19:44:31
poisoned weapons show (poisoned) on eq command, for players with rogue lore

lvl 2, no need to base it on a skill tho, there are classes that use poison and dont have rogue lore

2006-03-23 20:40:32
Someone needs to code a simple addition to boards that automatically emails lord?outland.org the body of any announcement addressed to lord on the

but I don't want all lord notes going to the mailer

2006-03-24 01:03:07
let heighten senses be used while resting

how alert can you be while resting?

2006-03-24 02:40:47
since psi use internal energies from within. they should be able to remove spells/affects with a certain concentration to calm internal energies. not exactly

c 'emotive drain' self

ablution, but a spell that can remove psi spells because psi spells can't be dispelled regularly with 'dispel magic'

sure they can

2006-03-24 10:01:14
make more lvl 40-45 non-concealable piercers

2006-03-24 18:29:02
as your hp gets lower and lower, mobs should be able to hit you easier

nah, being low on hps is its own penalty

2006-03-24 21:30:32
Demon and True Fae are missing from help rebuild

Neither is a rebuild race.

2006-03-24 22:09:01
if bzk moves, it should break send lag on people stuck in lag, say if the 3rd sender went afk or something

the code has no way of knowing the target of a ritual until the last person casts. Remember you can interupt rituals by casting a conflicting ritual

LC- I can remove the wait-state on rituals. However, this will lead to players cancelling them a lot accidentally; many failed threnodies when someone's trigger goes off. Choose wisely.

2006-03-24 22:09:21
groupies just had to sit in lag pretty

bad because someone went afk and didnt tell us while sending zugzug

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